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Zinoviy Vyacheslav
My protector
My prisoner
My dark knight
My hard lover
My sweet lover
My sun and my moon
My universe
My glory
My downfall
My one and only

Zinoviy Vyacheslav the ruthless mafia leader he is the "the most powerful being in the world "
He is the ultimate ruler of the business , mafia,politics . Not a single thing can be hidden from his eyes. He kill for pleasure . He doesn't have any enemy cause no one has the guts to stand against him. Strongest men piss in fear of his dangerous , domineering and intimidating presence except his sweet innocent and breathtaking wife .
World bows down to this 6ft 8inch muscled beast of a man with dark brown hair and deep forest green eyed AND HE BOWS DOWN TO ARABELLA GRACE a 5ft 4inch breathtaking woman with soft brown hair and rare blue green eye . A sensitive emotional naive and inocent girl with heart as big as the whole universe can make this beast of a man give his life and take anyones life for her .

People said he was a heartless beast what they dint know
was that I was his Bella.his beauty who had his heart.
-Arabella Grace

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