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t h r e e m o n t h s l a t e r
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"dude you need to go outside, stop moping over michael. i know he was your 'one true love' or whatever, but you can't just leave everyone because of one person," calum said, luke looked up at the raven head with his dull, blue eyes. luke didn't say a word, so he just nodded. he got up, not bothering to change into a different–better–outfit.

"please just try to have fun, i'm your best friend, i care about you a lot. i just want you to be happy," calum pleaded.

luke looked over at his worried friend, "i'll try," he mumbled. his throat burned since he hasn't talked for the last 3 months.

calum curled his lips into a smile, "i'm so proud of you."

luke looked at his best friend in confusion, "why are you proud of me?"

"it's just that, you've been through so much and you're still alive. you're such a strong person and i know that you can go through this," calum said, causing the blond boy to curl his lips into a small smile.

"thanks," luke mumbled. calum obviously didn't expect luke to talk too much since he hasn't talking for a long time excluding just now.

"c'mon, let's go to the mall. don't wanna go to a club," calum said, taking out his hand for luke to hold. the blond boy held onto calum's hand and they both walking outside and into calum's car. "i already told your mum that i'm gonna take you out so don't worry."

luke nodded and looked out the window. he was going out for the first time in 2 months. the last time he when out, he drank, a lot. he was sad, he missed michael, so all he did was walk to the nearest club and had fun. he didn't wake up in a bed with a girl, he woke up in his room, guessing that calum found him and brought him home.

he wasn't very excited. he didn't want to go outside, but he wanted to make his best friend happy so he did. luke never liked making calum sad, it was always a horrible sight to see. once he saw calum cry, he would cry himself. he couldn't control it, he just got so easily sad.

"you'll have the best time ever, don't worry luke," the raven head said, patting on luke's shoulder. luke slowly nodded, still looking out the window.

but what luke didn't know was that calum would give luke little glances because calum was so damn in love with him.

tHAT WAS THE EPILOGUE. i hope y'all liked the story, i can't believe it ended already. it's my first book that i ever finished are y'all proud of me

reply to this if u want a sequel bc i already have the whole sequel in my head. if no one says anything i'll make a sequel anyway soz.

love y'all


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