Chapter 8: The Ramen girl

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Naruto walked through the streets of Konoha, which were bustling with people in a busy evening. People, both civilians and shinobi, were out to enjoy with their families and friends. Random couples could be seen moving through the village streets, holding their hands and laughing.

After a long training session, he was now heading towards his favorite cuisine: The Ichiraku's Ramen shop. His stomach could not take it anymore and a loud grumbling sound was heard. Naruto got the message and took to the rooftops. In a minute, he was seated on his special bench in the Ichiraku's.

"Three bowl of Naruto special ramen please," Naruto shouted excitedly. His taste buds were already imagining the heavenly taste of the ramen. "Coming right up," a female voice replied. A few minutes later, Ayame emerged with his order. The ramen waitress had long brown hair and large black eyes. She was wearing alarge white apron and a bandanna in her hair. Placing the order in front of the hungry blonde, she could not help but smile. As soon as she had placed the bowls, Naruto had started devouring the ramen.

"Oh this is so good. Thanks Ayame," he said. Ayame blushed lightly at his high praise. He was, after all, their favorite customer. "So where is the old man? Haven't seen him in a while," he added. Ayame nodded knowingly. "Dad had to visit a nearby village to get the supplies for a new flavor of ramen." Naruto got stars in his eyes at hearing that. "You will be the first to taste it," she added.

An ear-splitting grin appeared on his features and Ayame laughed. "Boy is he crazy about ramen," she thought. When Naruto was finished, he decided to stay and talk to her. It was a long time that he had done so. Usually, they were interrupted by the customers but today no one else seemed to be in the mood for Ramen. It was late at night when he decided to leave.

Taking her hand by the wrist, he kissed it lightly, making her blush hard. With a cheeky grin, he shunshined away.

Ayame made short work of cleaning the kitchen and placing the stuff in the correct places before leaving for the night. Satisfied, she locked the shop and started walking back to her apartment. It was late at night and the streets were deserted. She could see no one around. Shrugging it off as nothing, she kept going.

Rounding off a street, she kept walking. From the alley to her right, four men came out, who were obviously drunk, if their movement was any giveaway. They surrounded her from all sides and leered at her.

"Would you look at that hot chick? Hey baby, what's your name?" the leader asked. Ayame's eyes widened in fear as she clutched her bag to her chest. "Stay away from me." The men laughed. "No one is going to help you out baby." Saying this, the men went at her. Ayame struggled for a moment, hitting acouple of them with her bag. However, one guy held her arms to her side from behind her. The other men got their bearings and followed up.

On one the goons took out aknife and cut her bandanna, releasing her hair. He tugged hard at her hair, making her scream out. "Scream for me, little girl." The knife moved to the front of her apron and with a straight cut downwards, the apron was split, showing off her figure in the white blouse. One of the men groped her breast and started opening her blouse buttons.

Tears cascaded down her eyes as she realized the helplessness of her situation. They would rape her now and then kill her. Her blouse was removed and she was clad in her black bra only. The guy in the back groped her ass lightly. One of the other guys went to his knees and started unbuttoning her white skirt. However, Ayame kicked him in the face, breaking his nose.

His friends laughed at his stupidity and another one of the goons restrained her legs first before removing her skirt. Now clad only in her underwear, she shouted loudly. The guy in the back removed his hand from her ass and put it in her mouth, silencing her screams. She bit down on his hand but he did not budge.

"Alright boys, I'll take her first. Once I'm done, fuck the bitch anyway you want," the leader announced. Two of the men forced her down on all fours and the leader went to the back, unzipping his pants. He moved the underwear to the side and saw her pink pussy."I'm going to enjoy raping you bitch," he said as he lightly prodded her nether lips with the head. "Help me, Naruto,"she last thought before the inevitable came.

The man moved back and went for a hard thrust, his hands groping her ass. The other two guys were watching the show, while the third one was silencing her screams and groping her right breast. Suddenly there was a flash of light and the hands on Ayame's ass were removed. She kept her eyes shut as she heard grunts of pain and the distinct sound of breaking bones.

She opened her eyes to the scene that she could never have imagined in her wildest dreams. A man clad in an overflowing coat and black pants stood in front of her, facing her would- be rapists. He had a kunai in his hand which he embedded in the eye of one of the rapists. She looked back to the leader and saw him lying on the ground, clutching his groin region.

A moment passed and she made sense of the battle field. Three of the men, minus the leader, had kunai embedded in their eyes, finishing their lowly existence in this world. Their attacker turned and Ayame gasped loudly. "N-N-Naruto...." She stammered.

