Marks Part 3

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A Cave Salamander

12th September 2016 7:55 am

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Norleenah's POV...

I was too sore and sorry to feel any kind of embarrassment with having to have a stranger helping me to take a pee. Even if it was in a darkened cave with the light glow of a torch that was shining away from us leaving just a glow.

I didn't realise how much I hurt and how many bites I had recieved and I have to say that I was brought to tears when I saw some on them.

The jagged flesh that was torn will eventually be fixed with surgery, but I couldn't move my arm because of the bite to the shoulder one of those damn dogs took out of me.

"Your clavicle looks to be broken with that shoulder bite. You have a few others that will be needing attention asap. I patched them as best I could, but I'm not a doctor." He was saying as he held me as I balanced on the toilet.

At least he pretended that he wasn't here so I could go. But thankfully, I didn't care about his presence, I just needed to go and so I did.

Then he helped me up, pulling my pants with us as we stood up.

Of course he had to freeze at one point when I had to wipe myself. That was something I wouldn't let him do if I could do it myself.

Then after straightening my clothes again while I was hissing through my teeth while holding the pain of each movement that jarred a bite. He was a very patient man I was thinking.

"Well?" I asked him which confused hi for a moment.

"Well, what?" He asked me as he picked up the torch and swung it around to see how big of a cave we were in.

"If you'r not a doctor, what are you?" I asked him as I tried to think of anything else but the pain I was in with each step.

"What do you think I am?" He asked in a mutter as he continued to look around.

"I think it's obvious that you're not a doctor. But you do look like some kind of soldier. But not a normal one. So.. what kind are you?" I asked him very curiously, missing the deadly looking glare that he then swung on me as i continued to look around a little more.

I was balancing there on one leg with my hand clasped onto this prosthetic arm so I didn't trip and fall over, hurting myself more than I have already.

When he didn't answer, I looked back at him taken aback when I saw that the look on his face was a little feral looking. But damn, was he good looking even with all that ugly paint on his face.

I smiled up at him. He was so much taller than me and then it made me think of something.

"If we was standing under an apple tree, you'd only have to reach up just a little bit and pluck an apple off for me." I said to him with a smile again.

I have to say that it was amusing to watch the expressions on his face change from one to the other, much like from that real scary one he thinks frightens me to this one that looks totally confused.

"So what are you?" I asked him as I leaned against him, letting him think that I need him and his strong hard body to hold me up.

Which I actually do at the moment.

But he didn't say anything as we wandered a little further away into the back of the cave we were still in.

"Have you checked any more of these caves?" He asked me in a very quiet voice.

You actually don't need to talk very loud in a cave since the sounds bounced back at you.

"Of course I have. If you notice way up there where your head is, you'll see an unusual mark etched into the wall. Every ten feet, I cut that mark up there so I would know where I had been and where I was going." I said to him feeling very smart about myself.

He kept looking at me very funny like before looking for another mark.

"Why is that mark different?" he asked me as we walked closer to the mark that the torch was focused on.

" It's different because there isn't anything more right there to find. It stops right here." I said to him as he swung the torch around the cave again before stopping on another mark, which was different again.

"Why is that one different again?" He was asking as we hobbled closer to have a look at the mark he was looking at.

"That mark tells me that if I wanted to get out in a hurry and not through the front door, then I can come here and take this option. There is a bit of climbing and squeezing, but it leads to another cave that opens up further up the rock face." I said to him, watching as he stared at the mark as if he was memorising it.

"Are all the marks the same as the ones we've seen so far?" he was asking as he swung the torch around again looking for another mark.

"You won't find the next mark. It's hidden." I said to him then watched as he turned the torch onto my face, which damn near blinded me so I had to move my hand off him to hold it up in front of my eyes so I wasn't blinded.

"Idiot. It's not in my face." I snapped at him beginning to feel a little annoyed.. and tired again.

"Then where is it?" He was asking me as he swung the torch around up at his level to look for it which had me giggling at him.

"For someone who should be hospitalised, you do sound cheerful." He was saying as he kept looking for that mark.

"Lower it to ankle level and you'll find it when you sweep through the cave, but there's a trick to it." I said to him with a smirk then watched as he swept the cavern with the torch and couldn't find it.

"Where is it?" He asked sounding a little aggrivated.

"You have to sit on the toilet to find it." I said to him which had him swinging back to look at me.

Before looking over at the toilet that was sitting against the far wall. Then he looked at me again with a frown.

"You can only see it when you are sitting on the toilet." I said to him again then waited for him to make his mind up.

If there is anything I know about men, they can't resist a puzzle of some kind. And this big man is no different. He's a man isn't he?

So I was trying not to laugh as he ginerly sat his butt down on the toilet and then swung the torch around the room a few times before he stopped at one spot.

Then I watched as he stood up and walk over to where I was still standing and aimed the torch again at the same spot.

"You really do have to sit on that damn shit box to see that mark. Very clever of you to separate each part of the mark on different rocks that have to be lined up for you to find it. Where does that one go?" He asked me as he squatted down on his haunches and looked into the small cavern that wasn't noticble unless you knew it was there.

" If you take that one. Your dead." Was all I said as he swung his head back to look up at me, noticing that i had a serious look on my face.

I just nodded to him.

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