Chapter 10: New experiences

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(Konoha- Night)

Kurenai woke with a start, hearing the door to her apartment crash open. She was dressed in a large blue T-shirt and blue mini shorts. Grabbing a kunai from her side table, she stealthily made her way outside to confront whoever was foolish enough to break into her apartment in the middle of the night. Carefully, she exited her room and peeked into the living room with a single eye, making sure to hide herself from any projectiles that may be sent her way. Her eyes widened in shock as she saw the scene in front of her, illuminated by the moonlight streaking in through the windows.

Anko lay on her back on the couch as a man was groping her breasts with expert fingers. Kurenai's nether lips moistened at the scene, seeing her friend being ravaged by a younger man. The man had his lips firmly planted onto hers, while his fingers continued to tease and fondle the violet-haired Jounin's rather large breasts over the fabric. Their make out session intensified as neither wanted to back out. Seeing their tongues fighting for dominance made the usually stoic Jounin crave the same kind of pleasure that her friend was experiencing.

Kurenai was used to Anko bringing men to the apartment, yet she had never seen anyone pushing the violet haired woman to the edge like the man assaulting her body was doing. The man looked to be familiar with his blonde locks and the distinct whisker marks on his ... 'Naruto!' she almost screamed out loud but managed to force it back in. The said man's hands moved to his partner's trench coat as he roughly removed it from her body. He took a moment to marvel at his partner's body, since the mesh underneath her coat left little to imagination.

Now clad in only her orange skirt and mesh shirt, Anko repaid the blonde by ripping his jacket from his body. His shirt came next, letting Anko roam her hands over his body which she did, while continuing to kiss the blonde with passion.

Kurenai knew that her panties were soiled from the juices that her body was releasing, yet she did not move away from the scene playing in front of her. Instead, very slowly, opening the zipper of her shorts, she started rubbing her pussy over her drenching panties. Biting down over the knuckles of her left hand, she prevented her moans from escaping her mouth, lest she alert the pair of her intrusion, all the while rubbing her fingers over her pussy.

"More, Naruto I want more," Anko said to him, breaking their kiss for the lack of air. The blonde brought his hands to her mesh shirt and ripped it apart, making Anko squirm at his forcefulness. She would not deny that the blonde's actions were turning her on big time. With her godly orbs exposed to his touch, he leaned down to the face and whispered huskily in her ear. "There is something that I want to try with you. I'm sure you'll love every second of it."

Anko nodded all too quickly and pushed her breasts out towards the blonde. The blonde moved his hands to gently cup her exposed breasts with his hands and squeezed them, eliciting lusty moans from his partner. Bringing his mouth to her right nipple, he gave it a little nip and started sucking on it, while his right hand found her other nipple and gave it a gentle tug, before pinching onto it. The result was instantaneous.

Anko moaned harder as his ministrations gathered pace, unable to catch up with the way the blonde was pleasuring her. Her nipples were erected by the way Naruto gave his attention to them. She kept exploring the blonde's muscular back, rubbing her hand over his exposed back. She knew how wet she was with the way her panties were clinging to her wet pussy.

Kurenai removed her stained panties and inserted a finger inside her folds, seeing the way Anko had arched her back from the pleasure that she was receiving from the blonde. The blonde never stopped his relentless assault on the Jounin, making her writhe in pleasure. A particularly loud scream escaped Anko's mouth and her eyes widened in pleasure, achieving the first orgasm of the night. Seeing Anko reduced to such a state, Kurenai added another finger to her folds, working them relentlessly into her own pussy.

Anko could not describe what she had just felt. One moment the blonde was playing with her breasts and the next she felt an indescribable pleasure, making her cum out. Her nipples stood painfully erect as the blonde tugged onto them with his fingers, while his hands continued to fondle her breasts.

"I trust you enjoyed that?" Anko sat up and moved her hands to the back of his head, pulling him forward and kissing him hard. Breaking the kiss, she released his head and purred, "Mmm.... Whatever you did, just do not stop. Give me more, Naruto." Naruto complied and opened the button of her orange skirt. He bent down and took the zipper in him teeth, pulling it down at an agonizingly slow pace. Once it was all the way down, he yanked her skirt off and tore her mesh shorts, leaving her clad in soiled panties. Smirking, Naruto moved his hand to her waistband and slowly pulled her panties off, revealing her dripping pussy to himself.

