Chapter 6: The Hyuuga Heiresses!

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(Unknown place)

"Must keep running. I'm coming, mom!"Naruto strained against his injuries as he followed her voice. His thigh had a deep gash through which the blood kept pouring out. He had been badly bruised. His clothes were in tatters, caked with mud and dried blood. The left cheek was swollen and cut, oozing blood. Despite this all, Naruto would not stop. He kept following the voice.

He was almost at the end of the dimly lit cavern, when he saw the silhouette of two people standing at the end, one of them struggling to get free. Naruto tensed, seeing his attacker for the first time in months. "Impossible!I killed him myself."The dark-haired man standing before him was none other than Madara Uchiha, his left arm constricted around Kushina's throat. In his right, he held a short sword, stained by Naruto's blood, if his thigh wound was any testament.

"So the hero has finally arrived," Madara chuckled, tightening his grip around Kushina's throat, making her gasp. Naruto's blood boiled. How could this man be standing before him again? He had almost lost his life to kill the bastard, yet he would just keep coming back. "Why won't he just fuckin' die?"Seeing Kushina lose consciousness due to the lack of air, Naruto ordered. "Let her go, Madara. Your fight is with me."

Madara eyes him with a devilish gleam before answering."Poor, Naruto. Think you could beat me?" Madara chuckled and added,"I am going to break you now. I killed your father. And now say goodbye to your mother!" Saying this, Madara plunged his short sword inside Kushina, gutting through her abdomen with relative ease.

Naruto watched with a rather straight expression as Kushina died in Madara's hands, falling slowly to the ground. Madara turned back to Naruto and saw him smirking, his Sharingan activated as he slowly announced."It's over!" As soon as the words had let his mouth, the whole cavern was bathed in blinding light before the scenes drastically changed. The humid and dark interior of the cavern was replaced by the brightly lit Uchiha residence. Naruto took in his surroundings and sensed the familiar chakra signature to be behind him. "That was a low blow, you know!"

His words were met by a small chuckle as a pair of hands embraced him from behind, holding tightly to his back. "Not bad Naruto. You know Ihad to test you to limit. Sorry about that." Naruto just smiled in her embrace. He had actually mastered breaking even the Sharingan Genjutsu; a major disability whenever he had fought Sasuke or Madara. However, his Genjutsu casting ability was still below par. Still, breaking the Genjutsu was a massive addition to his arsenal of skills. He was content with that.

Naruto turned around and held Mikoto close to himself, snaking his arms around her waist and pressing her head in his chest. She could hear the strong beating of his heart, being held close to him. She inhaled in his distinct scent and relaxed immediately. He had a strong grip on her waist and she felt protected by his embrace. She nuzzled into to his shoulder, earning asmile from him. He removed his arms from around her waist and before she could complain, had cupped her angelic face. "You are truly beautiful." He lifted her chin and met her plump lips with his own. Soon the sensual kiss turned into a heated make out session.

Their tongues kept battling for dominance and they only broke apart for the lack of air. The pair took this opportunity to close in on the other and soon clothes were shed, leaving both of them in their under garments only."I hope you are ready, Naruto," Mikoto announced as she pounced onto him...

(Training Ground)

After the brief but thorough encounter with Mikoto, Naruto was back to his training. "The Sharingan must have taken a toll on her,"Naruto thought. "Best get back to my training.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"Immediately, a couple hundred clones poofed into existence and Naruto went into his fighting stance. His Taijutsu had been going slack due to the amount of time he had been spending on the Sharingan training. Activating his Sharingan, he called out."Give it your best shot!" Once he had signaled them, all the clones went in at once. 'It's gonna be a long day,'he thought.


Hinata had an off day and did not know what to do. Most of the time, she was a loner. She was too shy for her own good and being the heir of the biggest clan in Konoha did not help her cause either. Currently, she was sitting an Ichiraku's, eating her ramen. Probably everyone other than Naruto knew that she had a crush on him. Naruto had been oblivious to her most of the time and Hinata could never express her feelings to him without stuttering half way through her talk.

She finished her ramen and left, after paying her bill. Her thoughts were occupied by a certain blonde shinobi. "Wonder what Naruto's doing at the moment,"she thought. Deciding to peek on him once more, she activated her Byakugan. She moved her gaze around, trying to find his chakra. Soon she found it at the training grounds and took off towards her target.

