Chapter 5: Honing the abilities

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(Uzumaki Residence)

Naruto woke up in the afternoon, the last night's events taking their toll on his mind and body. Several of his muscles were still taut and he had cramps all over his body. Yet, most of this was contributed by Kyuubi's next target selection. Hearing her name, Naruto could not sleep properly the whole night."What was she thinking? I'm not gonna do that!"/ /thought Naruto as he got out of the bed. Kyuubi's healing coupled with the Uzumaki clan's was already showing, as he felt his body recovering from all the strain. Many of his knotted muscles relaxed as he made his way to the washroom.

Naruto entered inside the washroom and turned on the shower, thinking that it would help him forget about his worries. He had much to learn and a lot to learn. The hot shower helped immensely and Naruto sat there, taking in the heat and feeling relaxed. The water cascaded over his blond hair to his sculpted body and continued south. The heat radiating from the water helped relax his muscles as he kept thinking about his next task. "Oh, fuck it! I need answers first and a lot of training."

He turned off the shower and grabbed a towel. Having cleaned himself dry, he headed to his wardrobe to dress himself. In a few minutes, Naruto was heading out of his room, dressed in a black t-shirt and matching black cargo pants, holding his weapons. The Kyuubi mark was emblazoned on the back of the shirt. His clothing highlighted his muscular physique, making him look more attractive.

Naruto moved swiftly to the kitchen, having caught scent of his second favorite thing: Ramen. He crashed into the kitchen, jumped into his chair and started devouring bowl upon bowl of ramen. When he was done, all of the 5 bowls lay empty on the table. "Oh I needed that." Moving his gaze around, he found a smirking Kushina sitting opposite him. In his frenzy, he had forgotten about her completely. "I trust you enjoyed that, Naruto?" Kushina slurred, making Naruto blush. "Sorry about that. Ineeded to recharge my batteries for the day. Last night took its toll on me." Kushina got up from her chair and sat on Naruto's lap, acting all innocent. Naruto's member hardened instantly and he tried in vain to keep it down.

Kushina's smirk grew bigger as she noticed this change. "Not today, Naruto. My insides are all mushy. I need my rest." Naruto pecked on her lips lightly and replied, "Me too. I just wanted to talk today. Yet, Ijust can't resist your sexy body." Kushina got up from his lap and he sighed. Settling down on the chair next to his, she said, "What is it that you wanna know, dear?"

Naruto started off directly. "What is this Mark of Maturity?" Kushina crossed her legs, making her clothes move up and giving Naruto a good look at her creamy thighs. Naruto struggled to keep his emotions in check, blushing furiously and keeping a straight face. Having teased him, Kushina moved her legs back down and began explaining. "The Mark of Maturity separates boys from men. There are five levels of this Mark: Yellow, Green, Orange, Red and the very rare Black Mark." Naruto looked back to his black mark and swelled with pride.

"So what are the requirements to achieve this? And the benefits?" Kushina continued, "The Mark is achieved when a shinobi completes a set of tasks, testing him to limits. These include his mastery of elements, strongest jutsu and his ability to please in bed. To become a Hokage, you need at least a Red mark. Congratulations, Naruto! You are one of the select few who can contend for the post of Hokage." Kushina kissed him lightly and added, "I need you to go to Tsunade and show her this. She will be able to help you better."

(Hokage Mansion)

Naruto sneaked into the Mansion to find a sleepy Tsunade drooling over the paper work, an empty bottle of sake lying to a side. "I know how to wake her up!" He grinned mischievously and called out, "Free sake! Free sake for everyone!" Tsunade bolted upright and found Naruto sitting in her opposite seat, struggling to control his laughter. "Very funny, Naruto," Tsunade said, narrowing her eyes. "I trust this must be of utmost importance or I'm kicking you sorry ass to Suna." Naruto smiled brightly and added,"I need you to take a look at this." Saying this, he thrust his right arm forward. As Tsunade's eyes fell on the Mark, her mouthed opened in an 'O'and she was lost for words. "Don't tell me!" Naruto cut in and added,"Yeah, we really did have sex. And a hot one too!" Tsunade composed herself a bit and added, "I can see that. It is time Naruto. Summon Ma and Pa."

