1 - Grace

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The moon stared down at me as if mocking me, knowing that it would soon be the week of the blue moon, the week for The Run.

I hated it, dreaded it. I didn't want to run through a forest of wolves, the females dodging males as they run for their freedom. I wanted a chance to fall in love, to go on dates, not be traped by a male and taken forcefully. I wanted my life to be mine.

"Grace?" I snap out of my thoughts of self pitty and turn to look at all the wolves in the room, realizing that the Alpha was directing his statement to me.

"Sorry, I dozed off." It wasn't a lie since snores from other wolves echoed the quiet room in this long meeting that the Alpha, the Beta - my father- and the Theta called forth for the mateless wolves in the pack.

"As I was saying, either you wolves go willingly to the run or we will force a shift on you and cage you till its time for you to get mated in The Run." His eyes stayed glued to mine and I growled, standing to stare the Alpha down and bringing my arm down, slamming my fist into the table and splintering it in half.

"Who do you think you are playing with our lives like some puppet master. We may be werewolves but we still have humanity in us. We should be able to fall in love!" I shout out, my body shaking with the pent up rage as I glared at the three in the front, my father wincing from my outburst and giving me a look I have gotten used to over the years, his hard eyes looking at my own with a challenge. I knew that I was in for a form of beating if I managed to go home tonight.

"Grace Harvest sit down." The Alpha yells at me with a command in his voice, the room quiet as we glare at each other and I disobey him and the power he emanated towards me and only me.

I was the only wolf who stood up to the Alpha, not one to be told what to do and follow the crowd. I held alpha blood in my body as well from my mother's side do of course I could withstand this.

"No. I am done with having my life toyed with. I am still considered human in the eyes of the law, I am an adult and I demand the respect of one." I stated the same speech I gave the last time when I came of age to participate in The Run, but thankfully I got out of it because of a rougue attack.

"If you want to be treated like an adult then go to The Run and win your freedom. If you can make it to the lodge by the end of the week I will no longer send wolves who don't want to participate to The Run."  An offer I couldn't refuse that the Alpha placed infront of me as everyone stared wide eyed at the man who ruled our pack, a smirk playing on my lips.

"Fine, but first Fuck You!" I growl out, sensing an omega behind me as I turn, but not fast enough to dodge a needle being jammed into my shoulder and my body forced to shift from the syrum inside it, leaving me weakly lying on the ground as warriors quickly cage me.

"I'll be waiting for you at the lodge Grace, make it there unmated and free and you win the bet, but if you do get mated by the time you make it to the lodge then I continue forcing wolves to go." The Alpha states as he prowls towards me, his posture already triumphant when he comes to a stop before my cage, bending down to leer at my silver fured form

"Until then, enjoy the Run." His voice is menacing and I growl angrily as darkness over takes me and I float on a cloud of nothingness.

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