(Training Ground)

The sweat glistened off Naruto's chiseled torso, all the way down to his toned abdomen. He had lost his shirt during his fight with the clones. Most of them had already been dispelled and only a few remained. Only minor cuts showed on his body from the lucky hits of his clones. They would soon be completely healed by Kyuubi's powers.

Sensing a strong chakra signature in the woods, Naruto took his stance once more, not letting the intruder know that he had sensed his presence. He kept training with his clones, using only his Taijutsu, making short work of the Kage Bunshin. Soon only a handful of them remained. 'Time to check out my stalker.' He took one of his Hiraishin and threw it casually near a tree where he could feel the faint chakra signature. Seeing no movement, he smirked before continuing his training.

Soon only a single Naruto clone remained. Naruto was about to deliver the killer blow to the clone when suddenly he vanished in thin air.

Hinata got up in surprise. Naruto's chakra signature had completely disappeared. Not even her Byakugan could sense it anymore. Reluctantly, she got up from her concealed position in the ground and took in her surroundings. The training field had been completely obliterated due to the sheer training Naruto had just undertaken.

Suddenly, she was held back in a strong grip from behind, her arms pinned to her sides as she struggled against her assailant. Blinking back tears, she started considering her options. "Oh please don't let it be some other village after me for these damn eyes!"Her attacker held her close but surprisingly his grip did not hurt her. Nor did he try to attack her in any way. To say that she was shocked was a massive understatement.

Her attacker loosened up a bit and turned her around to face him. Golden locks, cerulean eyes, whisker marks... "Naruto!" Hinata cried, relief showing on her face. Naruto let her go and grinned at her before continuing. "Might I ask what were you doing all alone in the woods? You were not checking me out, were you?" As soon as the words had left his mouth, Hinata's face reddened. "Hmm. Not bad at all. Kyuubi must be doing somersaults!"

Hinata was left tongue-tied, yet her mind was pre-occupied by agreater problem. If he was behind her, how could she have not spotted his chakra? It was as if his chakra had just disappeared. "Um Naruto, how did u manage to sneak behind me? Even with my Byakugan, I could not see you?" Naruto smirked before he pulled out one of his special kunai. The design of the kunai was intriguing but what caught her eye was the seal on the hilt."Watch me!" Naruto said as he threw the kunai at a faraway tree. The next moment, he was standing over it.

Hinata gasped at this technique. Even with full concentration, her Byakugan had failed to spot him. The speed was amazing. The same kunai sailed to her feet and a moment later, Naruto stood in front of her. Seeing her shell-shocked expression, Naruto started elaborating. "Hinata, you know that my father was Yondaime Hokage, right?" When she nodded, he continued."When I received my Mark, the Hiraishin scroll was given to me as my family heirloom. I-" Hinata cut into his talk, visually perplexed."But how could you have gotten the Mark, Naruto? Unless...Oh. My. God." Naruto rubbed his hand on the back of his head and replied."It's true. It did happen. She was ready to do this for my sake."

Hinata nodded and asked, "So what is this Hiraishin?" Naruto grinned and started again. "This is a space time jutsu that allows me to shunshin to any location instantly, as long as I have marked it.""So how do you mark a location?" she asked. "This is where these kunai come in play. The seal on the hilt of the Kunai helps me shunshin anywhere. As long as I am close enough, I can shunshin. The range might be increased by constant practice." Hinata was astonished at his description of the jutsu. "Basically, what you are saying is that you are the fastest ninja in the whole world?" Naruto grinned and replied, "Yeah, you could say that." "Couple that with his strength and he is almost invincible!"Hinata thought.

"Wow, Naruto! This is amazing." Hinata smiled at Naruto before eyeing his torso once more. "He is so hot! I can only imagine how good he would be in bed. Oh, what am I thinking? He probably doesn't even like me." Hinata frowned. Naruto's thoughts were not very far away from hers. Hinata had always been one of his precious people, being there for him when everyone in the village rebuked him for being the container of Kyuubi.

Her clothing had not changed since his return from training with Jiraiya. She kept it simple with lavender and cream colored hooded jacket over her mesh armor and loose navy blue pants. She wore her forehead protector around her neck. Her outfit was completed with standard Jounin shoes. Her navy blue hair had grown to her lower back and the front hair framed her face, complementing her white eyes. All in all, she was beautiful.

Both of them stayed like that for some time. Naruto finally broke the silence. "You wanna have some Ramen at Ichiraku's?" Hinata just nodded in assent while her mind nearly short-circuited. 'Is he asking me out on a date? Oh my god!'Naruto smiled. "Alright I'll see you at seven. Gotta get myself fixed." He grinned at her before shunshining to his home.

