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taehyung focus
jungkook stares back at taehyung, his eyes wide with surprise.
"u-uh excuse me?" he splutters, cheeks awash with red.

the tips of taehyung's ears turn red with his own embarrassment. "nothing." he replies quickly before turning on the balls of his feet and practically runs for the door.

"hey! wait!" jungkook calls with pained desperation on his voice — it was enough to make taehyung halt in his tracks, glancing over his shoulder at the boy.
"don't tell anyone please. d–do you want anything? anything to keep your mouth shut?" jungkook swallows.

once again, taehyung speaks without thinking (there's must be something up with his brain to mouth coordination today),
"how about you sleep with me?"

"... huh?" jungkook's face turns blank but taehyung immediately turns bright red, embarrassment coursing throughout his body.

"no no, it's not like that. ah, never mind!" taehyung leaves the bathroom before jungkook could ask what he'd meant.

what the hell was i thinking, saying that?


"hey!" taehyung stops, turning to see who was calling him. school ended five minutes ago and taehyung was heading out to the school's gates.
taehyung, glancing over his shoulder, finds out that the voice belonged to none other than: porn magazine boy— sorry; jeon jungkook.

not you again.
taehyung turns away and continues to walk, just a little bit faster. although, he hears footsteps fast approaching, causing him to frown slightly.

"oh my god," he says under his breath before swivelling round and signing out a, "what do you want?" he bores his unimpressed expression onto jungkook who gulps, eyes darting away from taehyung.

porn magazine boy is actually quite good looking, taehyung thinks mindlessly as he waits impatiently for the boy to speak up.

"what do you mean you want to sleep with me?" jungkook pants, interrupting taehyung from his thoughts.

"i said never mind — forget what i said." taehyung mutters, shrugging his backpack further up his shoulder.

"do you um, like me? or something?"
taehyung chokes on his spit at this.

"no! i meant that i wanted someone to sleep with, not sexual sleeping. just sleep sleeping."

jungkook blinks at taehyung's words. the older sighs, elaborating further.
"it's 'cause i can't go to sleep alone. i said it without thinking so just, um, forget about it yeah?" taehyung mumbles, ignoring the younger's protests and walking away from the boy.

"wait! why can't you sleep? just try counting sheep or something!" jungkook yells after him. taehyung rolls his eyes, of course he already tried counting sheep, he tried listening to white noise, drinking warm milk before bed — he tried everything and still, he couldn't go to sleep.

rolling his eyes, taehyung ignores him but the younger seems determined as he stumbles after the older, asking him questions about his inability to sleep whilst taehyung continued to disregard the boy.

"fine. what's your address then?"
this has taehyung halting in his tracks.


"your address," jungkook gnaws at his lip, "so i can come over tonight."

is actually going to sleep with me?

"we're just sleeping in the same bed together, right? if that's the case then tell me your address. i can do it."

"uh. okay, if you're sure about it." taehyung frowns.
hey, who knows, maybe jungkook could solve his sleeping problem?


it was 10:05pm when jungkook gingerly steps into taehyung's driveway. he presses his thumb against the doorbell, ringing once and then twice. he can hear feet pattering against stairs and then the click of a lock before the door opens to reveal taehyung's face.

"hey, are you really gonna do this because i already said i won't tell anyone about the magazines." the latter asks, opening the door a little wider.

"im sure — you're keeping your mouth shut so ill help you with something."

"okay then." taehyung breaths out.

". . . so are we gonna sleep together or what?"

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