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"And he just left, and didn't even thank you for giving him the ride?!" I asked in shock and annoyance as I watched Brad swing from the monkey bars like a child.

It was almost night time, about 5 pm, on a Monday afternoon, but it seemed as thought it wouldnt be getting dark until an hour or so. We, (Brad) decided to go to an empty park and act like children.

"Sure did. The nerve that guy had. I don't even regret giving him that ride though because what if something would have actually happened? What if he hurt other people?" I heard him sigh in frustration.

I just sat on the grass and messed with my finger nails.

"Come up here with me." Brad suddenly said.

"Oh no... I was always bad at monkey bars as a child."

"It'll be okay, I'm up here. I'll protect you." I looked up at him as he said that and saw his amazing smile and knew I couldn't say no.

The monkey bars were bright blue and huge to be exact. It was high up too, and suddenly I felt like little 7 year old Cait, who almost broke her neck when she fell off the monkey bars years ago.

"Are you coming or no?" Brad asked.

"I'm too scared to get up there." I admitted.

Now don't make fun of me okay? This thing was actually really high up, maybe 10 feet off the ground and to be sitting that high up, kind of made my stomach churn. This wasn't a little kiddy playground, it was a neighborhood one and... You get what I mean.

Brad got down and held out his arms.

"Come here." He said softly.

I walked over to him and he turned me around and guided me towards the stairs of the monkey bars.

I shuddered as his hands went to my hips and he propped me to the second bar. Then I started crawling.

"I have a really nice view down here." I heard Brad say.

I gasped and leaned down to swat at his arm.

"Brad!" I giggled, but continued walking up.

When I finally got up there I sighed in relief that I was alive.

"See, that wasn't so bad." Brad said, smiling at me. I smiled back.

Then we just sat there in silence.

"You look so gorgeous right now." Brad told me.

"Thank you." I blushed.

We started talking and laughing and joking around, and when Brad would say something flirty, I'd playfully hit his arm- very muscular arm, should I say.

But whenever I did that, he'd playfully hit me back and then it would turn into a war.

The only thing that I would change about this evening was when Brad accidentally hit me a little too hard and caught me off balance.

I remember falling to the ground, right on my ankle, screaming in pain, Brad trying to help me in a panicked tone.

My ankle was killing me and I was probably crying but I didn't care.

Brad drove me home, It still wasn't dark yet and I heard him cuss in anger when he saw Dillon on his front porch, looking confused and wondering why we were driving so fast to my house.

I really hope he didn't come over here because I'm already in physical pain and just seeing his face would cause mental pain mixed with annoyance.

When he stopped the car, he ran to the passenger door and helped me wobble out the car.

And that's when Dillon came running over.

"What the fuck did you do to her man?!" He yelled.

Did he actually care that I was wobbling on one foot at the moment or was he just picking a fight with Dillon?

"Get out the way you idiot! I have to tell her mom about this and then take her to the hospital!" Brad said in the most angriest tone I've ever heard from him.

"You're just causing more pain by walking her up there if you're just going to bring her back!" Dillon yelled back.
"I'll go tell her!" And then he ran up to my house and quickly knocked on the door while Brad placed me back in the seat.

Everything went by in a blur, the pain was the worst part of it though.

My mom came rushing out the house, her whole face pale.

"Cait! Are you okay? Oh my lord we have to go to the hospital right now!" She said.

"You can come ride with us Ms. Hill." Brad said politely as he climbed in the drivers side.

Dillon kind of just stood there awkwardly as he watched it all happen.

"Oh Dillon, you're such a nice boy, come with us please." My mom said.

"What?" Brad and I both said in confusion.

"Well he is the one that told me about it, I really think he cares enough to tag along." My mother said to us.

Brad and I just ignored the fact that the guy who is always on my case to annoy the shit out of me was coming, and we pulled out the driveway, looking for the closest hospital we could find.

To Be Continued...

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