(Ichiraku's Ramen)

Naruto and Hinata were sitting side by side at his 'usual' spot."One miso ramen more, please." The old man Teuchi just smiled and went back to proceed with his order. Naruto and Hinata spent the time chatting about the past few months since the war. Their lives had been turned to turmoil. However, all was good now. The Akatsuki were dead and peace finally reigned. "So, Hinata what are your plans for the future?" Naruto casually asked. "Umm I will soon be taking over from my father as the Hyuuga clan head. Most of my time, my father is teaching me important things to lead the clan. I barely get any time for myself."

"I understand." Naruto replied, digging into his 10th ramen bowl. "What about you, Naruto? Seeing you train one would think that you have a death match coming up against Pain or Madara." Naruto barely grimaced before replying, "Kyuubi has been pushing me too hard. She wants to turn me into the strongest ninja in the world. I feel strong enough already. However, she wants perfection in all departments."

Hinata nodded and added, "But there is only so much that you can achieve with training. There will always be someone who is better at some things than you. Take bloodline users for an example." Naruto choked on his ramen and composed himself. Hinata's eyes became worried. "Are you alright, Naruto? Did I say something wrong?" Her hand moved to Naruto's back, coaxing him. She could feel his strong back through his simple black T-shirt.

Naruto grinned at her and added, "That is not a problem anymore. It would be better if I showed you." He paid their bill and holding her hand, shunshined them both to his bedroom. Hinata was blushing furiously, seeing herself inside Naruto's bedroom. "What I am about to show you is a S- class secret. You cannot tell this to anyone. Agreed?" Seeing Hinata nod, he added. "Don't panic. It will feel a bit weird at first." He closed his eyes and when he opened them again, Hinata's face contorted to one of utter disbelief. "Naruto...your eyes...they are..."

"Yes Hinata. I have the Sharingan now. This was Kyuubi's special gift for me." Hinata tried to dispel any Genjutsu, yet his eyes remained the same. "How? I mean how Kekkei Genkei can be transferred?" she asked. Naruto sighed but decided to tell her. "This gift requires me to, err, have intimate relation with the bloodline user. Doing that will also give me the same ability, helping me learn any Kekkei Genkei in the world." Hinata barely managed to stop the blood from leaking through her nose. "So, you made out with Mikoto?" Naruto's expression hardened but he did not reply. Instead, he nodded lightly.

The information was a lot for Hinata to handle. What should she say? Naruto was on the quest of becoming the strongest ninja and that would require him to learn as many Kekkei Genkei as possible. She said the right thing, naturally. "Well, Naruto. If you wanna improve your eyes any further, meet me at my clan home." Saying this, she shunshined away.

Naruto was dumb struck. "Did she just offer herself to me?" He could never have imagined the shy Hinata to make such an offer. Hell, she would have fainted before saying anything like this. Plus she has not been stuttering anymore. All these questions needed to be answered and Naruto knew just what to do.

(Hyuuga Compound)

Naruto's kunai sailed near the window to her bedroom. He had activated his Sharingan for this one. He could not afford to miss his target. Just as the kunai embedded into the wall with a small thud, Naruto was holding it as an anchor. Carefully, he opened the window and stepped inside. Activating special privacy seal, which he had learned from his father's old scrolls, even the Byakugan would not be able to sense his chakra inside the room. Nor would anyone be able to disturb them.

He scanned her room with the Sharingan, trying to find her. Even the dark of the room could not deny the Sharingan surely. Yet, there were no signs of the future Hyuuga clan head. "Oh well. Maybe it was just aprank." Suddenly, feminine hands wrapped around his waist and he stiffened. "See, Naruto. The Sharingan is not invincible. You definitely need the Byakugan." Hinata sensually purred in his ears.

Naruto was completely taken aback. Maybe Hinata had become more confident, yet this Hinata was way too bold. Something must have happened in the meantime. "Guess I'll just have to find out." As he turned around, before he could say anything, he took in the scene before him and his brain short-circuited.

Standing in front of him was Hinata, minus most of her clothes, wearing only a set of lacy blue bra and panties, accentuating her ample curves. Her straight posture pushed her breasts out towards him and he could not help the blood escaping from his nose. Hinata chuckled at his expression. It was what she had planned all along. "See something you like, Naruto?" Hinata sensually purred. Naruto just nodded dumbly, unable to move his gaze away from Hinata's divine body. Years of practicing Gentle Fist had given her alean, athletic build, complementing the curves she had in just the right places, making her one hot bombshell.

