Chapter 54: Daddy Lessons

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I couldn't help but feel excited to see Levi again. My wolf howled out in agreement, we were more than excited to see our father. The run was long but we made it well.

We rested all day and when we woke up we felt our veins hum in anticipation. We would push through, we had too. I was on a mission now, a mission to do right by the pack, my pack.

Ethan had stopped by around lunch to check on me. My house was clean, like nothing had ever happened, yet the memory still shook me up. I felt horrible about lying to Ethan. I told him I would see him later and I knew he was going to be furious if he found out what I was really doing. He was worried enough about me as it is.

I could hear the power in his veins hum a hair louder, though. He was still fighting with himself, but the fire was starting to slowly burn and it was a fire that you can just put out. I wasn't about to either, I was going to pour gasoline on it until it lit up like the Fourth of July.

I wanted to tell him everything. Harboring this many secrets felt like a poison. It made the pull twist. I knew in a way it was wrong, it was so wrong. But Billy was right. He wasn't ready. If I told him now I don't think he would be ready to handle it, to do anything about it.

It was frustrating as hell, but still. I had to be patient. I had to keep trying because I could feel the fire in his veins spark every now and then and remind me of what he could be. What he can be.

Maybe I was too soft on him, or maybe I was too lenient? Maybe I should push harder until it almost broke both of us? I didn't know. I was frustrated as hell with my warring feeling mixed with the pull.

Ryder and Evan had come for me that night. We ran hard, incredibly hard. But the way back didn't seem so far this time, probably because we weren't at the mercy to the pace of a larger group. The moment I could start to smell Levi I pushed and pushed and pushed as hard as I could until I saw silver eyes looking at me.

He let out a relieved sigh. He looked different. Younger. His hair was shorter, much shorter. He had cut it close to his head, a bit like Lander's. He looked like the young version of him I saw at the tree; healthy, strong, with blazing silver eyes and white blonde hair. I swear he even had less wrinkles.

He was wearing his favorite plaid shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and held a big shirt in his hand for me. I almost cried when I saw him. I didn't think I would have missed him this much.

I quickly shifted a few feet in front of him. He quickly tugged the shirt over me then pulled me into his chest. His beast reached out to mine and hugged our bond that was still strong like iron.

He nuzzled my hair gently before kissing my crown. "Charlie girl," he sighed before pushing me back to look at me. His eyes landed on my cheek which made his beast let out a bloodthirsty growl. "I am going to have his ass."

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