"D-Don't look," she said and turned her face away in embarrassment. She tried to close her legs but Naruto's hands moved to her inner thighs, holding her legs open to him."There is nothing to be afraid of, Anko. You are beautiful," he added as his hands massaged her inner thighs. A huge blush appeared over Anko's face at the blonde's compliment and she stopped resisting.

Naruto took the initiative and brought his hand to her glistening nether lips. Using the index and middle finger, he separated her lips apart, gaining another moan from his partner. Naruto looked into her eyes with an unflinching gaze, as if asking for her permission. Seeing her nod, he plunged the index finger inside her folds. Aloud moan escaped the violet haired woman as her nether lips were penetrated by the blonde's deft finger. Before she could adjust to the feeling, he added another finger to her folds. "Oh fuck," was all Anko was able to say as she came on his hand with a loud squeal.

Kurenai could not believe what she was seeing. The proud Anko, who was always the dominant one in her relationships, was reduced to a writhing mass by the blonde's touch. Halfway through their foreplay and he had already made her cum twice. Kurenai had to resist the temptation to jump him right then and there, yet she continued to pleasure her own body. She could feel her own orgasm approaching. Biting her knuckles, she came for the first time that night.

Naruto took his hand out of Anko's legs and was pleased to hear her groan in complaint at the loss of his fingers. Fixing his cerulean blue eyes to Anko's light brown ones, he took his index finger in his mouth, sucking it clean of her juices. He took in out of his mouth and sucked his thumb clean. As he was about to bring his middle finger to his lips, a moan escaped Anko's mouth and he paused.

"Wanna taste?" he asked. "It's delicious."

Anko nodded and the blonde brought his middle finger to her mouth. The woman wasted no time, cleaning her essence off her partner's hands before catching his lips in another searing kiss. Breaking from their kiss, Naruto again brought his attention to her pussy, sinking till his hands were placed on her thighs. Moving forward, he licked her pussy before inserting his tongue inside the voluptuous woman.

"Ah fuck. That's it Naruto. Don't stop, please." Emboldened by her loud moaning, Naruto's licks and sucks on her pussy grew in fervor as the woman kept writhing in ecstasy. Her juices started flowing freely as Naruto lapped onto them with his tongue. This continued for a few minutes and sensing that the woman was close, Naruto removed his mouth from her folds and placed his hand on her pussy.

"Cum for me, Anko," he said before pulsing his palm holding the swirling blue chakra onto the woman's pussy. "I'm fucking cumming!" Anko announced as she came for the third time that night. Kurenai seeing the way Anko was moaning loudly, could no longer contain her orgasm. Biting on her nipple and pulling her nub, she came too, yet her face did not have the same satisfied feel as the woman lying a few feet away from her.

Naruto gave her a moment to get a breather before leaning down and kissing her with raw passion. The kiss became heated as Anko responded to his advances, running her hands on his back and wrapping her legs around his waist, securing them in place by locking her ankles. Breaking the kiss, she called out to him in a sultry manner, "Take me Naruto. I'm all yours."

Naruto nodded lightly and unzipped his pants, letting them fall to the floor with a light thud. His erection was clear as daylight by the huge tent in his boxers. Naruto managed to slice it off precisely with his wind chakra and was about to plunge into her when she moaned, "Not here. Take me to my room." Gently lifting her up, till her ass cheeks were secured around his member, he leaned close to her face and lightly whispered in her ear, "Lead the way." Following Anko's direction, he carried the woman to her room and deposited her on the bed.

The room was illuminated by aside lamp and Naruto did not bother to turn on any more lights. What he did stop for were the silencing seals, placing them on the walls of the room, making the room sound proof to the loud sex that they were about to engage in. Quickly closing the distance between them, Naruto loved the sultry expression on Anko's face as she looked back to him, her face lying on a pillow with her ass raised in the air. "Fuck me, Naruto."

The blonde placed a hand on Anko's hips, massaging her ass cheeks while his other hand moved the woman's legs apart, giving him an uninterrupted view of her dripping snatch. Placing one leg between her legs, Naruto spread her legs even further apart before leaning forward and whispering in her ear, "Relax Anko. You are going to love it." Saying this, he plunged half of his member inside the woman, earning a loud scream from her. Very slowly, he withdrew his member from Anko's cunt, till only his head remained inside her. Hearing the whimper escaping her lips, Naruto struck forward and went further inside her pussy than she had ever been fucked before.


