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My wound is still in pain but I have to go up to that Grounder. I don't exactly trust anyone in this camp to do a job correctly, besides myself. And Clarke.

Clarke. The way she hugged me made everything feel okay again. Like I hadn't been stabbed, like I hadn't shot the Chancellor, like she isn't in love with Finn. For a moment, it was only us, and it had been perfect.

Then Finn came in and I was reminded of reality. The reality is that Clarke wants him, not me. She may be mad at him, but anyone with a brain can see it, if they see they way they look at each other.

I ignore both of them and get off of the operating table.

"Bellamy, you were just stabbed," Clarke says, tugging my wrist as I walk towards the ladder. "You need to rest."

"Clarke, I can't rest until I go up there," I tell her, putting a foot on the ladder.

"I'm coming with you, then," she says, standing behind me. She turns to face Finn. "And you're not."

I grunt then climb up the ladder, her following me. When we get up there, I see the Grounder, awake and standing up, his hands and feet chained to the wall.

Miller and two other guys are sitting around, obviously waiting for me. "Okay, boys, I'll take it from here," I say, walking towards the Grounder.

"No!" I hear Octavia cry. I spin around. She's at the other end of the room, chained just like the Grounder.

I turn to Miller. "Why did you chain my sister?" I ask aggressively.

"She was protesting, fighting," Miller replies. "We didn't have a choice."

I go over to her and free her hands and feet. She doesn't even look at me, just runs over to the Grounder, and stands in front of him.

"You can't hurt him," she says to me.

"Octavia, we're just going to ask him some questions," I tell her, walking closer to him.

"Let him go," Octavia says, her eyes stern.

"Bellamy," I hear Clarke say. I turn around to look at her. She's still standing by the ladder. "Don't do this," she says. "We should just let him go, he acted in self-defense."

"I shot him by accident," I snarl at her, then look in his eyes. "He stabbed me on purpose."

"Lincoln didn't know!" Octavia shouts. "He doesn't deserve this, he saved my life!"

"What?" I ask. "When?"

"A few days ago, I was wandering in the forest, I tripped and was knocked out. I would have been hurt by the other Grounders if I had been left there, he took my away and fixed my leg, which had gotten cut." She pulls up her pant leg to reveal a fresh scar.

"Octavia, he could be a trap. You have to be smarter than that," I say, raising my voice.

"You have to be more human than that!" she yells back at me.

I think about her words. "No." Her face falls. I sling her over my back, and even though she hits and kicks me like a child, I put her back where she was before, and chain her arms up. "I'm sorry, O," I say to her tear-streaked face.

"No, you're not," she splutters.

I'm walking back to the Grounder when Clarke grabs my arm. "You're not the only one running this show," she tells me under her breath. "I get it, it's personal because of Octavia, but we're both the leaders. So if you want to interrogate him, we're doing this my way."

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