Chapter 16. Edited.

Cameron P.O.V.

I listened at the door as she shut the door and drove away.

''Cameron'', A voice called from the house.

''Yes it's me'', I shouted back sighing and walking towards the kitchen.

Mom was standing by the back door. ''What did you tell Kira?'', She asked.

''I told her I had Leukemia'', I said.

''Did you tell her how you already went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and didn't tell me. How you knew there was something wrong this long'', She turned around crying.

''How..?'', I asked.

She held the phone up in the air. ''The doctor rang. He said the test results are back'', She said angrily.

''What's the result'', I asked distracted.

''He didn't want to say over the phone, we have to go there first thing in the morning'', She said sitting down at the table and laying her head on her folded arms. ''This is killing me'', She said putting her hand to her heart.

''I know'', I whispered and I went over and hugged her. I rubbed her back and whispered ''It will be OK'' into her shoulder as she cried on my shoulder.

''What would I do without you Cam'', She said smoothing down my hair.

''You would do better'', I whispered.

She grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me back away. ''You listen to me Cameron Paige. You mean the world to me, through the good times and the bad times I have always loved you'', She said burning me with her intense glare. ''You know'', She began holding back the tears.

''When your Father died he said to me ''Baby, Cameron's going to be someone special, he is going to be big. Baby, never let him stop dreaming, never let yourself stop dreaming. Whenever he is down tell him to put himself in someone else's shoes and try and walk a mile in them and then he will be, he will be who he needs to be'', Mom said crying now. ''Your Dad died when you were 5. Just after you had been to the hospital with pains for the first time. He believed in you then and I believe in you now'', She said pulling my back into a hug.

''I love you Mom'', I whispered.

''More than my own life'', She whispered back. ''Honey'', She said.

''Yes'', I replied.

She pulled back from my hug.

''Honey you smell funky'', She said scrunching up her nose.

''Thanks Mom'', I said getting up kissing her on the forehead and went to the bathroom to get rid of my ''Funky'' smell before the party.

That, I was going to.

Kira P.O.V.

I pulled up outside the house. A sense of relief washed over me as I thought back to the fact me and Cameron were now friends and I was going to help him through this. I couldn't take too long for him to get better. Milo's car was in the yard, but yet from the exterior there seemed to be no sign of life. I hopped out of the car not bothering to lock it. I walked slowly to the front door. It opened with a loud squeak.

''Hello'', I said closing the door behind me.

''In here'', Johnnies voice came from the sitting room. His voice always brought a smile to my face.

''Coming'', I said back skipping into the sitting room.

Johnny was sitting in my chair with a smile plastered across his face. ''Miss me'', I said holding my hands behind my back and swaying like a child.

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