Taking himself out of his stupor, Naruto muttered the only sensible thing that came to his mind. "...Beautiful..." Hinata blushed at his response, her eyes clearly showing affection for the blonde standing in front of her. She moved forward and placed her hand on his cheek, rubbing his whisker marks and earning soft moans from the blonde. "I want this Naruto. I really do." That was all the permission that he needed as he swooped down onto her, catching her lips in his own. The tender kiss soon gave way to a more forceful make-out session and neither wanted to part from the other. Naruto's hands moved to her naked ass, groping the plump butt. Hinata's hands roamed all over his back, enjoying the strong back muscles.

Soon, they broke their kiss for the lack of oxygen. As they both caught their breaths, Naruto was astounded. "Hinata! When did you..." However, his words died down when Hinata decided to remove her bra, letting him take in her ample breasts in all her glory. Hinata smirked, seeing Naruto tongue-tied and gaping at her naked breasts. She cupped her right breast and pulled lightly on the nipple.

"Do you want this, Naruto?" She held her breasts up for him. Naruto nodded lightly, eyes fixated on her wondrous orbs. Hinata smiled, loving the effect that she had on him. Moving her hands forward, she held Naruto's right hand and brought it closer to her breasts."H-H-Hinata..." Hinata held a finger at his lips and said, "We will talk later, Naruto. Right now, I want you."

This was too much for Naruto to handle. What had happened to the shy Hinata? This new Hinata was quite bold compared to her older self. And many other women that he knew. However, sensing urgency in her eyes, he decided to find out the truth behind this change later. He gently moved his hands to Hinata's breasts, taking his time in fondling each one of them with utmost care. Seeing the expression on her face, he knew that he was doing a good job. He gently pulled on her nipples occasionally, earning gasps from the Hyuuga.

Hinata was in bliss. Naruto's deft hands had her on the edge already. She had become addicted to his touch. "Oh, I can't hold it much longer!"She decided to give pleasure to Naruto too. Grabbing onto his shirt, she cut it through the middle with her Gentle Fist and let it fall down. His body was as impressive as she had remembered. Tanned, sculpted muscles greeted her eyes. Her gaze went south, taking in his toned abdomen. Years of training had really done well for him. She grabbed onto his pants and yanked them south, letting them fall to his ankles. The prominent tent in Naruto's pants told her that he was hung. "Time to find out."

Naruto's ministrations on Hinata's breasts were sending tingles down the bluenette's spine. She was yanking his clothing away, unable to stop herself. Naruto did not know how she would react. "Would she faint? Refuse? Run away? Or maybe, just maybe, she might..." Naruto was brought out of his thoughts as Hinata cut down his boxers using Gentle Fist, letting his erect member out of its confines. His member stood erect in all its glory and Hinata could not help but stare. She was literally drooling at the sight of the massive member that greeted her eyes. "Oh. How will I fit it inside me?"she thought.

Naruto had stopped his fondling of her breasts. Hinata seemed to be deep in thought. "Oh well. She's just gonna throw me out,"he grimaced. What happened next, he could never have imagined. Hinata pushed him onto her bed and followed him. He had barely any time to think when her lips latched onto his member, sucking and kissing the bulbous head. Moans were heard and Hinata knew she was doing a good job.

Naruto was in bliss. The feeling of the tender lips of Hinata onto his member felt ecstatic. He wanted more, yet decided to let her set the pace. However, he was not going to be a selfish prick and let her give pleasure to him only. He gently lifted her with delicate hands, turned her around, laying her down in a 69 position and removed her stained panties. The sight of her beautiful pink pussy greeted his eyes. Naruto gently ran a hand around her pubic area, massaging the sensitive parts and earning moans from his lover.

He traced the outline of her pussy, exploring her most sensitive part and activating her pleasure points. Hinata's hummed slightly on his member that was halfway into her mouth. Despite being eager, she had not been able to fully fit the whole thing inside her mouth. Well, she was not about to give up. Her slight moans sent shivers down his spine, making him arch his back in pleasure. Naruto decided to reward Hinata's work by inserting a finger in her glistening wet pussy, making her gasp in pleasure.