Naruto was curious but did as he was told. Instantly, the two frogs popped up from the scroll.

"Brat, why have you summoned us? I was cooking lunch?"Ma asked. "Exactly, I am so hungry kid!"Pa added. Before Naruto could reply, Tsunade addressed them. "Ma and Pa! I have found the new Toad Sage. Make it happen." Ma and Pa were dumbfounded. "Did you actually mean that? Can he handle that responsibility?"Tsunade was getting pissed seeing people always underestimating Naruto. "He beat Madara. Is he still not worthy enough?" Ma's face held a contemplative look as she pondered upon that. "Well, we suppose it does make sense. I will report to you when we are ready." Pa said before both of them poofed into smoke. "Come with me, Naruto! There is something I need to show you!"

Naruto followed Tsunade to the basement of the Mansion. She turned on the lights and Naruto saw a huge room full of sealed boxes. Tsunade moved inside and Naruto followed, noticing clan seals on the boxes and names of people. Tsunade finally stopped, pulled out a golden box and gave it to Naruto."What is that, Tsunade?" he asked her. "That is for you to find out. This was left behind by the Fourth Hokage," Tsunade said."Whenever a great shinobi is about to die, he is required to leave behind his best jutsu details for their children. Only their children can access this and if they die, the box burns out, taking its secrets with it. However, the child is required to have the Mark before he is entitled to the contents inside the box." Tsunade took the box and placed it on the table beside them."Try opening it with your blood signature, Naruto."

Naruto bit his thumb and placed it over the box. Immediately the seal glowed before opening up. Naruto removed the cover and an ancient scroll lay inside, along with some strange looking Kunai. Tsunade gasped loudly and Naruto started reading. "Ninjutsu: Flying Thunder God..."

(Hokage Mansion: 20 Years ago)

"Minato, this is standard procedure. You cannot deny this right to your unborn son," Sarutobi argued. Minato simply shook his head."It is too dangerous. If this got into the wrong hands, there will be hell to pay. I simply cannot take the risk." Sarutobi sighed and added,"Never has a jutsu scroll been stolen from the Mansion. You know that yourself. Besides, I doubt anyone could break through your seals on the box." He handed Minato the empty scroll and pen. "Write down all the details now. You don't want this technique to die out. Surely your son would like to use it in future."

Minato sighed. He could not argue with Sarutobi anymore. He put pen to paper and started writing down. When he was finished, he put the scroll inside the box along with 3 of his kunai and sealed it. "Now that wasn't so hard, was it?" Sarutobi smiled at his successor as they placed the box in the basement and headed out, sealing the door behind them.

(Hokage Mansion: Present Day)

"This is amazing! The Fourth's ultimate technique! And he left it for me." Naruto's eyes started watering as he realized the love of his father for him for the first time. His father must really have loved him. Having read the whole technique, he took hold of the special kunai. "Wonder what this is for!" Tsunade saw his curiosity aroused and answered, "This was the Fourth's special kunai that he used for his jutsu. Look at the markings on the hilt. Wherever this kunai falls, you can teleport." Naruto was dumb struck. Clearly, that would make him the fastest ninja in the world. Couple his strength and Kyuubi's power and he was pretty much invincible. "So much for her special blessing!" he thought.

Immediately his mind fell blank and he fell into unconsciousness.

(Kyuubi's Chamber)

"So you learn one good jutsu and think that you are the strongest already!"Kyuubi was pissed with Naruto and decided to bring him to her chamber. The boy was clearly getting over his head. He had a knack for cockiness and she was going to set him straight. Naruto saw the look on her face and his first thought was, "I'm fucked."He decided to try to talk himself out of this."Kyuubi, I can explain." "Oh, I'm all ears, Naruto. Maybe the heroof Konoha is getting too confident of his abilities."She put aspecial stress on the word hero, making Naruto ashamed. This was what Madara thought of himself and now he was dead. "Still, you must admit that I am already very powerful. Don't think I really need another eye technique!" Kyuubi sighed in exasperation. "I thought I was going to pick your first few targets, which would be the best for you. The Hyuuga is head over heels for you. You are such a dobe that you did not notice this for so many years. The Byakugan will give you unparalleled vision!"

