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"Meng, hanggang ngayon nakahiga ka pa rin sa couch, in your onesie and on your laptop? My God. Buong araw na kong nawala, iniwan kitang ganyan, dadatnan din kitang ganyan?" Maine's roommate, Jane, scolded her.

She continued to scroll on her laptop, as she rolled her eyes, ignoring her roommate's insulting remark.

"You have to stop this, Meng. You need to get a job, or at least go back to school. You can't forever be a couch potato. Get off your ass, and do something meaningful in your life! Anything remotely related to going outside or meeting new people. Mukha ka nang bampira sa sobrang putla ng balat mo. And oh my God, what is that stench? Naligo ka ba?"

"Stop yapping, Jane. You are not my mother."

"Excuse me. I may not be your mother but I'm your bestfriend slash roommate, who loves you like a sister and is concerned with your well-being."

"Yeah, yeah. Give me two days, I just have to finish this series and the-"

"No! Get off your ass now! It's been three months since you and Justin broke up. The least you can do for yourself is to start meeting new people. Nakamove on na yung tao, ikaw hindi pa."

"But I'm not ready to date!"

"Who says you're gonna date? You can go to the coffee shop or a bar and meet a new friend, hmm, maybe someone who's up for a one night stand? That'll definitely help you take your mind off things."

Maine nearly spilled the scorching hot coffee she was supposed to sip on her laptop. "A one night stand?"

"Sa lahat ng sinabi ko sayo, yun talaga ang tumatak sayo ha?" Jane laughed, shaking her head at her oblivious best friend. Maine has only been with one person intimately, and that's Justin, her boyfriend since high school, now ex-boyfriend.

"Well duh. I've only been with Justin."

"Kaya nga. Oras na para makatikim ka ng iba. Have you heard of Tinder?"


"Yeah. It's a dating app. Well they say it's more for hooking up than dating. Di ko pa natry, pero I heard that it's a good way to meet people. Download mo. Kesa naman nagmumukmok ka jan."

"Fine, fine. If this will make you quit nagging me then fine, I will."

"Love you, Meng. I'm off to meet Jerald! Bye!"

"Love you too."

Maine let out a deep sigh. Maybe it was indeed time for her to meet someone knew, given that she's been wallowing in her own pool of self-pity. For the past months since they broke up, she frequently visited her ex's facebook profile, as she hadn't deleted him from her friend's list yet. He just recently started dating one of her old college classmates, and it tore her heart seeing them happy together in photos. After that, for many days, she stayed home, regretting the fact that she had to quit school because of finances. To add to that, she applied for numerous jobs to save enough money to go back, but with no luck.

She put down her laptop, grabbed her phone and downloaded Tinder. Thinking twice, she made a profile, uploaded her "sexiest" profile photo and followed the instructions.

"Okay, hmm. Swipe right if you like the guy, swipe left if you don't. Pretty straightforward. Let's get this over with." For the first 20 guys, she swiped left. Either they were too pervy looking, looked like a straight up criminal or just plain gross. She was losing hope, until she came across one profile that urged her finger to swipe right.

"Ooooh. He looks interesting. Richard, 24. Loves IronMan, coffee dates, computers and rain. Hmmm..not bad. Swipe right." Immediately after she did, she got a message from him.

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