Hinata loved the way Naruto's deft finger moved inside her pussy and activated her pleasure points. He added another finger inside her, doubling her pleasure. Roaming his fingers around, he explored all the nooks and crannies inside her nectar filled crevice, making his lover shiver in pleasure. He wanted to fulfill all her carnal desires for her generosity. His first friend in the academy deserved this much.

Naruto removed his fingers from Hinata's pussy, earning a slight whimper. Before she could complain, he inserted his tongue inside. For some moments, Hinata stood transfixed, the pleasure overloading her senses. She had been aching for someone to give her this pleasure and Naruto had done that without her asking. Tears of gratitude appeared at the corners of her eyes as she went down harder on his member, hell bent on taking it all in. Naruto lay cross-eyes as Hinata went down on his member with invigorated thrusts. Not one to be outdone, he moved his tongue deeper inside her, licking around the area and rubbing his tongue at her exposed nerve endings. The effect was immediate as Hinata's body started convulsing slightly, letting his know that she was almost done.

Naruto could not hold back his cum anymore. With one hard thrust, Hinata took in his whole member, her lips touching the base. Naruto lightly bit down on her nub, making her cum out with him. Both of them moaned hard, before they came.

Hinata's body shook hard before she released her juices, prompting Naruto to follow suit. Naruto's tongue started lapping up her juices, while Hinata kept his member lodged deep inside her throat, making his cum directly inside her. Both of them stayed like that for a few minutes, until their loads died down. Naruto lifted Hinata from his face and placed her next to him. "Wow, Hinata! You are the best, you know." Hinata merely blushed at his compliment.

Naruto brought his face to Hinata's and held her in for another searing hot kiss, letting her taste her juices on his tongue. Hinata had shifted herself onto Naruto's lap while doing so, his flaccid member hardening at her actions. She smirked inwardly, knowing she had this effect on Naruto. As their kiss deepened, their hands started roaming on their lovers' bodies. Naruto's hands gripped her bubble butt, bringing her closer to him, while Hinata explored his strong back muscles, with her gentle hands.

"Ready, Hinata?" Hinata just nodded, as Naruto lowered her onto his member. Inch by inch, it went inside her, until only one inch of his member remained exposed. To say that Naruto was surprised would be an understatement. He had lowered her gently, expecting her hymen to be intact. Never could he have expected Hinata of all people to not be a virgin. Seeing the puzzled expression on his face, Hinata asked. "What happened, Naruto?Did you expect me to keep my virginity intact for all these years?" She smiled her million dollar smile at him. Moving closer to his ear, she whispered. "You are still my first man." Naruto's expression contorted into a dumb founded expression. "Hinata!"

Tired of all these questioning, she did the logical thing. Moving her lips to his, she held him in for another hot kiss, while she started bouncing lightly onto his member, taking his full length inside her. Naruto's expression went from a shocked one to an amused one, loving the way Hinata could shut him up with her antics. She gradually increased her pace, making Naruto cross-eyes due to the waves of pleasure that his body was receiving. Soon she was bouncing on his member, gaining moans from her lover while pleasuring herself too. The thick shaft with bulging veins was rubbing against her insides, making her enjoy herself immensely.

Naruto's hands gripped her waist, meeting her jumps with his own thrusts in perfect rhythm. Hinata started moaning loudly due to the overload of pleasure. She just could not get enough of his wonderful member. The two of them kept at this for some time now, nearing their respective climaxes. Naruto was about to explode, yet he wanted Hinata to cum with him. He started pumping some of his chakra into his member, making Hinata dreamy-eyed, as her mind went haywire. As if on cue, Naruto's load hit her womb, making her cum out and coating his member with her sweet juices.

Both of them stayed in this position, Naruto's head lying onto Hinata's breasts, while he held her close to himself. Her hands lay lazily onto his back, as the feeling of their massive orgasm subsided. Hinata removed herself from Naruto's member, letting some more juices to flow out of her pussy, which she collected in her hands and licked away. She licked his member clean, tasting the mixture of their juices and loving it. For a moment, both of them just lay down onto the bed, basking in the afterglow of hot sex. Suddenly, Naruto twitched and Hinata asked. "What happened, Naruto?" Naruto just smirked and replied, "It seems that we have a visitor."

Hearing those words, Hinata's face contorted into a shocked expression. "Don't tell me that your seal failed. Oh, father will kill me." She hung her head low into her lap, her deep-blue hair veiling her face. Naruto just chuckled. "Don't worry, Hinata. The visitor is not going to assault us. She might even be interested in joining us." Hinata's eyes widened at this new revelation and she asked, "Who is she?" Naruto just said two simple words that made Hinata almost pass out. "Hanabi Hyuuga."