Naruto could see the logic in her argument. She would do nothing to harm him. But how could he approach Hinata? She was more likely to pass out with a single kiss. How could he convince her to make out with him?"Alright Kyuubi, I'll think about it. Right now I have this cool jutsu to learn. See ya later. Bye." Saying this, Naruto left Kyuubi's chamber and returned back to the real world, leaving a pissed Kyuubi behind.

(Forest of Death)

Leaving the Hokage Mansion, Naruto made directly for the Forest of Death. This place held many memories for him. Here he had fought Orochimaru with Sasuke, during the Chuunin exams. If only he had not bit Sasuke, things might have turned out differently. However, Sasuke had more than made up for it, returning back to the village and fighting valiantly during the 4th Shinobi war. If only they could have found his body to give him a proper funeral. He had earned that much. Only his bloodied and tattered shirt, emblazoned with the Uchiha fan, was ever found.

Ignoring his thoughts, Naruto set about to the task at hand. Learn this jutsu and he would be nearly impossible to hit, let alone kill. Even though the war was over now, yet the threats always remained. Naruto crossed his fingers and called out: "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"Immediately, 30 clones appeared around him. "Alright guys! I want this done in a month. o not dispel till you have completely exhausted your chakra." All the clones nodded and went about their assigned task, while Naruto lay there. His mind was preoccupied by Kyuubi's demand. "Does Hinata really want me?Why would the Hyuuga princess fall for me?"

Deciding to address this matter later, Naruto kept reading the scroll over and over again, seeing improvement in his clones' technique and execution. "One month it is, then..."

(One Month Later)

Naruto shunshined himself from Mikoto's bedroom to his own. He just could not get enough of the busty Uchiha. Seeing him teleport to her bedroom for the first time had scared her out of her wits. However, her surprise was soon replaced by lust and he held him in for a steaming hot kiss. Naruto replayed the events of last night in his mind and got a massive boner. "Damn it! How will I hide this now? Oh well, guess it can't be helped." With this thought, he shunshined to the kitchen.

As soon as he entered the kitchen, Naruto got a massive nose bleed. Standing in front of him was Kushina, wearing only an apron that showed off her bubble butt and failed to conceal her massive curves. She was oblivious to his presence in the kitchen, not having seen the Flying Thunder god jutsu being performed since Minato's death. Naruto's throbbing member could hold no longer as he closed the distance between them and embraced her from behind. Feeling Naruto's arms around her waist, Kushina was startled. "Honey, how did you get down here so fast?" Naruto just smirked and kissed her lightly on her neck, earning a giggle from her.

Kushina turned around in his embrace, deepening their kiss, his warmth relaxing her body. Her hands soon found his pulsating member and she started rubbing it, making Naruto moan lightly. Her soft hands felt so good on his member and he wanted it. However, he had enough tasks for the day. "A quickie would have to do," he thought. Naruto lifted Kushina by her ass and placed her on the table on all fours. He removed her apron, exposing her massive breasts. Placing his member outside her entrance, he plunged his member all the way in, hitting her cervix. Kushina gasped loudly at his action, as his hands moved down to her breasts, kneading and fondling them. Soon, he picked up the pace and started to pound her roughly, hitting her thighs with his huge balls on every thrust. Kushina met his thrusts with equal intensity, finding a perfect rhythm between their thrusts.

Kushina felt the pressure build inside her. Her orgasm was imminent. And she wanted Naruto to join in. She constricted her muscles around his member and started moaning out loudly, adding to Naruto's pleasure."Oh yesss Naruto, Fuck my pussy harder and faster. Don't stop now, Naruto. I'm sooo close!" Naruto lightly pinched her nipples and started to pound her pussy mercilessly, making the table creak under them. His member began throbbing hard and it started to expand, making way for his imminent orgasm.

