Chapter 13 - The Fresh Hell & The Old...

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When I woke my head filled with images of the night before. Adrian's body, bare, against mine with only a thin film of sweat between us. The blood in my veins catching fire as he delved deeper into me and the icy blue of his eyes faded into a hazy entourage of dreams.

I stretched out on the lush sheets of Adrian's very own bed leisurely. Only to groan when I arose to slide down onto my feet.

Hurriedly, I pulled on a fresh sun dress that Adrian had obviously picked out for me and wiggled into the smooth material, white and luminescent.

The massive doors barricading me inside Adrian's private quarters screeched as I freed myself and pranced into the elegant hall of the castle.

"You fucked my wife! Prey tell, what part of that is forgivable?"

Woah... Unmistakably Adrian... Was he talking to Seth?!

"Ex wife, Brother." Seth's rich voice countered. "C'mon, I've had better. I mean I was good, she was terr-"


"What the bloody hell, Adri-!?" Seth hissed.

"I've had better, brother, and I may forgive you but I forget nothing. Stay away from Kora or I will cut out that putrid mass you call a heart and serve it to you."

"Fool me once, right?" Seth chuckled unfazed by Adrian's gruesome threat.

"You're the only fool here, Seth." Adrian hissed.

"'Xcuse me..." I called as I made my way into the study where the two brothers faced off.

"Good morning, Love." Adrian beamed. "Been up long?" He smiled a million-dollar-smile and pulled me into his arms tightly.

"Ugh, oh no. Not at all, just got up actually." I fumbled.

Adrian's blue eyes implored me gently. "Oh? Sleep well?"

"Mhmm, just a little stiff." I shrugged and Adrian grinned devilishly. "Mhmm, me as well, Love." He purred and kissed my lips sensually, biting teasingly as he rolled his tongue over my bottom lip. I couldn't stop the blush creeping over my features.

"Ugh, hello!" Seth chimed in and Adrian shot him a look of utter fury. I, on the other hand, only stared down to the exquisite tiles of the study floor, embarrassment anchoring my gaze. "Still here." He added dryly.

"Sorry..." I breathed.

This only sent Adrian's glowering gaze blaring down on me rather than his oddly-never-unsettled-brother. "Don't apologize for me in my own home, Koraline." Adrian said firmly.

"Sorry, I-" I stuttered.

Adrian stopped me with one even look. "And don't apologize for yourself either. This is your home as well mine." He amended and his sternness softened as he gently placed a kiss on the tip of my nose. "You're better than that, Mi Carissime."

"Me Chris what?" I tried and failed in epic proportions to reiterate what he had said.

"My Precious One." He smiled warmly and tugged me by the hand as he made his way to his desk. I could hear Seth making gagging sounds as sat down and pulled me onto his lap with ease and held me there stroking the length of my golden locks thoughtfully. "Do you like that?" He finally asked.

"It's flattering." I admitted, flustered a bit despite myself at Adrian's open displays of affection.

"Hate to interrupt," Seth cut into Adrian's reverie. "but your um witch-servant thing, whatever the bloody hell it is, just brought this to the door for you." He said as he tossed Adrian an antique looking scroll of parchment paper that reminded me faintly of something a king would send. The fact that it harbored an elegant lighting bolt on its' seal only strengthened my comparison.

"She's my loyal servant." Adrian chastised Seth, giving him an unsavory look as he opened the letter. The expression on his face was unreadable as he scrutinized the words there with a fierceness that made his pale eyes shine bright.

"Well, you gonna stare at it forever or are you going to tell us what the damn thing says?"

Adrian looked up and his beautiful face was fraught with solemn warning.

"Enzo has officially declared war on us." Adrian said finally. "Along with every other God in his allegiance. Looks like you got what you wanted after all Seth." Adrian said dryly.

"Fuck." Seth hissed.

Fuck! I screamed inwardly.

It was a thought, a cry in the confines of my mind, when my lips weren't as bold as Seth's or Adrian's. 

Images of the mass of Gods in the bowels of Enzo's ballroom flooded my mind. All fierce and deadly. Not as fierce as deadly as the dueling brother's before me but they were infinite, countless. Could even Adrian handle such Hell?

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