Chapter 11: Teaching a Lesson

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(Konoha- Night)

The girl was moaning hard, furiously working her fingers inside her pussy. The memories of the day were still fresh to her. Misusing her powers like this, she felt like a voyeur, intruding on the privacy of others. However, this was all inconsequential to her now. The only thing that mattered was the blonde and the look of ecstasy that she had seen on the face of the Hyuuga.

Adding another finger of her right hand, she worked herself even harder, in a bid to climax hard. Her thoughts went back to the blonde as she imagined herself being filled by his gargantuan meat stick. "M-More, Naruto, I'm so close now." The thoughts of the blonde made her vaginal muscles constrict around her appendages as she geared herself for another mind blowing orgasm. Pressing hard on the soft nub above her pussy lips, she bit her left hand as she came, drenching the sheets in her vaginal fluids.

"Soon, Naruto, you will be mine."


(Konoha- Hokage Mansion)

"Alright, Granny Tsunade, what is the mission?" Naruto said, entering through the window early in the morning. A slight tic appeared over the Hokage's forehead, before it turned to a smirk. "Ah, yes. Genin Naruto, you have been selected for an espionage and assault mission. You will move in a two-man squad and destroy the bandit camp near Konoha's western border. Understood?"

Naruto just glared at the Hokage. This was getting ridiculous. He was getting tired of people rubbing his low rank in his face every time. Hell, he was probably the strongest ninja in Konoha right now. Taking a deep breath, he addressed the Hokage. "And who is the kid that will be accompanying me? I could easily handle this mission on my own, y'know."

Tsunade's smirk just grew wider. "Now now, Naruto. A good Hokage never endangers the lives of young Genins unnecessarily. I have asked one of the Chuunins to 'look out' for you, in case things went wrong." The door to the office opened and someone slid in. "Ah, yes. Ino, I was just waiting for you." Ino bowed respectfully. "You called for me, Hokage-sama? I understand that I am to accompany a Genin to a C-Rank mission."

Tsunade nodded lightly. "You and Naruto are going on a mission together." It was then that Ino turned to the blonde. "Hey, Ino, long time, no see." Ino's breath hitched in her throat as memories of last night came surfacing in her mind. Composing herself, Ino flashed Naruto a wide smile and replied, "Yeah, Naruto. Are you ready for the mission, then?" Naruto nodded enthusiastically. "Hell yeah, I am."

"Now, Naruto, you better listen to your superiors, alright?" The blonde just glared at the Hokage before shunshining away. 'I swear I will get back to her one day,' he thought.


The blonde and Ino had been running for hours now. Night had almost fallen, yet they weren't even halfway to their destination. And to make matters worse, the rain started pouring heavily. In the middle of the jungle with the rain pelting against their bodies, Naruto and Ino were both struggling. Their clothes were drenched and they could not continue like this any further. "This isn't working, Ino. Let's stop right here." The female member of the squad stopped next to Naruto and gave him a quizzical look.

"We need to keep going, Naruto. The nearest rest house is still more than two hours away." Naruto shook his head. "The way it is raining, our supplies will be wasted before we will be able to make it to the rest house. Also, there is a risk of you catching a cold in this weather." Ino sighed. She had already known that they could go no further. "You got any better ideas, then?"

Naruto ignored the question as he explored his surroundings. Standing on top of the tall tree, he could barely make out the landscape around them, due to the pouring rain. "Can you keep a secret, Ino?" Ino looked strangely at Naruto before nodding lightly. Giving her a flashing smile, Naruto held his hands in a strange seal.


A small chuckle escaped Ino's mouth before it turned into a gasp. The veins near Naruto's eyes had bulged considerably, allowing him far better vision in these drastic conditions. Taking a 360 degree view of the land, he threw a kunai to his left. The force behind the throw overcame the pelting of rain drops, as the kunai sailed straight through the air, before embedding on a dry rock.

"Found us a cave to stay for now. Let's go." Ino nodded and replied, "Sure. Lead the way." She had hundreds of unanswered questions in her mind, but right now finding a place to stay was her priority. Naruto shook his head. "Oh, no, we are not running in this rain anymore." Before Ino could reply, her body was pressed into Naruto's rock hard physique. A moment later, when Naruto released her, they were standing in the cave. Turning to the blonde, she adopted an inquisitive expression.