Applying more pressure on Kushina's nipples, Naruto came hard inside her. The flow of the stream of cum and the pressure on her nipples brought her over the edge too, as she found her release too, moaning hysterically due to the overloading pressure inside her body. Once their orgasms died down, Naruto pulled out of her crevice. Some of their juices flowed out onto the table beneath her and Kushina turned quickly to drink them all. She motioned for Naruto to come closer, holding his member in one hand and licking the remaining cum from his member.

Once she was satisfied, she let go of his member. However, Naruto's lips soon found hers for a brief kiss before he pulled back."Sorry, dear but I gotta go now! Mikoto promised to train me with the Sharingan." Seeing the little frown forming on her face, he added."Don't worry. You are still the best." Kushina smiled brightly and smirked. "Flattery will not get you anywhere. However, it does sound good." Naruto rubbed his hand on the back of his head and teleported away.

(Mikoto's House)

"Are you ready, Naruto?" Mikoto asked, all business-like. "Yes Sensei!" Mikoto smiled at him and pumped chakra to her eyes. "Sharingan!" Immediately, her eyes turned red, with three black tomoe arranged in a circle. Naruto was awestruck. He was finally going to learn to control the Sharingan!Sensing his glee, Mikoto said, "Now you try that." Soon glee was replaced by a confused look. "How do I do that? I pumped chakra in my eyes already, but it won't activate!" Naruto frowned. Mikoto closed in on him and held her right hand to his cheek. "Now now, Naruto. Sharingan is always activated by a very strong emotion, either a happy one or a sad one. Can you think of one?" Naruto nodded and tried again, focusing hard on his special memory. "Sharingan!" he said. He waited for a few moments before asking, "Did it work?" Mikoto lightly shook her head."Sadly, it didn't. What did you think about?"

"Getting the Konoha headband," he replied. Mikoto chuckled and added, "You will have to try better than that!" Naruto pondered for a while, thinking of the strongest emotion he could muster. His memory was full of very strong emotions, the sad ones dominating the happy ones. However, one particular emotion stood above all else. "I would like to give it another go. This feels like the right one to me," he stated.

"Very well, Naruto. Let's have it!" Concentrating the chakra in his eyes one more, he shouted. "Sharingan!" At first, nothing happened. "Maybe, the Sharingan is not meant for me."He grimaced at the thought. All of a sudden, his vision became clearer. He could count the flutter of the wings of a fly one the opposite end of the room. He faced Mikoto and saw her awestruck expression."Naruto...!" The words would not escape her mouth as she pointed towards the mirror to his right.

Naruto shifted to his right and faced the full-length mirror. "It's all the same," he was thinking, until his gaze fell upon his eyes. The cerulean blue of his eyes had been replaced with the blood-red Sharingan, having two tomoe each. "Oh my god!" Naruto was dumb struck. He had actually succeeded in activating the Sharingan! He turned around to face an amused Mikoto. "Well done, Naruto. You actually managed to activate the Sharingan. Most of our clansmen could not activate it in the first go. Only a select few did." She moved towards him and gave him aslight peck on the lips.

"That must have been one hell of an emotion. Care to share?" Naruto shifted awkwardly on his feet, lowering his gaze. His cheerful expression had become dismal all of a sudden. Mikoto placed her hands on his broad shoulders and added, "You can tell me, Naruto."

Deciding to comply with her request, Naruto started. "I thought about Sasuke. Just before he went in pursuit of Madara alone, risking his life for the sake of Konoha, he had held me tight and said, 'Thank you for everything, Naruto. You really are my true friend.' In the end, I could not save my friend. Seeing his bloodied shirt had nearly broken my spirit. However, I continued to fight, lest his sacrifice be wasted. In the end, we won. Everyone calls me the hero of Konoha, when actually it was Sasuke who had sacrificed the most that day. For me, he is one of the greatest shinobi to have ever lived."

