2 - Caden

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I hated the idea of the run, I wanted to find love but as the next Alpha to my pack I had to take a mate this time or face losing my title and watch my power hungry cousin take it.

The meeting with my father had gone as usual, the speach of the future of the pack, the need for a luna who will do what she is told, the prospect of pups.

"Hey Caden, gunna get a mate this time around or am I finally gunna take the spot of Alpha from you." I bristle at the voice of a weasle as I look to my cousin Felix, his arm wrapped around a skinny blond with mud brown eyes and hollow eyes hidden behind a mile of make up that rarely covered the dark circles and bruises.

I hated him.

"Unfortunately I have to take a mate the old fashion way, but I will treat her with respect, unlike how you treat her." I growl out, glaring at him as I throw my last bag into my hummer. My cousin's mate flinching at the loud sounds and I give her a sad look of appology.

"What do you mean, I treat Linda fine, don't I baby?" I watch as Linda's eyes gloss over with fear as she nodds her head slightly, pressing herself to her forced mate.

She was malnourished and you could see the bruises left on her once full skin, barely concealed with make up and the smiling girl I remember from the first time I went to The Run gone. A shell left before me. I sighed.

When I become Alpha the first thing I would do is send Felix on a mission. I could already see the trap laid out as he aims for the biggest buck he finds, his eyes glazing over with the bragging he would do the the pack, and then the shock when his eyes realize the red blossom from his chest.

"See, I treat her right." Felix gloats as he diggs his nails into her shoulder, snapping me from my daydream that I pray will be the future as I watcher poor Linda stiffen, hiding the flinch and disgust that was surfacing, wishing I could help her.

"Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone Felix, I don't want to deal with the after math in the end." I warn, giving Linda a hug that hope showed her everything will turn out for the beyter before I turn and walk towards the other side of my hummer, getting in and slamming the door shut.

What I really wanted to do always played through my mind as the image of me throttling my cousin and treat him the way poor Linda has been treated since the day he raped her in The Run.

I was there and I heard her please for help but I was too weak to stop him, to naive to think my cousin who was once my best friend and promised would never harm a she wolf would actually be so cruel.

With a sigh I start my vehicle, giving one last look behind me before I face the road, driving towards the forest where The Run would take place. Maybe this time I could find some lone to fall in love with.

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