(Hanabi's POV)

"Oh this day has been so boring. The D-rank missions are certainly a pain in the ass. I just wish I could become Chuunin soon enough to escape this hell!"Hanabi thought, as she returned home from the daily activities. She went into the shower to clean the dirt and grime from her body. The brunette had a lean, muscular body, which complemented her feminine features. Budding C-Cup breasts, flat stomach, toned long legs, plump ass and a straight posture; Hanabi would certainly develop into a gem, just like her older sister.

She took a quick shower and dressed herself into pink bikini, looking forward to her night alone with her lover. She could have any guy of her age, yet she held desire only for her sexy sister. This of course did not mean that she was purely lesbian; she was yet to find someone who could fulfill her carnal desires.

With a naked Hinata on her mind, she snaked her way through the corridor, stopping at her door. She could feel very faint and muffled vibrations coming from her sibling's room. She entered the room quietly and was rewarded by a scene that gave her a massive nosebleed. There she was, her elder sister, riding the member of a blonde, whiskered, shinobi by the looks of him. "Wait a minute! Not many people in Konoha have blonde hair and whisker marks. Iwonder who- Oh. My. God."

Hanabi contemplated her next move. Should she inform her father?Attack the boy? NO! She slid down onto the carpeted floor, pulled down her panties and started fingering herself, knowing that no one could see her in this position. She would ask her sister about the boy, for sure. Enjoying the spectacle in front of her, her fingering hastened, in a bid to find her release. She brought her other hand to pinch her erect, light-brown nipple.

In a few minutes, she came as the couple neared their own release. Suddenly, someone appeared in front of her and she lost consciousness. Her last memory was of a singular blood-red eye and one single word. Sharingan.

(Hinata's Bedroom)

"Shit I completely forgot about tonight. Where is she, Naruto?" Naruto just smiled at her worried expression, thinking she looked so cute this way. "Just turn around." There on the ground lay Hinata's younger sister, minus her panties, her pussy glistening with her juices. She was knocked unconscious by Naruto's Genjutsu. Although weak, yet it did the trick. Sweat trickled down her face to her breasts, making Naruto harden at the scene.

Hinata stood transfixed. "How did you find her?" Naruto grinned at Hinata. "One of my clones was on the lookout for potential attackers to warn me. However, seeing her lust-filled eyes, he knew that she was no danger. As soon as she had finished fingering herself, the clone revealed himself and trapped her in a weak Genjutsu by using Sharingan."

Hinata looked blankly at her sister and Naruto. "Well, might as well let her join us."

(Hanabi POV)

Hanabi woke up groggily, not remembering where she was. The world was so dark. No light could be seen. Actually, she had been blind-folded and was tied to a post? She tried to think about her current situation. "I think I have been kidnapped. Some stupid village must be after my Byakugan"She grimaced. It was a part of their Kunoichi training to not be left mentally broken after they were kidnapped. "Oh I don't want to get raped. Hinata must be getting worried about me."She tried to activate the Byakugan but failed. "Chakra suppressing blindfold. I should've known."

She heard a movement in front of her and knew that her captors were around her. Strong hand held her face before moving down to her naked breasts, fondling them for a moment before pulling on her nipples. Two more hands held her naked ass and started groping it. Hanabi was close to tears now. Her attackers would ravage her before they took away her eyes. Despite her appearance, she was a little girl at heart. The dam broke and tears started flowing down her eyes, moistening her blind fold. She realized her mistake too late. Surely, seeing her tears, her attackers would enjoy their torture more. What happened next, she could never have guessed.

The person in front of her removed her blindfold, the light temporarily blinding her. As she adjusted to the light, she saw that the person in front of her was none other than her love. "Hinata! I thought- I thought-" She started crying again as Hinata held her face to her naked breasts. Coaxing her, Hinata added, "I thought this would turn you on. Since, you like to dominate, I wanted to see if you would like being tied up."

The grip on her butt still hadn't moved. "Wait! Who is behind-" Naruto removed his hands from her ass and moved in front of her, capturing Hinata in a searing kiss. "Wait a minute. YOU! You put me into the Genjutsu. But how... How could you have acquired the Sharingan?" Hinata broke her kiss and held Hanabi's lips for a passionate kiss. Breaking away, she said, "You talk too much. Tell me why were you sneaking up on us?"