"Are you alright?" he asked with genuine concern lacing his words. Ayame nodded lightly. "Did he....?" Ayame shook her head, making Naruto sigh in relief. He took off his coat and covered the scantily clad ramen waitress. Once done, he walked back to the leader and kicked him in the face, breaking his jaw. Naruto continued his assault and broke both of his arms and legs.

"You fuckin' piece of shit! You think you can go around the village raping innocent civilians. You are worse than scum." Naruto lifted him from his neck and carried him to atree. Taking out a few kunai, he embedded them through his hands and feet into a tree. The man was writhing in indescribable agony as he was crucified to the tree.

"Kill me. Please kill me!" he pleaded, not being able to take any more of this torture. Naruto walked close to him and whispered in his ear. "You will serve as a message to the others like you." Taking out a kunai, Naruto cut open the man's shirt and cut into his chest, using his body to record a message for the general Konoha populace.

"Rapists beware!"

Ignoring the man's screams, Naruto came to the shaking Ayame and hugged her, calming her nerves. Tears cascaded freely down her face as she imagined what would have happened had Naruto not come to her rescue. How he found her was beyond her.

"Naruto, how did you find me?" Naruto took her right hand and turned it, letting her have a good look at her wrist. An intricate seal design was marked into her skin."This is the Hiraishin seal. I placed it on you when I was leaving. It would really hurt me if one of my precious people got hurt and I was not there to save them. The moment you thought about me, I got the signal from the seal and teleported here."

Ayame nodded, thankful for his timely intervention. "Naruto, would you please take me home? I don't think I could go alone right now." Naruto smiled a bit and wrapped an arm around her. Ayame snuggled into his shoulder as they walked to her apartment.

Soon they were standing outside the apartment and Ayame unlocked the front door. Naruto turned to go but Ayame held his arm. "Please, Naruto. Stay with me tonight. I can't stay alone. Their hands...." Naruto placed a finger on her lips and said, "Don't think about it. A good night's sleep will do you good. I'll stay with you." Ayame smiled as they both entered the apartment.

Naruto sat down on the couch as Ayame went into her bedroom to take a shower. Twenty minutes later she exited, wearing black shorts and a pink T-shirt. The shower had done wonders to her mind, as she felt infinitely calm now. Exiting the room, she sniffed an inviting aroma coming from the kitchen. Curiosity got the better of her as she entered the kitchen to an amazing sight.

"I hope you don't mind. It was the best I could think of," he said, placing a steaming bowl of chicken ramen on the table. Ayame smiled and sat down on the chair next to Naruto. "You really did not have to do this, Naruto," she said. Naruto grinned.

"It is my way of repaying you. Back when I was younger, you always fed me when everyone refused to feed the 'Demon boy.' It is only right that I repay the favor." He finished talking and pushed the bowl towards her. "Feed me then, Naruto."

Naruto smiled at her and broke the chopsticks. Gathering a small bite (by his standards), he picked up the bowl and moved the noodles towards her mouth. Her lips parted and Naruto slowly fed her. For ten minutes, Naruto kept feeding her and told all sorts of stories to cheer her up. Ayame kept glancing at the beaming blonde, blushing at their close proximity.

Come to think of it, he wasn't half bad.

When the ramen were finished, Naruto picked up the bowl and went to the sink. Ayame watched with a smile as he washed the bowl and placed it in the cabinet. Turning around, he faced her with one of his ear-splitting grins.

"It's getting late now. You should go to sleep," Naruto said and Ayame's face fell a really did not want him to leave. "Or," Naruto caught in on her mood, "I could stay tonight if that is what you want." The grin that appeared on her face made Naruto smile too. She practically jumped on the blonde, hugging him tightly. "Thank you, thank you, thank you...." She kept repeating, pressing herself into the blonde.

It was then that she noticed it.

Something hard poked her thighs as she kept hugging Naruto. Her eyes widened at the feel of the thing. Looking up, she saw Naruto's face sported a deep blush. Her own cheeks reddened as she released the blonde. Not trusting her voice, she turned around and started walking to her bedroom. Naruto followed up and stopped just outside the door.

"Come in, please," she said and he entered.

It was a medium sized room with a queen size bed, a wardrobe to the right side and the washroom door to the left. The room was neat and adorned with stuffed animals. The bed sheets were light pink in color, matching the baby pink paint. Ayame stood in the middle of the room as he observed the room.

"So what do you think?" she asked. Naruto thought for a moment and then replied.

"It's so.... /Pink/."

Ayame giggled and Naruto enjoyed hearing her sweet laughter. She moved to the bed and Naruto grabbed acushion, looking for a place to sleep on the carpeted floor. Catching on his line of thought, Ayame moved closer to him and held his hand.

"Please, Naruto. I need you."

Hearing her pleading tone, he hugged her. "I'm here for you, my angel."

