Survival Part 2

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11th September 2016 3:30 pm

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Norleenah's POV...

I don't know how much time has passed since I was attacked, nor do I know anything much about the man who saved me.

I only know that I wasn't feeling much pain. At least I didn't until I tried to move, that is. Then I felt it all.

I was trying to lay there very still and take stock of my current circumstances. And since I like to make lists to help me keep organised, I thought I'd do the same thing for right now.

I was laying on something rock hard. So I can rightly assume I'm not in a bed.

I can smell what I think is a fire that is burning wood not too far from me since I can hear the sound of the wood crackling as it burns. Another reason to believe that I'm not in a bedroom with proper heating.

With my eyes only being able to open in slits at the moment, I think that I am laying on the ground in a cave somewhere.

That only confirmed that I wasn't in a bed.

And if I moved my head a little and looked through my eyes while blinking so I could get use to the light outside the cave, I could tell that it was lightly raining outside.

That would account for the fresh smell of rain I was smelling at the moment. Hence, the reason why I am not in a bed.

But I decided to look around the cave very carefully to see if it was one of my own that I visit frequently used when I wanted to get away from my family.. and it was.

It was actually one of the caves that the others didn't know about that was well and truly away from the estate, or the compound as others call it. I wondered how the man found it when even I didn't know it existed until a year or so ago.

Then I heard some sounds coming from outside that were getting closer and closer which sounded like footsteps that were clambering across hard rock.

That I could understand since this cave was up above ground level and you needed to climb over a fair few rocks to get here. Then I noticed that the sounds stopped for a moment before I saw a shadow looming at the front of the cave.

I could just see the bush again.

The bush which I understood to be a camouflage cover that nearly matched the bush we were in. I noticed he was holding something and a moment later he threw it onto the small fire he had burning away.

" I hope it tastes good." I whispered out to him after beginning to sniff the air which was rapidly filling the the smell of cooked meat.

I didn't get a response back from him. But that didn't matter.

He saved my life from those dogs attacking me. And even if I survived those dogs, I was very doubtful that I would have survived my brothers appearance not too long after that.

"Thank you for saving me." I whispered again to him as I watched him crouch near the fire and warm his hands before bringing them up to cup his mouth and blow on them.

Seeing him do that was telling me that he wasn't a local, but then I already knew that anyway. He would have been too scared of my family to jump in and kill the dogs like he did.

"Thankyou for helping me." I also whispered when I didn't get any kind of response except to watch him flip over whatever it was that he had cooking.

"You can build the fire up a little more. No one will see or smell it." I said to him, just a little louder which had his head move slightly as he considered doing what I suggested.

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