Kurenai looked wistfully at the closed door in front of her and was half tempted to open it and join the couple. 'Surely, Anko would understand,' she thought. 'After all, I have not had any sex since Asuma's death.' Thinking about the man that took her virginity, Kurenai could not help but compare him to Naruto. With Asuma, it was all about his pleasure. He would never go down on her to satisfy her needs.

The blonde was a different case altogether. Kurenai was practically dripping as she recalled the way Naruto had pleasured her friend and was no doubt reaping the rewards behind the closed door at this very instant. The blonde had never even demanded her to suck him off, happy instead to pleasure her carnal needs. Not to mention, he was much bigger than what Asuma had been. The massive member that she had peeked on as Naruto removed his underwear made her shiver in pleasure, wanting to get in on the same kind of pleasure that Anko was no doubt enjoying right now.

Her hand slowly moved to the door knob but, before she could open the door, a pair of hands embraced her from behind. Whoever was holding her had a strong grip and she struggled to get free to no avail. "Relax, Kurenai, it's me." Hearing his voice, Kurenai's struggles ceased. "N-Naruto, w-what are you...? Her words were cut off as his hands started moving over her body. "I'm just a clone," he said."A very durable one, though" he added.

His hands slowly went inside her shirt, as if asking for permission. Getting no resistance, he continued north, till they reached her erect nipples. "My, my, Kurenai! It seems over little show earlier got to you. I even thought you were going to join us, seeing the way you were fingering yourself." He ended his statement with alittle tug on her nipples, making her gasp in pleasure.

"N-Naruto, we must not..." Her words were again silenced as the blonde leaned forward and kissed her neck. "You really want it, don't you? Don't you wanna know what I did to Anko, hmm?" Fondling her breasts, he tugged on her nipples again, before lifting the shirt over her head, laying his eyes on her naked back.

Kurenai tried to cover her breasts with her hands to no avail as the blonde took them and moved them away."Why don't you finally admit it? You might keep denying it but your body says otherwise." He moved his right hand from her breast and slowly trailed it south, till it finally reached her wet cunt. Kurenai hadn't bothered putting her shorts back on, giving him full access to her body. Kurenai's eyes widened as the blonde inserted his finger in her folds and started thrusting slowly. Her nether lips clamped over the foreign appendage, making his smirk. He added another finger to her snatch and started thrusting hard.

Kurenai bit her knuckles but could not bring herself to make him stop. The pleasure coursing through her body felt so good. Nonetheless, she could not betray her student's trust."Stop it, Naruto!" Puzzled, Naruto withdrew his hand from her folds before licking his fingers clean. Kurenai wanted to join in but restrained herself. "Naruto, there is something that you should know. Hina-..." Naruto cut her off and added, "Hinata loved me, didn't she?" Kurenai gasped audibly and turned to him.

"Then why? Why are you doing this?" Naruto chuckled lightly earning a questioning look from the red eyed Jounin. "Hinata's changed. She confessed her love for me a few nights ago when we were in the bed together." Kurenai's face reddened at hearing the details of her student's love life. "However," Naruto paused, for the added effect. "There is someone she loves more than me. She just could not decide between us two. But I think since that night, her mind has cleared. She is in love with Hanabi."

"H-how do you know that?" Naruto rubbed the back of his head in a sheepish manner. "Umm, well that's because, err, Hanabi was with us that night." Kurenai's face reddened to the extent that it matched her eye color. "I guess if you still feel guilty, then I'll just..." His words were cut short as Kurenai jumped him, planting her lips on his own. Naruto's hands secured her naked ass, groping it lightly and earning appreciative moans from the Jounin. "Please Naruto I want you to pleasure me. Make me moan like Anko."

Naruto smirked at her words before taking her back to the living room and depositing her on the couch. Kurenai hastily opened her legs wide, giving the blonde a show of her wet snatch. Naruto chuckled lightly at her. "Can't wait now, can you. Hmm, it might be time for the Naruto special." Placing his hand on her nether lips, he leaned in close to her face and whispered huskily, "Cum for me, Kurenai." Swirling his chakra on his fingertips, he entered her folds, triggering the red eyed woman's orgasm.

