Chapter 53: The Journal

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Chapter 53 WOOOTTT.

Ok my lovelies! I hope you liked the last chapter, so let me know what you think about this one.

Song of the chapter is "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield.



There was something wet on my belly.


It tingled like electric feather fingers as it spread over the gashes that had been left on my skin. Gashes from animals that my beast and I were ready to put down, and put down soon.

A rush.

I fluttered my eyes open in the room lit only by the light glowing from the television. My body tingled again, causing me to let out a pleased sigh. I sucked in a breath and looked down at my belly, my belly that Ethan was currently licking at.

He was slowly licking across my belly at the third gash that ran from my hip bone to just above my navel. His scruff tickled my skin as flames from his tongue erupted over me.

The pull licked its lips.

He flickered his eyes up to me. Desire. They were dancing with animalistic desire and lust that pulled hard at me. It made my body feel a heat and a need that was getting harder and harder to deny. A need that made me feel damp and dewy for him.

His beast seemed to like this he rumbled approvingly then licked his way back down the gash. The gash that ironically felt amazing. It was being bathed in tendrils of pleasure that made me want to clench my thighs to hide the dampness and scent of desire pouring from me.

But he was hungry.

He slowly kissed his way down to the top of my boxers, letting his fingers rub over my thighs before he kissed along the edge of the line. I sucked in a breath as he wrapped one arm around my thigh then nipped teasingly at my skin.

His other hand reached for the other end of my boxers and started to tug. It was agonizingly slow. Slow and torturous as it made my heart thump as the pull seemed to flip over and over in excitement.

"What are you doing?" I breathed out.

He looked up at me as he pulled the rest of my boxers down with a devious grin. "A surprise sunshine."

I sucked in a breath as he kissed his way back down, until he kissed me there. I felt the pull light up with the rest of my body as he continued to move his tongue slowly over me, memorizing every line of the area.

My body was humming in pleasure and I wasn't sure if there was any turning back now, I don't think my self-control or resolve was strong enough. He rumbled and sent vibrations over my body that only made me arch my back and let out a soft moan.

He looked to me again a little wickedly while he wetted two fingers in his mouth. I bit back a moan as the sight, the sight that was so damn erotic; it seemed to freeze my body as I watched him carefully. I couldn't pull my eyes away if I wanted to.

I felt his fingers enter me and start to reach at a place that was tight with need. He moved them until he found the area he was looking for, then moved them a little faster.

Waves of pleasure crashed into me. Waves that yanked me forward with his name on my tongue. Waves that woke me up to the reality that I was in.

I blinked my eyes open to a dark room lit by the glow of the television. My body was hot, flushed, and wanton. I let out a labored breath and looked around.

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