"Now would you mind explaining things? And how the hell did you get the Byakugan? You didn't kill anyone now, did you?" Naruto put a hand up and silenced Ino's rant. "Sheesh, give me a break. So this is how it is. The teleportation was my father's Jutsu. I did not kill anyone to acquire the Byakugan. It was, err, given to me by unconventional means." Ino digested the information and asked, "Was the Kyuubi involved?" Naruto raised an eyebrow and nodded. "It seems like Shikamaru is rubbing on you. You are really smart."

Ino beamed at the praise and smiled at her companion. "What now? And what the hell are you...whoa!" Naruto took off his shirt before rummaging through his supplies. "Ah shit. They are all wet." Ino, however, was busy checking out the blonde. 'Mmm yeah, he is one fine piece of ass.' Crossing his fingers in front of his body, he created ten identical copies of himself. Blood slowly trickled out of Ino's nose, as she saw the half-naked Narutos running around the cave.

The clones made sure to secure the cave before Naruto unsealed some sealing paper and brush. Drawing a complex seal on the paper, he poured a bit of his chakra into it before applying it on the entrance of the cave. A red glow surrounded the entrance before dying down. "Well, that is done and dusted. Now, no one will be able to hear or see us. Not even Byakugan," he smirked. Ino, however, squirmed at the double meaning behind those words.

Going through his supplies again, he gathered the fire wood and set the water to boil. Ino explored through her own supplies and extracted her container of pudding from her backpack. She sat down on the ground and started eating. Three minutes later, Naruto joined her with a cup of instant ramen in his hands. They made light talk during the meal as the Naruto clones managed to make the cave clean enough to sleep in.

'This is my only shot,' thought Ino as she removed the bindings on her breasts and legs. Her purple top and skirt barely hid her cleavage and long shapely legs. The wet clothes fit tightly to her figure as Ino adjusted her clothes, making her cleavage stand out. 'There is no escaping now, Naruto. You cannot resist this body!'

Turning around, Naruto's eyes fell on Ino's body and instantly his member stood to attention. The swell of her breasts, her fair complexion, those silky platinum blonde tresses, the viridian eyes, long and shapely legs; 'Damn, Ino is hot!' Ino could see Naruto's member tenting in his pants and the look of lust in his eyes told her that her feminine charms were working on him. 'Just a bit more,' Ino thought.

Naruto was almost ready to jump her right then and there before he remembered what day it was. Cursing his bad luck, he addressed her. "Is there any reason you are going commando?" Ino was taken aback by his question, but she playfully smirked at him. "My clothes were all wet, Naruto," she half moaned, adding stress to wet. It took Naruto all of his self-control to reign in his urges. "Okay, then, Ino. Good night," he said and plopped down on the ground.

Ino stood there with her mind going haywire. 'Did he just reject her? Her?!' He wasn't gay by any means, Ino knew that. Then what could it be? He wasn't dating Hinata, nor was he not attracted to her. She was contemplating her thoughts when an orange glow surrounded the blonde, making his member stand to erection. The tent in his pants was throbbing now, making Ino's body flush with lust.

Her hands slowly trickled down to her wet core as she inserted a single digit past her nether lips. Her core was aching now, begging for the blonde's touch. Seeing that Naruto was fast asleep, Ino started working her fingers furiously inside herself. She did not know why but her fingers were not giving her the release anymore. Not when the object of her attention was a couple of feet away from her.

'Fuck it,' she thought. Moving swiftly but silently towards the blonde, she got to her knees until she was level with his throbbing erection. Slowly, she unzipped his pants, being careful to make the least possible movement. Once the zipper was out of the way, his massive phallus stood erect in all its glory. Ino's mouth watered as her nether lips clenched tight. She moved a hand forward and gave the gargantuan member a tentative jerk. The member seemed to come to life as it throbbed in her hands. Before she knew, Ino was jerking the member with both of her hands.

The feeling was absolutely amazing to her. The thing that she had been lusting after for months was in her grip now. And she was relishing every moment of it. Deciding to take things further, she leaned forward, until she was face to face with the phallus that fueled her fantasies. The orange glow never left Naruto's body, yet it never harmed or caused any effect on her. Ino bent down and gave the member an experimental lick, starting from the base and ending at the mushroom-shaped head.