"Aaahhhh fuck yes," Kurenai shouted as her pussy drenched the blonde's hand. Coming down from her high, she saw the blonde licking his fingers and whimpered. Naruto got the meaning and moved his hand forward, allowing the Jounin to lick it clean. Once done with her task, she asked, "Could you please lick me, Naruto?" Naruto smiled at her. "Sure, but not here." Kurenai nodded and took his hand, guiding him to her bedroom. Once they were inside, Naruto laid down on the bed and said, "I would really love it if you would do the same to me too."

Getting the meaning behind his words, Kurenai nodded before lying down on the bed in a 69 manner, with her pussy exposed to the blonde. His massive member stared back at her and she licked her lips in anticipation. Suddenly, she could feel Naruto's tongue lapping the juices around her snatch and decided to reward him. Spitting on his phallus, she rubbed it all over the dick with her hands, covering the whole member in her saliva. Feeling Naruto's tongue enter her pussy, she went down on his member and took five inches inside her mouth.

"Ohh fuck. Your mouth is so tight around my dick, Kurenai. J-just don't stop." Hearing the praise for her oral skills from Naruto, she redoubled in her efforts, earning lustful groans from Naruto. His tongue invaded her cunt and Kurenai arched her back in pleasure. "Yes Naruto. You're fucking amazing," she cried out. Kurenai fought her gag reflex, attempting to shift more of his dick inside her mouth. However, the thick appendage was too much for her. She settled for sucking on what she could easily, while pleasuring the rest of his member with her hands.

Kurenai took his member out of her mouth and jerked it for a few moments. "I think you'll like this Naruto." Saying this, she wrapped her breasts around his member, prompting him to release some of his pre cum, which the Jounin licked quickly. She started bobbing her breasts over his member in unison as the blonde kept licking and fingering her cunt. Seeing the exposed tip of his member, Kurenai took it in her mouth and started sucking on it.

Naruto could feel his orgasm approaching and not wanting to be outdone by the raven haired woman, added two fingers inside her folds. She was servicing her member in such a way that Naruto felt compelled to satisfy all her carnal desires. The way her pussy was quivering told him that her orgasm was imminent. He added another finger inside her pussy and swirled his chakra around the fingertips, lighting her nerve endings on fire. The result was as expected with the Jounin shouting loudly before spraying her juices on his face.

Kurenai could not comprehend the sensation that she had just felt. Her nether lips clamped down on the blonde's fingers as he worked his magic on her body. Feeling his chakra invading her body, her nerve endings went haywire as she came. Naruto's member was throbbing hard in front of her and she knew he was going to cum. Not wanting to waste a single drop of it, she took his member in her mouth as he flooded her oral cavity with his seed.

Kurenai resisted hard containing the huge amount of cum that his member was producing. However, some of it leaked from her mouth onto her breasts. Drinking the sticky liquid in her mouth, she licked her breasts and his member clean of his seed. Satisfied, she got off him to catch her breath. Naruto had taken this opportunity to clean his face and drink her juices.

"Thank you for this, Naruto. I really appreciate this," she said getting up and lying next to him, pressing her erect nipples in his chest. However, the smirk on his face told her otherwise. "I never said that I was done now, did I?" Right then, Kurenai's eyes descended taking in his erect member. "H-how? It should have not...." Naruto's hand cupped her chin as he asked her,"Are you really complaining that I am still erect? I thought you would be more than happy to help me with my problem."

Kurenai just smiled sensually at the blonde before raising her leg, "Why of course. After all, it is my duty as a Jounin to help a Genin out." She giggled at Naruto's reaction before the blonde positioned himself outside her entrance. "You are sooo going to regret this," he said before forcefully plunging his whole length inside her, prompting the Jounin to scream in pain and pleasure.


Anko was currently riding the blonde as his hands cupped her breasts. She could not get enough of Naruto's member as the blonde reshaped her insides with it just earlier. Pulling her hair back lightly, the blonde had continued the fuck her from behind. His thighs kept clapping with hers while his dick head bumped with her cervix. He was fucking her just like she had asked him to; hard and fast.

