14. Clubbing

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5 months later

Your P.O.V

"I don't fucking care, camila!" I yelled and stomp downstairs while she chases me, she grabs my arm but I jerk it away "Don't touch me! go with your new boyfriend!" I hiss and look at her "Baby, he's not my boyfriend we're just going to hangout." She said and I clench my fist,

"So you can hang out with who you want but when I hang out with my friends Dinah has to go with me?" I ask and the girls walk out of their rooms to see what's happening "What about me?" Dinah asked "I just don't want people flirting with you, babe." Camila said and looked at me.

"Mila, I fucking love you! Can't you see that? I told the day we started dating that I would never hurt you!" I yelled and Camila wiped her tears, "Why are you crying, baby?" I ask suddenly calming down "Because you're fucking getting mad for no reason!" She yelled, i sighed and face the wall putting my hands up taking a deep breath.

"No reason! He likes you! All he wants is what's between your legs!" I yell and punch the wall, my hand starts throbbing, Dinah grabs my hand pulling me away from Camila, I jerk it away and grab my keys then storm out to my car, I turn it on and peel out.

Ever since she did that song with Shawn, she's been different, she always wants to hang out with him. I love the song they made don't get me wrong, it's just him, I don't like him. I drive around the neighborhood and think where I should go.

I smile when I think of a place I haven't been to in a longest time, my sister's club. I try remembering where her club was located, I go on my GPS and put the address in then click on Amanda's contact, I haven't talked to her in a while, it rings five times before she picks up.

"Hello?" She said

"Hey Amanda it's me Y/n, long time no see." I said and I hear squealing

"Hi, oh my god." She said and I giggle

"I wanted to know if you wanna hang out?" I ask

"Sure! Where?" She asked

"At my sister's club it's called First, I'll send you the address." I said and she squealed again (A/n: y'all remember Amanda from the first chapter)

"Ok, I'll see you soon."  She said then hung up, I smile and dialed Joseph's number.

"Yo, asshole. We're hanging out meet me at Coni's club. make sure you bring the boys." I said

"I dunno if can go, I have to take care of Finley tonight." He said and I groan, where the fuck is his girlfriend?

"Drop Finley off at my place and let Lauren take care of her. The girls loves babies." I say while putting the car in shift.

"Ok, bitch. See you soon." He said and I hung up, I turn a corner and see a big building with some lights that says 'First' I unbuckle my seat belt and get out, I leave my phone because I don't feel like carrying it. I look at my watch '7:30p.m'.

I haven't talk to my sister in the longest time, after my break up with Tori she kinda of ignored me, but it really doesn't matter now, so I'm gonna surprise her, I tell the security guards that I'm her sister, once I'm in I walk into a room.

"Babe, I thou-" She turned her chair around and looked at me "Y/n!" She squealed and hugged me "Wassup!" I said and hugged her "I haven't see you in so long." She said and sat back down, where do i even get started on my sister Coni, people say we look like each other but I don't see it and she's five years older then me. Sometimes she's a bitch. Wait? not sometimes all the time.

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