Naruto ended his little speech, tears straining to escape his eyes. Mikoto's eyes had welled up too, tears escaping her eyes and streaking her face. Seeing the anguish in her eyes, Naruto held her in a hug, holding her tightly in his arms. Mikoto seemed to take comfort from his bear hug and pressed her hands on his back. Both of them stayed like that for a while, until Naruto captured her lips in a passionate kiss. Mikoto seemed to revel in his kiss, forgetting all of her sorrows. Nothing mattered at that moment. It was just Naruto and she and she could stay like that forever.

Both of them broke the kiss for need of air and Naruto looked deep into her eyes. "I promise I will never let anyone hurt you, my love. It is the least that I could do for Sasuke. I will always love you, Mikoto." Mikoto smiled at the blonde, her mind filled with love and gratitude for the blonde. Both of them stayed standing there, embracing each other and loving the warmth radiating from their bodies. Neither of them said another word. There was no need...

(2 Weeks later)

"Not bad, Naruto," Mikoto smiled at the blonde. He had perfected the use of Sharingan in such a short period of time, using his shadow clones to boost the process. Naruto could also keep the Sharingan activated for very long, owing to his massive chakra reserves. "No doubt the Uchiha were arrogant. This is totally awesome!" he mused.

"Would you like to give the Mangekyou Sharingan a shot?" Mikoto asked, earning a loud gasp from Naruto. "What's wrong, Naruto?" Naruto's expression still hadn't changed. "What are you talking about?" Naruto said. "You know how much I hate killing, right? And I could never think about harming a friend of mine, let alone kill them!" Mikoto was confused at his outburst. "Who said anything about killing?" Naruto answered awkwardly. "Well, from what I have heard, aperson must kill his best friend to activate the Mangekyou Sharingan. Isn't that right, Mikoto?"

Seeing her amused expression, Naruto asked. "What is it? Did I say something wrong?" Mikoto chuckled lightly. "Naruto this is completely untrue! To activate the Mangekyou, the user must experience a very strong emotion. It has to be stronger than the Sharingan to work." Naruto could think of nothing stronger than the earlier emotion and sighed. "I guess, the simple Sharingan will have to do. I can't think of anything stronger, for now."

Mikoto kissed him lightly on his cheek and said, "Don't worry, Naruto. You have done so well already. You will get there too, I can promise you that." Naruto smiled brightly at her encouraging words and resolved to activate the Mangekyou one day. Mikoto saw the determination in his eyes and knew that he would succeed eventually.

"Shouldn't you go home now, Naruto? Kushina would be getting concerned. Not that I mind you being here, of course." Naruto smirked at her and replied, "Well I have been visiting her daily. See, using the Flying Thunder god jutsu, I can teleport home in a second. However, today Iplan to spend the night with my favorite sensei." Mikoto blushed hard in anticipation of what was to come. Surely they had been having sex daily but it was always better than the last one. She knew tonight was going to be special, if Naruto's expression told her anything. Naruto closed in on her, lifted her bridal-style in his strong arms and asked, "You ready?" Mikoto just nodded and they both teleported to her bedroom. The steamy night was spent in giggles, moans and groans as the two lovers made out the whole night, sleeping together until both of them were completely spent...

(Kyuubi's Chamber)

"Well done, Naruto! I am impressed with your progress. You are on the right path!" Naruto's face held an annoyed expression. The Kyuubi had been choosing the worst times to summon him to her chambers. "Stupid fox" he thought. "Do you always call me here just before I am about to go to bed?" Kyuubi smirked mischievously and replied, "Oh let me think! It's probably because you are the laziest person on the world. Almost two months have passed and you haven't acquired the Byakugan yet."

Naruto was completely annoyed now. "So you want me to break into the Hyuuga clan, guarded by the elite guards, sneak into Hinata's bedroom and offer her to make out with me. Is that what you want?" Naruto must have missed Kyuubi's surprised look but her words were completely opposite of what he had expected. "Well, if you think about it, it sounds pretty good. Use your abilities and make it happen." Before Naruto could reply, Kyuubi sent him back to the real world. His mind had just one last thought, before he fell asleep. "I swear this damn vixen is trying to get me killed!"

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