1 Angela (Spring Break 1996)

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SistaGirlz Book #5


Spring Break 1996

Scoping the room, I inspected our guests. A few of the boys looked scared as hell while the girls were excitedly chatting by the snack table. Typical sexual separation. Shaking my head, I nudged my boyfriend to get things started.

"Alright, y'all! This isn't one of our usual Darius and Angie dance parties. Tonight, we're gonna talk!" Darius announced.

As groans erupted from the crowd, I quickly added, "We're gonna talk about SEX!"

My announcement reversed the reactions: the girls looked scared as hell while the boys were excitedly chatting!

"Now some of y'all probably haven't popped your cherries yet so you're gonna learn a thing or two before you do. And if you're already getting your groove on, hopefully this will be useful information," I stated before sitting in the middle of the sofa in my bedroom. My parents converted our full-length walkout basement into my private play place. They like to call it my bedroom. Well, half-bedroom, half-play place is more like it.

Darius sat next to me as our friends found various seats on pillows scattered on the floor in front of my floor model TV. My boyfriend and I looked like we were about to tell a story.

"Fellas, there are some sexy ass girls in here, right?" said Darius. "And ladies, there are some fine dudes in here, huh?"

Some of the boys were sitting next to girls that had no clue of the crushes on them. Little did they all know their responses could change the course of their love lives forever.

"What if I told you that you can date everyone you want all at the same time!" I smiled.

"Huh? What the fuck you talkin' 'bout, Angie?" asked Darius' best friend Aaron Jones.

My stomach flipped at the sound of his voice! I had to get my words right because Aaron was one of the main ones I wanted to date!

Smirking at Aaron, I said, "It's called polyamory. With honesty and transparency, Darius and I can date each other and anyone else we want, together or separately as long as everyone is treated with love and respect. In other words, I can date you and Darius. No secrets, no lies. You can date me and any other girl you want as long as she knows I'm also your girlfriend."

"Yeah, right! What girl you know is gonna let me date her and you?!" Aaron laughed, to my dismay.

"I kinda like the idea," said Devin Lawson, another of Darius' friends. "I would love to have two or three girlfriends!"

My eyes met with my little sister Nina. She grinned as she mouthed the words, "Told ya so!"

Nina and I were raised in a polyamorous household. Our mother never hid her boyfriend or girlfriends from our father or us girls and she explained early in life that she loved differently than "normal" people and encouraged us all to do the same. As Nina and I grew older, our friends would ask questions and as our parents taught us to do, we were always completely honest.

"I don't think my mama's gonna let me have two boyfriends!" exclaimed my friend, Nikki Fitzgerald. Sitting between Darius' boy, Kris Young and her boyfriend, Corey Harris, I was pretty sure which direction she wanted her poly configuration to go.

"Let's not worry about what 'they' want and decide what WE want!" I encouraged. "I've invited y'all specifically because I know who likes who and I'm tired of y'all wishing y'all can be together. I'm not gonna point anyone out but tonight is the night to finally say 'Hey, I wanna date you!' I'll go first!"

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