She continued jerking him off as she licked the member from all sides. The adrenaline was exciting her further as her hormones encouraged her acts. A thick drop of pre-cum leaked from the member and Ino scooped it up with the tip of her tongue, before swallowing it. 'Mmm, tasty!' she thought, as she engulfed the head of the erect member into her mouth, sucking on it for her life's worth. She had liked the taste of the pre-cum immensely and she wanted more.

Her head went south as she took more of his member into her oral cavity. Her gag reflex flared up, causing her to remove the member from its confines. Taking a deep breath, she went back to her task, loving the taste of the leaking pre-cum that enticed her further. The member throbbed harder and Ino used her hands to jerk it faster, in a bid to make him cum. She crammed the member further down her throat, jerking the rest with her nimble hands.

A moan escaped Naruto's mouth and Ino's eyes widened. However, seeing no further movement, she went back to her task with added vigor. The member throbbed hard, letting her know that the treat that she was craving so much was about to be blasted in her face. Ino took out most of his member, but kept the bulbous head in her mouth, as she shook his member with both hands.

The dam finally broke as Naruto came, flooding her oral passage with sticky white fluid. Ino could barely catch the first shot before her mouth was flooded, spilling cum on her hair and face. Some of it streaked down to her scantily-clad breasts, spoiling her clothes. With a shrug, Ino removed her blouse, exposing her erect nipples and perfectly shaped breasts.

Ino thought about her next action. Naruto was definitely out cold; she was sure of that. She could not let this opportunity pass her by. Then she hit upon the brightest idea. Maybe she could use THAT on the blonde. The novelty of what she was about to do overcame her rational mind, as she lied down over the naked blonde. Kissing his lips once, she broke off the kiss quickly, before holding her hands out in her signature seal.

"Shintenshin no Jutsu!!"


(Naruto's Mindscape)

Ino walked through the sewer water, being dressed in only her stained purple panties. She only needed to locate Naruto's unconscious conscience and take over his body. The fun part would come later...

With a glee, she searched everywhere, finding no trace of the regular mind patterns that she was used to navigating. The inside looked like a giant sewer, though fortunately there was none of the rancid stench. Ino continued forward. Looking around, she could see the piper zeroing at a certain direction. 'Gotcha!' she thought and followed the pipeline.

The pipelines ended near a set of large metallic golden doors, with intricate patterns on the borders. The door stood ajar and Ino finally gathered the courage to walk through the gates. She was very close; just a little more and she would be having the night of her life. She ended up having the night of her life, but not the way she had expected to...


Naruto was standing by the edge of the bed, struggling to contain his moans. How could he, when his member was being serviced by a goddess. Kyuubi's throat was full of Naruto's meat pole, as she deep-throated him with fervor. Her head bobbed in his lap, her nose touching his pubis every time she bottomed out. Naruto's hands flew for her head as he literally fucked her face with his member. He knew she could take it better than anyone else; she had created her body without any flaws.

However, before he could finish, Kyuubi removed her head from the confines of his hands, before taking out his member with a pop. "Welcome dear girl, I have been expecting you" she announced, staring over Naruto's back. Naruto whipped back his head and saw Ino failing to try and cover her massive globes with her hands. The erotic sight did not help Naruto's erect member one bit, as he failed to make sense of all this. Mustering up all of his will power, he looked into Kyuubi's eyes, as if asking for an explanation.

Kyuubi flicked her right hand, and before she knew it, the huge metal doors behind Ino clamped shut. Her eyes widened in fear as she tried to cancel her Jutsu. Nothing worked. She used all of her strength to unhinge the door, yet failed, leaving light bruises on her fingers. This was relatively new for her. Come to think of it, once she had cleared the doors, it did not even feel like a mindscape anymore. Her body heated up at witnessing the couple engaging in such an erotic act; the erect nipples were a proof of that. She was at their mercy now.

"My, my, a beautiful little girl has come to visit the vixen. This day just keeps getting more and more interesting." Naruto scrunched his eye brows, failing to make the connection. Kyuubi turned her gaze to him and started, "It seems the Yamanaka wanted her treat directly from the source. She used her Jutsu to control your body, so that she could fuck her own brains out. Kinky, I must admit." Naruto's mouth stood ajar as Kyuubi got up from her sitting position. She moved towards Ino and said, "Isn't that right, girl? You want my mate to fuck you like the dirty whore that you are."

