At First Sight

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When her best friend panics after finding out her secret online tryst is flying in for a sexy rendezvous, twenty-six year old advertising intern Melissa Legacy, begrudgingly agrees to meet the mysterious Romeo to explain her friend's change of heart and let the lovesick schmuck down easily...until she lays eyes on him.

Forced by family obligations, the last place restaurant entrepreneur, Craig Wheaton wants is to be back in his hometown of Halifax after leaving on a plane ten years earlier. Dreading the trip, he impulsively agrees to meet his avatar consort during his short stay. But while waiting in the hotel bar he wonders if he's made a mistake, certain the real version won't live up to the fantasy.

Tired of always coming in second to her best friend's looks and charms, Melissa takes her identity and grabs destiny by the waist band of its boxer briefs, willingly stepping into Craig's fantasy, knowing this is a onetime encounter with no strings attached. But an afternoon of unparalleled passion is only the beginning and instead of a spontaneous fling, Melissa and Craig are about to discover fate has other plans and they might end up finding love—AT FIRST SIGHT.

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