Sneak Peak

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Ok. My first day of school. It's not going to be that bad. New school. New friends. At least that is what my parents say. And my cousin goes to this school so I will have one friend. Hopefully. She said she would show me to her friends. She said they were really nice and wanted to meet me.

She also said stay away from certain boys. Yes I'm gay. Everyone I know. Knows. But there is nothing wrong with it. (True). My mom said I would probably meet my love at this school. I really doubt that but I have to say "Sure" or she will start crying. My mom is very sensitive. My dad treats me like a girl. But he knows I would probably be the girl of the relationship cause I am very tiny.

I look at the front. I get a text from Shelbie. (I don't know how shelbie is spelled. For her).
Shubble-You here
Shubble-Meet me at your locker

I walk to my locker. On the way I see this really tall guy. "Hey nerd. Got any money"he asked. I shook me head. "I guess a punch instead of lunch"he smiled. I backed up. "Tyler. Leave the kid alone. He's new"a ginger said. "Why. You want to deal with him"Tyler said. The ginger nodded. "Now you wish I would deal with you"Tyler walked off. I looked at the ginger. "Hi"I said. "Warning"he said walking off. "My name is Ross"I said. He turned. "Max"he said.

I finally found Shelbie and she was with a lot of people. "Ross. This is Adam,Jin,Michel,John,   Tim,James, and my best friend Jess. "She smiled. "Hi I'm Ross"I said. Adam smiled at Jin. Jess just looked at me. "Um"I was very uncomfortable. "Jess what are you doing"Tim asked. "Thinking of who I can ship him with"Jess said. Everyone started laughing. I giggled. I saw Max walk past us. I looked at him. Jess saw me look and she smiled "found him"she said. I looked at her. "Who"Michel said "You guys know him and hate him"Jess said.

"No"Shelbie said. "Yep"Jess said. "Wait your gay"James asked. I nodded. "Cool another gay dude"Tim said. I looked at them all. They all pointed to John. "Oh. John"I said. "I go by Barney. And he goes by Red"Barney said. Red nodded. "Cool"Adam said. "So what's wrong with Max"I asked. "Lots of things"Shelbie said. "Wait max. Your ex"I said. She nodded. "Love is very weird. Take me for instance. I am in love with a guy that lives in New Jersey. "Jess said. "I'm in love with a girl who doesn't know me"Tim said. Everyone looked at him. "Emily. "He said.

"You mean Em"Shelbie said. He nodded. "Last name"I asked. "It's her"Shelbie said. "Oh her"I said. "You know her. "Tim asked. I nodded.
Then the bell rang. "Time for your first day bud"Adam said running to class. Jin followed. Red and Barney went to their class. Em,Jess,and Shelbie to theirs. I looked down. "Time for school "I said.

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