Hanabi blushed and replied, "We were supposed to have our'girl-time' tonight, if you remember. However, you decided to call in your boyfriend and forgot all about me." Naruto smiled and questioned, "So why didn't you immediately leave?" Hanabi was left speechless as she glanced at Naruto's erect member. Her gaze was fixed onto his member, missing the smirk on Hinata's face. "I think she wants a piece of yours, Naruto!After all, the real thing is much better than a plastic dildo." This new revelation caused Naruto to raise his eyebrows and he looked back at Hinata."What? I love her and she loves me." Naruto nodded and questioned Hanabi, "You wanna join us or not?"

Hanabi's small nod made the couple smirk. Looking at each other and nodding, Naruto spoke up. "Since you have been such a naughty girl, we are going to punish you. Trust me, you'll love it." Saying this, both of them moved towards Hanabi. Her blindfold was slipped back onto her eyes as Naruto whispered in her ears, "Just enjoy."

Saying this, he started kissing her lightly, the kiss heating up as they went. Meanwhile, Hinata had fallen to her knees and was licking up her little sister's pussy. Without their sex sessions, Hanabi would never have been able to fit Naruto's member inside her pussy. Yet, proper lubrication was required for the next step. Hinata spread her legs apart as she worked onto her pussy, earning erratic moans from her little sister.

Naruto broke his kiss and went down to her breasts, kneading onto one nipple while fondling the other breast. The pleasure she was experiencing was too much to handle, yet she remained calm to prolong the experience. Naruto's hands moved all over her body, over her muscular arms to her flat stomach and from her bare back down to her plump ass. Hanabi kept moaning his name lightly, loving the pleasure and attention given to her by the blonde. She was about to cum when Naruto bit down lightly on her nipple, hastening the process and, with a single moan she came inside Hinata's mouth. Hinata kept lapping her juices onto her tongue, liking the taste. Soon her juices ceased to flow and Hinata got up to catch Naruto into a kiss, letting him taste her sister's sex fluids.

They broke up shortly and untied Hanabi, who had only a single emotion in her eyes; lust. Hinata moved forward and lifted Hanabi into her arms easily, shocked at her own strength. She looked quizzically at Naruto who simply said, "Don't think I took you for the Byakugan only. You get half of my ability too. It seems you got my strength." Hinata grinned and then turned menacingly at Hanabi. Hanabi simply gulped, aware that the tables had finally turned for her. She had been using her strength to subdue Hinata during sex and now, she would receive the same treatment.

Ignoring further delay, Hinata went down onto Hanabi, catching her lips in a fully-blown make out session. She felt as light as a feather in her arms. Naruto's member stood to attention once more, throbbing hard, as if telling to plow into the young Hyuuga's pussy. Without further delay, he walked until he stood behind Hanabi. He took her from Hinata's arms and laid her down onto the bed. Hinata positioned herself until her nether lips were directly above her mouth. Getting the hint, Hanabi moved her face forward and inserted her tongue inside Hinata's pussy.

Meanwhile, Naruto positioned himself at Hanabi's pussy, spreading her legs apart by placing them around his thighs. Slowly, he started sliding his member inside her, shocked that it went all the way in. "Hmm, you girls have been naughty." He did not catch Hinata and Hanabi's blushes. He slowly slid his member back until only the head remained inside her and pushed back inside, a little more vigorously than his previous thrust. Soon he was picking up the speed. He held onto the sides of Hanabi's waist while pounding her wet pussy. His hands slowly moved to Hinata's as they held her firm breasts, fondling them. Hinata moaned lightly at the contact, sitting cross-eyes, while her lovers pleasured her. As Naruto pulled onto her nipples, she arched her back.

Hanabi's licking of Hinata's pussy became erratic as she was enjoying the pleasure she was receiving immensely. She found her G-spot and focused solely onto it. Adding a couple of fingers to her pussy, she spread them apart, giving her better access to her sibling's pussy. Naruto's member slid in and out of her pussy so fast and hard that it was tough to focus onto anything else. Her resolve was being shattered by Naruto's continued pounding of her pussy, her orgasm drawing closer with each thrust.

Hinata was in utter bliss, loving the way Naruto kneaded and fondled each of her massive breasts while Hanabi's skilled fingers and tongue combined to assault her pussy. She grinded her nether lips into her face, unable to control her body. Her orgasm was drawing ever closer and she could do nothing to prolong it anymore.