Ayame flushed at his praise and led him to the bed. Lying down on the left side, Naruto laid down on her right, wrapping his arm around her. Ayame moved closer to him and before Naruto could stop her, their bodies connected in a spooning position. Her eyes widened in surprise. Naruto's pulsing member was poking her butt, straining against his pants.

Ayame turned around and faced a very embarrassed Naruto. "I'm sorry, Ayame. I...." His words were cut off as the brunette moved forward and caught his lips in her own. Time seemed to freeze for Naruto as Ayame's soft lips caressed his own. Breaking the contact, Ayame started speaking.

"Please, Naruto. Let me repay you. I need this."

Naruto paused for a moment before he closed the distance between them, making out with the sexy ramen girl. His hands moved to her cheeks, caressing them. Ayame moaned lightly as her body was set on fire. Blood pumped faster in her body, making her body heat up. Her hands moved to Naruto's hair, clutching the blonde locks and pulling him towards her.

Naruto released her lips and lightly chewed on her lower lip, making her shiver in pleasure. The blonde's hands roamed over her back as his tongue entered her mouth. Ayame squirmed in pleasure the blonde lightly massaged her back. Her legs were entwined in his as the make out session progressed.

A minute later, they finally broke apart, catching their breaths. Ayame took this as an opportunity to remove her shirt, showing her lack blur bra to her blonde partner. Naruto's hands receded from her body as he took off his shirt. Both of them were fascinated by the other's body. Ayame was turned on by Naruto's ripped muscular physique as Naruto saw her own petite body with a flat stomach.

As if on cue, they moved forward, sitting up in the bed now. Naruto's hands moved to her covered breasts as he kneaded the godly orbs of flesh. Ayame kept moaning as her hands explored Naruto's muscular back. The blonde unhooked her bra and let it fall, exposing her naked, perky breasts with light brown areola and erected pert nipples.

Taking the right nipple in his hand, he squeezed it a little, eliciting a soft moan from the brunette. Latching onto her left nipple with his mouth, he gently applied pressure on the soft bud with his teeth, making her gasp in pleasure. Naruto continued with his assault of her breasts, making her squirm in pleasure.

Ayame was in bliss as Naruto paid special attention to her pert breasts. Her hands roamed over his back and then moved to his muscular front, going over his chiseled body. Moving further south, she tugged on his pants. Getting the hint, Naruto went on his knees, allowing her to yank his pants off. The prominent bulge in his pants made her lick her lips in anticipation.

Without further ado, his boxers were down and his member was exposed. Ayame's eyes widened at the size of his member. /'So big,' /she thought. Nervously, she moved forward and wrapped her hands around his member, barely wrapping it around the thick pole. Her light strokes made Naruto's breathing hitch. Getting bolder, she moved her face to his member, licking the sides of the bulging shaft.

Naruto's member twitched in agony at Ayame's ministrations. Her soft hands and tongue drove him crazy. His eyes crossed as the brunette took his head in her mouth, sinking further south. About halfway in, she choked and took the member out. Again, she went on his member, managing to fit five inches in her mouth. Her hands stroked the rest of the length, cupping his balls occasionally.

Naruto's hands moved to her head, moving through her scalp and massaging her head. Occasionally, he would lightly tug on her hair or push her further down on his member. His body was heating up as Ayame's erotic display continued. Ayame was hell bent on pushing him over the edge, her strokes increasing in pace. Naruto was barely holding out as the ramen girl kept sucking on his member, managing to fit seven inches down her throat. A visible large bulge was seen moving in and out of her throat.

Ayame started humming while sucking on his member, making his eyes open wide with a gasp. He was almost on the edge now. Just a few more strokes. "Ayame, I'm going to cum. Keep sucking please. Ohhh!" Naruto said and her strokes hastened, as if there was no tomorrow. Her actions finally brought him over the edge as he held her head down on his member,

"I'm cumming!" he cried before coating the inside of her throat with sticky white fluid. Ayame's breathing hitched as her airways were blocked by the sheer amount of cum going down her throat. Instinctively, she took his member out of her mouth, letting the ropes of cum plaster her boobs. Cum exited her mouth as Naruto's seemingly endless supply did not cease. When his member finally went limp, her face and breasts were plastered with cum.

Licking off cum from her breasts and face in an erotic display, Ayame kept moaning lightly with alustful expression on her face. Naruto's member rose to full length again, earning a giggle from the brunette. Ayame moved forward and slurred, taking his member in her hand.

"Someone's getting excited." Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. Moving south, she licked his member clean of cum, making Naruto go cross-eyed. With a popping sound, she removed his organ from her mouth.