The words got stuck in her mouth as Ino could not contradict the Kyuubi's words. After all, messing up with the most powerful of the Bijuu, and dying a painful death was not on her wish list. "W-what do you want from me?" Ino feebly asked. The Kyuubi moved behind Ino and brought her face close to the blonde's ear. "Since you have interrupted my alone time with Naruto, you deserve a little punishment."

The Kyuubi's hands moved to Ino's shoulders as she softly rubbed them, before moving them south to her covered breasts. She easily removed Ino's own hands from her breasts, exposing her cleavage to Naruto. Her fingers found Ino's erect nubs as she pulled hard onto them, earning a gasp from the blonde. Naruto stood transfixed at his position, watching the erotic scene unfold before his very eyes. Kyuubi's hands fell to Ino's waist, as the blonde was easily lifted in her hands in a bridal manner.

Kyuubi carried the shocked and aroused as she sat down on her earlier position, at the edge of the bed. The girl's bare bottom was lied down over her thighs as Kyuubi rubbed her ass cheeks in a very sultry manner. "Time for your punishment, little girl," she announced and Ino barely braced herself before Kyuubi's hand struck hard on her bare ass. Pain jolted through her body as a moan escaped her lips. Before she could recover, the hand struck her again.

Naruto watched in silence as tears gathered at the edges of Ino's viridian eyes. Frankly, he was pissed at her himself. However, to leave her at the mercy of the Kyuubi wasn't something that he wanted to do. So before the seventh strike could hit the girl's flaming red cheeks, Naruto caught Kyuubi's hand. "That will be enough now." Turning to Ino, he looked straight into her eyes before a command left his lips. "It would be better for you to go now, Ino."

Ino felt like she was at a most important crossroad of her life. Logically, she should have run away from her 'captor' the moment her assault had ceased. Deliberately staying draped over the demoness' legs wasn't something that people would call sane. She even urged her body to get up and away from the red head, but she finally realized that she could not. The dam finally broke when Kyuubi lightly rubbed her naked cheeks, sending pleasant tingles running down her spine. Her mind was made up now.

"Is that the best you can do, huh? I expected better from the mightiest of the Bijuus. Guess you are just all talk." Naruto's eyes widened as a sadistic smirk appeared over Kyuubi's face. Lifting her head, Ino stared hard into Kyuubi's slitted eyes, arousing the redhead's passion. "Little girl, prepare yourself for the night of your life," Kyuubi declared as the hand struck Ino's ass again. However, unlike the last time, a sultry moan escaped Ino's mouth.

Naruto, who had been a spectator since Ino had emerged into Kyuubi's dimension, moved towards Ino and met her eyes with a lustful expression of his own. Lifting her body by her arms, he knelt on his knees before catching her lips in a searing kiss. He quickly assumed control as his tongue entered her mouth, rubbing and tasting her oral cavity. A lingering taste of strawberries was still present on her lips and Naruto liked the taste immensely.

The broke their kiss for the need of oxygen as Ino's hands flew for his boner. Naruto guided her hands to his erect length as the Yamanaka pulled him close, before shoving his member down her throat. Naruto's breathing hitched at the oral stimulation provided by Ino, prompting her to bob her head faster onto his member. She could take a little more than half of his length right now; the rest she serviced with her deft hands.

Kyuubi saw the scene unfolding before her eyes as she inserted two fingers inside the Yamanaka's quivering pussy, making the girl's eyes to go wide and forcing her to take more of Naruto's length down her throat. The red head worked her inside the blonde's vagina at a blistering pace, giving her the occasional spank, maximizing her pleasure. However, despite all of her attempts, she just could not suck in the last few inches.

An evil smile appeared on Kyuubi's face as she flicked her hand, producing a hair tie. Pulling lightly on the girl's hair, the Kyuubi tied them down in a messy bun. Before she could question her, Kyuubi's hand flew to her tied hair, as she pushed her face into Naruto's crotch. For a moment, Ino struggled against the abuse that she was getting from the red head, before something seemed to give way inside her throat, as Naruto's member entered the previously unexplored parts of her anatomy.