The moment they both came, Anko decided to take charge of their session, climbing on his lap before riding his member as if her life depended on it. The bed kept creaking loudly as the blonde fondled her breasts and tugged on her nipples while she kept bounding hard on him. In this position, she could take the whole of his member inside her. At first, it had been a little painful. However, soon the pain gave way to pleasure.

Naruto took his hands off her breasts and held onto her ass, helping her bounce on his member. Meeting her jumps with his own thrusts, he maximized the pleasure that they were feeling. Feeling he was close, he said, "I'm going to cum." Anko heard him and started jumping frantically on his member. "Me too. Give it to me Naruto. Coat my insides with your hot sperm." Naruto's hands pulled her fully on his member and once he was fully sheathed inside her he came, plastering her insides with his seed. The feeling of his hot cum entering her womb made Anko moan in pleasure as she came too, lubricating his dick with her seed.

Both of them stayed connected as they caught their breaths. Anko laid her face of his chest, pressing her breasts to his body. Naruto's hands roamed over her ass as he squeezed and groped it. "God, Naruto. Your pheromones are filling the whole room. Did my body get you this hot?" she asked with her teasing smile. Naruto instead just smiled at her. "There's something that you need to know," he said and explained in detail about the Kyuubi's blessing. Anko heard his tale with great focus and said, "Well I already knew that you fucked Hana but Uchiha Mikoto too. Quite a stud you are. Is there anything else that you need to tell me?" she asked. Naruto looked into her eyes with aplayful smirk. "It's about Kurenai...."


Kurenai was pressed against the wall as Naruto plowed into her folds. The blonde had taken the light jab to heart and was hell bent on making her pay for it. Not that she was complaining one bit about it. Naruto's hands were supporting her body, with a firm grip on her ass. The Jounin could do nothing but hold onto his neck for dear life as the blonde mercilessly punished her cunt with his dick.

"Ah ah ah.... Mmm." Mercilessly or not, Kurenai could not deny that it was seriously turning her on, if her moans were any indication. Her breasts were bouncing with every thrust by the blonde as she succumbed to desire. Her mind was clouding, threatening to be overtaken by the lust that she was feeling for the young man who was currently busy fucking the living daylights out of her. Naruto's mouth moved to her nipple as he bit down on it, making the raven haired woman scream in pleasure.

"Oh God Naruto don't you fucking stop now. Y-yes, keep fucking my tight pussy." Aiming to please, Naruto's thrusts became harder and faster, pistoning into her tight folds that seemed to constrict around his member in a vice-like grip. Kurenai groaned in pleasure at the way Naruto was filling her insides. Whenever he would withdraw his member from her folds, she would feel an aching emptiness, which would then be filled by the blonde's member sliding back into her. With a few more thrusts, Naruto came into her folds, making her release her orgasm as well.

Naruto placed her on the bed and removed his member from its familiar sheath. Kurenai groaned lightly, loving the way his dick slid against her folds. When it was fully out of her, she got on all fours and faced away from him. Her hands moved to her ass cheeks as she spread them apart, exposing her puckered ass hole. Kurenai looked into Naruto's eyes and asked him in a very sultry manner, "Naruto please put it in here. Fuck me where no man has ever fucked me before."

Naruto's eyes widened upon hearing what Kurenai was asking him to do. Although tempted to try it before, he had always heard that it hurt too much. So, he had never asked anyone to try anal sex with him before. "Umm are you sure, Kurenai? I-I mean, you know, it hurts and stuff." Kurenai smiled at the blonde. This was mainly the reason that she was surrendering her virgin asshole to him. Others would have jumped at the opportunity that she had presented him, yet he was more concerned about her well-being, clearly using every ounce of his will power to control his own lust.

Kurenai got up from her position and moved towards Naruto, laying a passionate kiss on his lips. Breaking the kiss, she tried again, "I am sure I want you to be my first, Naruto. Just be gentle with it." Naruto nodded at the woman. "Alright, but if it hurts too much, tell me to pull it out, okay?" Kurenai beamed at him and nodded. Getting into her earlier position, Kurenai buried her head into the pillow, awaiting the penetration by Naruto's member. It never came.

Naruto brought his hand forward and thrust two fingers inside her pussy. Immediately, he withdrew them and inserted one in her other hole, earning an 'oomph' for his actions. He repeated the same motion several times, getting her ass hole lubricated properly. Satisfied, he moved forward and placed his hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them apart. "Are you sure about this, Kurenai? I mean we could still..."