"Now for the main course," she announced and removed her soaked panties, giving him full view of her glistening pussy. Lying down on the bed, she lifted one leg and faced him. "Fuck me, Naruto." This was all the encouragement that he needed as he positioned himself over her body. Their lips met before Naruto's head penetrated her pussy.

The feeling of the foreign object inside her crevice made her gasp in pleasure. Naruto took the opportunity to ram his tongue down her throat as he inched his way forward inside her. Getting almost five inches in, he withdrew and before she could complain, rammed himself back inside her. He repeated the said motion many times, earning lustful moans and gasps from his partner. His hands moved to her breasts, kneading and fondling them as his tongue explored her mouth once again.

Ayame squirmed at the feeling of being so full, wrapping her arms around her blonde lover. Raking her nails lightly against his back, she kept moaning in his mouth as Naruto's thrusts continued. Angling his body a little, he was soon hitting her G-spot with every stroke. Breaking from their kiss, she encouraged him further. "Yess, yess... Do it again Naruto. Mmm that's the spot. Ohh yeahh!"

Her moans and dirty talk invigorated his thrusts and he was soon pistoning out of her wet pussy with added fervor. His hands were gripping her slender waist as he kept ramming his member inside her, managing to fit the whole length. Ayame's screams of pleasure were music to his ears as she straddled her lower body, matching his thrusts.

Every time he rammed his member inside her, his balls would slap against her thighs. Her pussy was leaking juices already, preparing for the inevitable orgasm. When it hit her, her mind went blank for a moment as pleasure coursed through her body. Naruto did not stop his assault on her wet pussy and kept ramming, her juices making his member slide easier inside her.

He lifted her up and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her with unbridled passion as his assault on her senses continued. Ayame's breasts bounced with his every thrust, the line of sweat making its way in the valley of her breasts. Her body had heated up during the intense sex session as her brunette hair was plastered to her forehead. The strong scent of sweat, sex and cum permeated in the room.

Naruto could barely hold himself back now and Ayame looked close to passing out herself. She dug her nails into his shoulders as she was practically bouncing on his member in a bid to make him cum. Naruto's hands went to her thighs as he gripped her hard, making it easier for him to thrust inside her like this. The impending feeling of his incoming orgasm came over him as he closed his eyes.

Ayame saw his reaction and was almost at the brink of another huge orgasm. She willed her inner muscles to constrict around his member, making her pussy much tighter. The sudden tightness made Naruto gasp as he could no longer contain his orgasm. With aprimal roar, he buried his member inside her before a mind boggling orgasm took over him. His member twitched inside her body, making it expand as cum flowed out freely from his body.

Ayame's eyes widened at this unfamiliar feeling of fullness before the dam broke and her orgasm came, coating Naruto's member with the juices and splattering on the bed sheets under her. For a few minutes, they stayed like that, basking in the afterglow of their mind blowing sex. Eventually, Naruto took him member out of her body and lay down next to her.

Ayame's consciousness barely held as she licked off their combined juices from the bed sheet and licked his member clean. Snuggling into his side, her mind drifted into unconsciousness.


Ayame woke up the next morning, feeling content and relaxed. Sudden warmth seemed to have wrapped around her, making her calm. Opening her eyes, she saw the source of the said warmth.

Her head lay in the arms of ablonde man, who had his arms wrapped protectively around her. Memories of the past night hit her and she smiled. She lightly removed herself from his arms before walking naked to the washroom.

When she exited, Naruto sat in her bed, dressed up already. Seeing her, he grinned before closing the distance between them and catching her lips in his own for a heated make-out session. After a minute, they broke from their kiss. "I really enjoyed myself last night. Thank you, Ayame."

"No, thank you Naruto. You were simply amazing." Naruto grinned sheepishly, running a hand through the hair on his neck. Then Ayame's expression turned horrified. Naruto was soon upon her, holding her tightly.

"What's wrong, Ayame. Did I hurt you?" he asked worriedly. Ayame shook her head and said,"Naruto we forgot to use protection. I don't want to be pregnant yet." She held her head in her hands. Naruto chuckled. "Don't worry about that. All shinobi, male and female, know birth control Jutsu. I used one last night." Hearing this, her expression calmed.

Spotting a familiar mark on her arm, he added. "People will think twice about messing with you, since you are stronger than most Jounin now!" Seeing her puzzled expression, he told her all about Kyuubi's blessing. Ayame listened attentively before her face turned into a full blown smile. "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you....!" she said, squeezing the living daylights out of her.

"Can't ..... Breathe," Naruto managed to say before Ayame released him. "Jeez Ayame, you ought to be more careful now. Any civilian would have had his bones crushed by now." Ayame giggled playfully.

"I gotta go now! There was this amazing Jutsu that I wanted to try out." Giving her a light kiss on the lips, he shunshined away, leaving Ayame to her thoughts.  

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