That cold day

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     He was dead... I mean, he was dead! You don't know what it's like! It's gut renching, imagine this... Your very best friend (crush) in the world, ran around some flowing crystal like an idiot, and died.

Yeah, it sucks.

That's how Dick felt...

The Ebony whimpered. He was cuddled up agents the couch, wrapped in a blanket, his sunglasses sitting on the table. It was the same day. His best friend, his first actual love, was dead... He had to keep telling himself that, he wasn't used to it, he didn't understand. He looked down, seeing a magazine on the floor; "Hey Wally! You forg-" that's when Dick broke down. Tears streamed down his face and sobs echoed agents the walls.

He shouldn't be doing this, he was nightwing, but not just nightwing, he was he teams leader, he wasn't a sidekick anymore, he shouldn't be huddled up in a pathetic ball, complaining about something that didn't even care about him. He sniffles, remembering what happened beforehand...

"Dick! You blew up the cave!" Wally shouted, their argument enhancing. Dick said things, Wally said things, it was war.

"Listen, I'm sorry you lost all your stupid souvenirs!" Dick bellowed.

"Are you serious?! I don't care about that! I care about y- Artemis! You could of killed Artemis!" Wally looked away, his face heating up.

"She's an adult, she decided she'd do this, neither of us have any say..." Sick tried to calm down, attempting to bring Wally with him.

"Your our leader! You should get your head out of your ass, and start acting like one!" They store at each other, Grinding their teeth before Dick finally said; "This conversation is over, I thought you where my friend."

Wally winced, wanting to say something else, but as choked up by oncoming tears. Once the Ebony left the room, Wally muttered something; "Dude... You have no idea... How I feel..."

Dick sniffles again. That was the last thing he said to Wally. They had an argument. He wiped his cheeks, trying to dry them. The last thing he said, was that Wally wasn't his friend. He felt heartbroken, devistated. He couldn't believe he brought himself to say that to him.

Then he heard footsteps; "Nightwing?"

He looked up, behind the couch to see Artemis. He didn't even care if they saw his eyes anymore; "Y-yes...?" He had to say in a whisper so his voice wouldn't crack,mcausing him to cry more.

"I miss him to..." She whispered, sitting down next to him, her eyes shallow, like a kicked puppy; "I miss him so much!" Her eyes pricked with tears; "He's gonna miss out on so much!" Throbs took over, causing her to not be able to speak.

"...I know... He was my best friend sense I can remember..." He murmured, letting the tears come.

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