Naruto kept pounding into Hanabi's tight pussy. "Damn!I love her pussy. So tight,"he thought, continuing with his task at hand. He kept playing with Hinata's massive breasts, fondling them and pinching her nipples lightly sometimes, earning light moans from her. Hanabi's pussy walls suddenly started constricting around his member and he knew that he could no longer stop his impending orgasm. He pinched both of Hinata's nipples, earning sharp moans from her. His hips became a blur as he pounded mercilessly into the young Hyuuga's pussy.

Hanabi had started constricting her pussy muscles around Naruto's member, knowing that she could no longer hold her orgasm any further. She wanted both of them to cum with her, so she added another finger inside Hinata's pussy, while biting down onto her nub, applying a little pressure. The effect was immediate, as her sibling came hard, her juices overflowing Hanabi's mouth and landing on her face. Hanabi could hold no more and she cried out in pleasure, her pussy constricting hard before Naruto's member was coated by her juices.

As soon as her pussy had constricted, Naruto came deep inside her womb, filling it with his seed. Waves upon waves of his seed went straight into her womb, the sticky fluid filling her pussy completely. Naruto dislodged his member from her pussy and more cum splattered onto the bed sheets. Quickly, Hanabi laid down the unconscious Hinata onto the bed, licking her insides clean. She gathered the liquid on the bed sheet and ate it away. Facing Naruto, she took his member into her mouth, completely engulfing it, before she removed it with a pop, cleaning it of any remaining cum. Satisfied with her work she fell down onto the bed to regain some of her lost vigor.

Naruto looked at her angelic face. How her brown hair splattered onto her forehead due to the sweat. Her multi-colored eyes, her...wait aminute. Multi-colored eyes? Naruto looked back to her face and his amused expression was caught by Hanabi. "What happened, Naruto?" Naruto just chuckled lightly, earning a quizzical look from the brunette. "It would be easier to show you." He lifted her bridal-style and entered the bathroom. Once inside, he turned onto the lights and pointed at her reflection. Hanabi looked bored until she noticed her own eyes; more specifically her left eye. She looked at Naruto and they both sounded the word together."Sharingan."

A single black tomoe floated into the sea of red. Hanabi was left speechless. She had gotten two of the most powerful Kekkei Genkei in the shinobi world, all thanks to Naruto. Turning back to him, she hugged her hard, showing her affection to the blonde. Letting go of him, she sensually asked,"Can you go another round?" Naruto just smirked in response before lifting her in his arms and carrying her back outside. He lay her down onto the bed, lifting her legs, so that they touched her shoulders and positioned him to her entrance. With a slight nod, Hanabi gave her assent and Naruto thrust back into her waiting pussy. "It's gonna be a long night,"she thought.


Naruto lay onto a bed as sunlight streamed in from the window. The bed felt different from his, the pillow was too soft and his bed was not this big either. Something wet pressed to his navel area and he quickly got up to take in his surroundings. He was in Hinata's bedroom, lying in her bed as she slept next to him, completely naked. Moving his gaze south, he noticed that someone was sucking on his member.

The brunette seemed oblivious to Naruto's waking state and he let her have her way. Soon, he could bear it no more and he pressed her head down onto his member, while thrusting upwards. Naruto came into her throat, creaming her insides with his seed. As his orgasm receded, he smiled at the brunette."Someone is getting impatient," he smirked. Hanabi blushed hard before replying, "I could wait no longer for my breakfast."

Naruto chuckled at her. "To think she still wants more, after all that we did the last night. Hanabi Hyuuga, you continue to amaze me." Suddenly aknock was heard onto the door and Hanabi paled. It had to be her father. "How would I explain staying the night in Hinata's room", she thought. Naruto caught her uneasiness and said, "Don't worry. Let me handle this." Naruto moved towards Hinata, pumping chakra into her naked body and making her wake up. "Dress up quickly. Your father is here."

Hinata sat up quickly, gathering her clothes and hastily putting them on. Naruto turned to Hanabi and asked her to gather her clothes too. As soon as she was done, Naruto grabbed her hand and shunshined her with him to the tree, where he had sat last night. Both of them sat there for some time, using Sharingan to monitor Hyuuga clan's Patriarch's moves. Soon, he was out of the room. They both appeared back to Hinata's room at the point where the seal had been placed. "You have got to teach me this, Naruto," Hanabi jokingly asked. Naruto just kissed the top of her head before replying,"Sorry, kid. Trade secret." Hanabi glared daggers at him for calling her a kid and before she could hit him, he had shunshined away to his apartment.

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