"Just put it in already, Naruto. I really, really need this." Naruto complied with her wishes and placed his member at the entrance of her ass. "Here it comes," he said and thrust the head inside. The resulting scream from the Jounin almost made him back up quickly, yet he was held in place by her hand. "N-No Naruto don't remove it. Keep thrusting, it will get easier." Against his better judgment, Naruto thrust forward, managing to fit five inches inside her anal passage before he stopped, letting her become accustomed to the feeling.

A couple of minutes later, Kurenai started backing into him, prompting him to thrust forward. "Mmm it's sooo good. Do it Naruto. Fill my ass with your big, hard dick." Naruto nodded lightly and thrust hard, managing to cram another two inches inside her. Letting her become accustomed to the feeling, he again thrust inside her, making his legs join with her thighs. For a couple of minutes, the couple stayed as they were. Soon, Kurenai started moving her ass and said,"You can move now, Naruto. I'm ready." Naruto placed his hands on her ass as he withdrew his dick, till only the tip remained inside her. With one forceful shove, he buried his member inside her ass hole, eliciting a loud cry from the Jounin.


"H-Holy shit, is that the K-Kurenai that I know?" Anko asked, clearly baffled by her friend's choice of trying anal sex with the blonde's clone. She was peeking into her room as Naruto lightly thrust into her vagina from behind. When Naruto had told her about his clone and Kurenai's exploits, Anko had insisted on spying on her. She expected Kurenai to engage in the same old missionary position. Seeing her engaging in something as bold as anal sex was strangely turning Anko on.'I wonder how she's feeling,' Anko thought. From her position, she could clearly hear Kurenai's cries of pleasure. Deciding on her plan of action, she tightened her vaginal muscles around Naruto's member, making him cum inside her.

Anko turned to face the blonde with a devious smirk, making him dead pan. "Let me guess. You wanna join in, don't you? Seriously, just leave her alone tonight." Anko's wicked grin just widened. "Like I'd let this opportunity pass me by." Without saying anything further, she slid inside the room and whistled. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Kurenai turned to Anko with wide eyes as she saw her having anal sex with Naruto.

"Anko get the fuck out of here," Kurenai shouted. However, her outburst fell to deaf ears as the naked Anko moved to the bed. Anko moved towards Kurenai's face and planted her lips on hers, making out with her in front of the two blondes. Kurenai was unable to resist her onslaught partially because of Naruto's hard thrusts inside her ass and partly due to it feeling so good. "See, it's all good," Anko said, breaking their kiss.

Anko then spread her legs apart much like Kurenai's and lifted her ass in the air. "Whatever you can take I can take too. Come here Naruto and fuck my virgin ass," Anko moaned loudly, spreading her ass cheeks and inserting a finger in her ass. Naruto moved behind her and placed his hand in she pussy, gathering her juices and inserted them in Anko's ass, lubricating and pleasuring the woman. Repeating the motion several times, he inserted his dick in her wet pussy, making it as slick as possible.

Naruto removed his member from her pussy and lined it with Anko's butt hole. "Last chance, he said, tracing the outline of her puckered hole with the tip. In response, Anko brought one hand backwards and tried to push him forward. "Alright, I get it. If it's too painful, tell me to stop." Saying this, he plunged his member inside her ass, spearing her virgin ass hole with his massive member. Anko screamed out loud at having her ass penetrated by the blonde. Naruto stopped after he had managed to fit four inches inside her. He wiped away Anko's tears and rested, letting her get accustomed to the feeling.

Kurenai could feel Anko's pain and moved forward, kissing the violet haired woman with passion. Getting upright, she could feel Naruto's member penetrating her deeper than ever, yet she ignored her own pleasure, instead focusing on bringing Anko out of her discomfort. "Relax your body, Anko. The pain is only temporary. Bear with it and you will thank me later." Anko nodded at her friend and relaxed her sphincter muscles, feeling better instantly. For a few moments, she stayed like this. Getting accustomed to the feeling, she went down further, managing to fit six inches inside herself.