"Ah Ino, your mouth is so good." Naruto's eyes crossed in pleasure as the tight walls of Ino's throat constricted around his length, sucking his member inside. With great reluctance, the blonde withdrew almost all of his length, before slamming it back inside the Yamanaka's throat. He could see the bulge running down Ino's throat, as her body expanded to make way for the invading phallus. Naruto held the sides of Ino's face with his hands, slamming his balls on her chin every time he bottomed out inside her.

"Come on, little girl, cum for me!" Kyuubi's hands were busy pleasuring the blonde, as she added a third finger to the fray. Her fingers twisted inside Ino's crevice, causing shivers to run down the girl's spine. Finding her swollen nub, the Kyuubi pressed down hard onto it, causing the girl's eyes to widen as her juices flew out of her body. Naruto's member was throbbing in her hands, as she jerked it off with all the might that she could muster in such a blissful stage. Just when the blonde was about to cum, Ino's head was roughly pulled back from his length, her pink lips replaced by crimson red.

For the first time in her life, Ino felt truly defeated. For all her hard work, it seemed like someone was about to reap the benefits. However, her assumption proved to be farthest from truth, as she saw cum leaking down the fiery red head's body. A massive amount was still gathered inside her oral cavity as the Kyuubi smirked at the blonde invitingly. Ino threw caution to the wind, pouncing on the Bijuu and claiming her lips in a fiery kiss, getting her fair share of the delectable treat.

Her breasts rubbed against the red head's erect nipples, causing her to continue rubbing her body and pleasing the Kyuubi. The little victory gave her immense confidence as she inserted her fingers inside the red head's dripping snatch, causing her eyes to open wide in shock and arousal. Being on her back on the bed gave her little room to manoeuver. While she could easily overpower the girl, Kyuubi allowed her this little treat. She had taken her punishment like a real woman. "Oh yes. Keep doing that, girl."

It was then that Kyuubi felt an amazing pressure building in her lions as Naruto's chakra swirled on her most private part, causing her nerve endings to burn in ecstasy. She could not hold out for long as Ino's fingers kept pistoning inside her body."Ahhh!!!" Kyuubi yelled as the dam broke moments later, drenching Ino's fingers with the Bijuu's bodily secretions. Ino moved south till her lips found the red head's snatch. Giving her a long experimental lick, Ino licked and nipped at her core, causing another orgasm to build inside Kyuubi's body.

Naruto positioned himself behind Ino's dripping pussy as he thought about trying that little trait that he had earned from Anko. If all went well, Ino would be a quivering mess in a few moments. Extending his tongue, he grabbed onto Ino's shapely ass, to explore Ino's body further than anyone else ever could.

"Oh yes, Naruto. Please eat me out." Ino could feel Naruto repaying the favor and her body started heating up even more. What she did not anticipate was Naruto's tongue elongating inside her body. The muscular organ seemed to be never ending as Ino's throaty moans escaped her mouth. The pleasure...It was simply indescribable. Her screaming vibrations set off Kyuubi's orgasm, before she found her own release, coating the blonde's tongue with her vaginal fluids.

Naruto moved his head away from her pussy, allowing Ino to catch her breath. Ino got up from her position at Kyuubi's snatch, and climbed the bed, giving the panting red head a light peck on her lips, before kissing her passionately. The Bijuu reciprocated her actions before Ino abruptly broke off their kiss. Extending a hand back, she pulled apart her moist crevice before looking behind to stare at Naruto lustfully. "Come and fill me up, Naruto."

"I plan to," Naruto replied, jumping on the bed before lining his erect member with her quivering snatch. Grabbing Ino's waist with both hands, he slowly sheathed himself inside her body, earning a pleasurable moan from the blonde girl. The Kyuubi chose this moment to cup Ino's breasts, as she kneaded and fondled her pleasure bags, adding to Ino's pleasure.

"Ah, ah, ah!" Ino was in heaven as the blonde worked his way inside her body, reshaping her insides with his vigorous thrusts. Kyuubi took one of her nipples into her mouth, sucking and nipping lightly onto it. The pleasure was building in her lions as Ino reveled in the immense feeling of ecstasy, created by the double assault of her partners. Her hand moved down to her own snatch, rubbing on the nub, as the blonde continued to piston inside her body.

