Blurb - Volume 1

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Blurb of She's The Girl Volume 1 published under Viva Psicom.

Lhaine Lee Ramos had just adjusted to a new life after her Nana died a year ago. Now, she must face another sudden change in her life. Her world flipped 360 when she found out that her Nana wasn’t a blood relative at all and that she was being forced out of her current house. Isang mag-asawa ang lumapit sa kanya at ipinaalam ng mga ito ang buong katotohanan tungkol sa pagkatao niya. The couple offered her a home. They also wanted her to know her deceased parents through them. Hindi iyon naging madali sa kanya dahil magiging housemate niya ang classmate, seatmate, at study partner niyang si RyanLee Sanchez. What’s worse is that their personalities clashed.

Both Lhaine and Ryan tried to understand sach other’s mood and personality but they can’t seem to meet halfway. Will they ever like each other?


NOTE: Chapters 1-3 were retained here on Wattpad as a teaser.

She's the Girl is now PUBLISHED UNDER VIVA PSICOM. There will be THREE VOLUMES.
VOLUME 1: P 175.00
VOLUME 2: Not yet released
VOLUME 3: Not yet released

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