Chapter 17

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Summer's PoV

It's Monday. The day that everyone hates because it's the beginning of the week and the end of the weekend. The first day back to school after two days of relaxation. I don't know one person who likes Monday's. You have no energy to even speak let alone go to school in attempt to actually learn something!

One thing that makes Monday's even more unbearable is the fact that I have double art. I am rubbish at art and I can't draw to save my life. Not to mention my cow of a teacher who always picks on me because of my lack of skills. She really has it in for me.

To make this Monday even worse, it's been so awkward because Jess has been avoiding Isaac as much as she can. It's causing a lot of tension within school today and it's going to drive me insane.

Before school started Jess, Charlotte and I were relaxing outside enjoying what little time we had in the sun before we had to be shoved into a classroom. As soon as Jess saw Isaac she stood up and walked inside because apparently it looked like he was heading over to us so we lost valuable time in the sun.

During break Jess refused to even go outside because Isaac was outside along with Matt and Tom. It's stupid and to be honest it's really annoying. She refused to go outside when Isaac was out there which was all the time, so the sun has barely seen my skin today.

During class, that was just beyond awkward because Jess actually managed to convince a few students to swap seats with her. The classroom filled with so much tension even the teachers made a comment about arguments and conflicts being left outside the classroom.

Thankfully I am in my final lesson of the day which luckily doesn't have Isaac or Jess in. I have had one hour of tension, stress free atmosphere which has made it so much easier to learn what the teacher is preaching to us. I know that I should be supportive towards my friend but it wasn't that long ago that Jess was contemplating speaking to Isaac because she missed him and she said that she loved him now all of a sudden she cannot stand the sight of him. All I want to know is what has happened which has made her have a sudden change of heart.

The hands on the clock tick with the seconds passing by. Soon enough the bell rings signalling the end of school. I quickly pack away my belongings and head down to my locker. On the way I meet up with Charlotte who also just finished her stress and tension free lesson.

"How do you think they survived in history together?" Charlotte laughs, I roll my eyes imagining the pair fighting every two seconds or glaring at each other trying to annoy the other. We reach our lockers safely so we take out what we need and replace it with the none wanted things in our bags while we wait for Jessica.

"Hey girls." She smiles, looking relieved. Most likely because she's out of that lesson. After spending five hours trying to avoid Isaac, spending the past hour with him must've really been hell. I really want to ask her about the whole Isaac situation and what's changed that's now made her never want to see him again but now is probably not the right time.

"Jessica please stop walking away." Someone calls, three guesses who that voice belongs to. Seconds later Isaac manages to push his way through the crowd meeting Jessica, Charlotte and I.

"Why should I? I don't want to talk to you and I have made that pretty clear now. So just do me a favour and leave me alone. Don't ever talk to me again. We will work in class should we ever need to but other than that I want nothing more to do with you." She growls through her gritted teeth before storming out of the building. Great.

"What have I done?" Isaac turns to Charlotte and me, expecting some sort of answer. I roll my eyes while Charlotte laughs simply out of shock that he has even asked that question.

"Really? You are actually asking us that question?" Charlotte says as if it is the most obvious thing ever. Being in the middle of a busy school where student are dying to get home, now probably isn't the best time to do this so I nudge Charlotte and we leave Isaac standing there looking dumbfounded. We need to find Jess so we start heading towards her house. Hopefully she is okay because she seemed pretty miffed before she ran off.

Isaac's PoV

I am so confused about everything right now. It's almost as if they were talking using cryptic messages and my brain is attempting to decode the message but they weren't. They were speaking in perfectly good English - sort of.

"Hey man." Matt greets me banging my back and sounding really cheerful. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, just trying to work out what on earth Charlotte and Summer were on about."

"What do you mean?" Matt says with a hint of worry in his voice.

"I asked Jess if I could speak to her because she's been avoiding me all day and I don't know why. I wanted to speak to her but she ran off basically telling me that she never wants to see or speak to me ever again. I asked Charlotte and Summer what I have done wrong and Charlotte just laughed as asked me if I was really asking them that question. Then they went to find Jess."

"Let forget about girls and move on why don't we go grab something from the chippy then we can go out just us boys." Matt quickly changed the subject slinging his arm around me and Tom, who had arrived while I was explaining what had happened.

"But I..."

"Come on Isaac let's go." Matt practically drags me out of school. Why is he so eager to get food and change the subject off Jess? Something is not right here and I am going to get to the bottom of it. I have a feeling I will have to talk to Summer and Charlotte to find out because clearly they know what is going on.

Jessica's PoV

I hate this. I want to speak to Isaac. I want to hug him. I want to laugh with him and do everything that we were doing before all of this stupid fighting happened but I can't. I can't even look at Isaac without feeling sick to the pit of my stomach and wanting to bring up my previous meal. The anger that builds up inside of me when I even look at Isaac is unreal.

Sitting on my bed I feel as though I need to scream. I asked the girls if I could just have some space which of course they respected so they went home. Somehow I need to work things out. I can't avoid Isaac forever so I need to work something out where I can go to school without having the feeling of wanting to be sick being stupidly angry all the time.

Why did I ever develop feelings for the bad boy? Why did my heart choose mr popularity, this big headed moron to have a crush on and fall for? I wish I could stop developing these feelings because then life would be much simpler.

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