Chapter 2

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Alois knew that the whole party he was snickering. When we get back to the manor I'm gonna kill him!

A few minutes into the ball, Lizzy came up to me and introduced her cousin. Which apparently they got betrothed, so they're getting married. Gross. But I'm not judging that quickly.

"Y/n! Y/n! Y/n! I have somebody to introduce to you!"

"You do?! Who?"


He had an eyepatch, black almost blue hair, and a little pale.

"Hello my lady Y/n. I am Ciel Phantomhive from the Phantomhive Manor." Ooh! Alois told me about him! He seemed like an awful person, but I didn't think he was gonna this adorable. They only thing I bloody hate about this guy is his bloody height!

"What's up, eyepatch!"

"I beg your pardon?!"

"Alois told me lots about you."

Ciel POV

Did she just call me eyepatch?!? No no no no no! She should treat me with respect!

I'm guessing she's a commoner but I know her from somewhere!

"Alois told me lots about you." That's the last straw I know this is wrong but I have to kidnap her. You might think I'm crazy but I can't let a little girl, yes she's smaller she looks about 5'3 I'm 5'4. Shorty. I called Sebastian and told him to send her to the carriage. I felt bad she was kinda cute f- WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT...I don't like the girl I'm just...curious..that's all...or am I? NO!


Yes this was short. I'm sorry for it but I will try to update and make 5 more chapters. I probably won't CUZ IM LAZY AF

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