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Rhamant: A rising up, an extending over, a vaulting or springing; an omen, sign, or token of future events; a figurative expression; a romance. 


The DreamWalker Series was written as individual short stories.

These stories can be read individually, though they do build upon one another. Feel free to read which ever one sounds most interesting to you first. Satan's Ghost and Eclipsing Depths are two of my personal favorites.  

As I worked on the stories, I did so out of order. Now, though, they have come together to form a full story and I felt the need to call this collection Book One. This book will end at the final chapter of Losing You.  There is one more story that I will add to this book in order complete this story. It is currently called Meeting Boris and will help fully introduce Boris, a character of significance in Book 2. It is in progress. 

Book Two will be titled Tynged. The first short story in this collection is currently on hold.