Naruto's body was slick with exertion. "Your pussy is amazing, Ino," he forced himself to say, as he continued to hammer away at her snatch. "The rest of your body isn't bad, either," added the red head, sucking and nipping onto Ino's nipples as her hands descended to her naked butt, groping and squeezing her ass cheeks. The pleasure was too much for Ino to take as she felt the tell-tale signs of an impending orgasm. Kyuubi sensed her feelings and brought one hand to her breast, pinching on her nipple while biting down on the other one with her sharp teeth. "Let it go. Let it all go! Cum now, Ino!"

Hearing the sensual voice of the mightiest of the Bijuus calling out to her, Ino's self-control broke as she came hard, squeezing Naruto's huge member inside her vaginal tunnel. Naruto's eyes widened as his member was almost crushed inside Ino's body. "I'm going to cum, Ino. Where do you want it?" Ino paid no heed to the question, reveling in the feeling coursing through her body, as the blonde filled her insides with his thick and warm cum.

Naruto lay down over Ino's body, completely exhausted from their earlier run through the forest as well as the intensive sex session that he had just partaken in. His face fell on Ino's back as he could hear a faint snoring sound emerge from the blonde. Looking at Kyuubi, his expression turned sheepish. "I'm sorry, love. It was meant to be our night. If Ino..." His words were cut off as Kyuubi said, "If this little girl had not come in, I would not have had this amazing night. Do not worry, Naruto, I enjoyed myself."

Naruto sat up groggily and crawled next to Kyuubi. "If you want, I can still continue. Just give me a moment." Kyuubi smiled. She could see Naruto struggling with his exhausted body, just for her sake. The thought made her heart flutter as she moved herself to place Naruto's head in her lap. She pulled Ino's body to the pillow and draped a sheet over her. "Sleep, my dear," Kyuubi said as she lightly snaked her fingers through his scalp, massaging his head and inducing instant sleep in the blonde's body.


(Next Morning)

Ino woke up, feeling extremely worn out. She could barely feel her lower body as she stretched on her make-shift bed. It was then that she noticed that she was actually lying over Naruto. The memories of last night came flooding to her mind as she slowly extracted herself from the blonde's arm, wrapped protectively around her waist.

By the time Naruto finally woke up, Ino had changed into proper clothes and fashioned a meal of instant ramen for both of them. "Good morning, Ino," he greeted his fellow blonde, gratefully taking the cup of steaming hot ramen that was offered to him. Slurping on his ramen, he saw Ino averting her eyes from the blonde. Placing the cup to his side, he moved towards her and held her shoulders. "What's wrong, Ino? Tell me."

Ino felt guilty. She was about to use Naruto's body without his permission, for her own hedonistic desires. Her eyes fell to the ground as the blonde wrapped her in a bear hug. "It's okay, Ino. I would never have refused you had it not been for the Kyuubi. She had fun, too." Tears fell on his chest as Ino hugged him even harder. Naruto just rubbed her back, refusing to let her go in this fragile state. Tilting his head downwards, he claimed her lips in a searing kiss, making her toes curl and her tears to be replaced by pleasure.

Breaking apart, he made a clone to go around the cave, and gather his stuff. "Your tattoo looks good on you, Ino." Ino's eyes followed the direction where he was pointing and she saw the mark of Kyuubi on her right arm; a fox head surrounded by nine tails. Ino smiled as she caressed the mark with her hand. 'I wonder what ability she got' Naruto thought.

"Ino, do you feel anything different about yourself?" Ino thought about it and felt like her eyes felt a little different from before. She pushed a little chakra into her eyes and right before her eyes her vision changed. She could see Naruto's chakra pathways clearly; the blue chakra being engulfed by the red one. Naruto nodded. "It seems like Konoha has got another talented Byakugan user. Let's go and kick some ass!"



The bandits never stood a chance. Most of them were killed while some surrendered, and were duly handed over to the T & I Department. Naruto gave his verbal report to the Hokage and his close proximity with Ino was not missed by Tsunade.

"Alright, Naruto, a few more missions and you will qualify for the Chuunin Exams. Take the day off." Naruto nodded. "I'll see you then, Granny Tsunade" he said and shunshined away, missing the tic that appeared over the Hokage's forehead.  

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