Naruto groaned in pleasure as Anko impaled herself on his member. With Kurenai's help, the brown eyed woman had managed to perform better, getting more of his member inside her. His clone had ceased his thrusting inside Kurenai while she was guiding her friend to the world of anal sex. With one hard bounce, Anko managed to cram his whole member inside her anal passage. "Oh fuck, this is amazing. Your dick is filling me so much Naruto." Giving her a moment to get accustomed to the feeling, Naruto started thrusting inside the violet haired woman's ass, relishing the tightness of her body.

As if on cue, the clone pulled back Kurenai and started thrusting wildly inside her. He did not last long, as his member expanded inside Kurenai, making her eyes go wide. With one last push, he got the whole of his member inside her body before releasing his seed, making Kurenai cum out with him. Anko watched the way Kurenai climaxed, getting turned on by her display. The raven haired woman moved forward and started sucking on Anko's breast, while fingering her cunt at a relentless pace. Anko's eyes widened as her orgasm hit hard, making her ass squeeze Naruto's member inside. The blonde was caught unaware as his member creamed the woman's ass with his seed.

The foursome caught their breaths after the intense sex session. Both of Naruto took their members out of their respective sheaths, before shifting their positions so that the original was behind Kurenai while the clone placed his hands on Anko's waist. The women were suddenly lifted up and their naked bodies were pressed against each other as both Naruto and his clone lined their members with their ass holes. Opening her legs wide, Anko started grinding her pussy into Kurenai's as the blondes behind them started thrusting into their asses.

The thrusting and moaning continued for a long time as Kurenai and Anko's hands found the other's breasts, while scissoring their pussies together. The blondes kept thrusting into them at a relentless pace, relishing in their pleasurable moans. With afew more thrusts, the blondes came, triggering the girl's orgasms before they passed out of the pleasure.


Anko woke up and stretched her body, unaware of her surroundings. She could vaguely make out the time on the clock. It was two in the afternoon already. Looking around, she saw the disheveled room before she realized that this was Kurenai's room. Her eyes fell to the couple lying next to her with Kurenai pressed to Naruto's side. His member stood at attention, which Anko found to be irresistible. Getting on all fours, she started sucking onto it, making Naruto's hands move unconsciously to her head and pushing her further forward. Her ministrations continued further till Naruto came in her mouth, flooding it with the amount of cum that he produced.

"Morning, Anko," he said enjoying the pleasurable feeling as he came inside Anko's mouth. "You woke up already," she said, stroking Naruto's member. "Umm if you don't mind Anko, I really need to go. Tsunade wanted me to leave for a mission, so I need to prepare myself for that." Anko pouted at hearing this but let his member go. "When you return from your mission, head straight over here. Understood?" Naruto got up from the bed and kissed the girl. Breaking their kiss, he laid a small kiss on Kurenai's lips before slipping out of the room to find his clothes.

"Bye Anko, Kurenai," Naruto said, gathering his clothes and teleporting to his house.


"So how did you two meet up?" Kurenai asked Anko as they enjoyed their Dango. Anko eyed Kurenai's eyes and saw the distinct tomoe of the Sharingan floating in her eyes. Kurenai might not have noticed it yet but she would soon do that. Deciding against pointing it out, she replied to her question. "Ironically, this is where we met," Anko replied, getting a questioning look from Kurenai.


A kunai sailed towards her face, slicing it open from the side. A single drop of blood appeared on her face and, before she could wipe it away, someone was licking it off her face."I always wanted to repay you for that day," Naruto said, holding the woman in an embrace from behind her. "So what has been bothering you, huh?I saw you at the Dango stand, looking all gloomy." Normally, Anko would never have answered that, but the way the blonde held her in a protective embrace, she quickly answered.

"There seems to be no one in Konoha who can handle me. All the guys that I bring home with me are too pussy to do anything. I guess I'm not getting satisfied anytime soon." Naruto brought his face to her ear and asked, "Where do you live?" Anko pointed to a nearby house and Naruto nodded. "Let me take care of all your needs," he said before throwing a kunai towards the house and shunshining towards the location.

(Flashback end)

"That is when I jumped him and started kissing him. And you know the rest." Kurenai nodded, since this was where she sneaked into the pair. "God I wish his mission ends quickly. I can't wait to get back with him," Kurenai said, making Anko smirk. "If you're so desperate, maybe I can satisfy your needs for the time being." Kurenai thought about it for a moment before nodding. The pair paid for the food and started walking to their apartment, hand in hand, eager for some more hot sex like the one that they had enjoyed last night.

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