Chapter Ten

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There, Chapter Ten!

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Wednesday morning it was Elliot and Missy together who picked me up. Eliza saw and she scowled but she said nothing.

As I dropped my overnight bag on the backseat beside me Elliot winked at me through the mirror, 'I thought I'd drive, so I can take that bag straight home. How are you Amy?'

'I'm alright Elliot, you?'

He smirked and then cast a look at Missy who was fiddling with her make up bag. 'I've never been so happy in my life. I never thought it would happen to me but...' he shrugged his shoulders. 'I'm glad it did.'

When we arrived at school Missy turned around in her seat, 'Come on, I'll work my magic on that hickey again. That way you don't have to wear that shirt, must be really hot.'

I nodded in relief but just as I was about to pull down the collar of the turtleneck shirt I was wearing Eliza sauntered into sight. She was fast approaching the car... What was she up to?

Missy saw my look and nodded, 'I'll do it during lunch in the bathroom. Come on Amy,' then the girl climbed out of the car, after kissing Elliot.

Eliza watched us walk into school, a curious look on her face that told me she wasn't going to let this be. Obviously she thought I was up to something and she was determined to find out what, and if she couldn't find out she'd just make sure I was in so much trouble I couldn't do it anyway.

During first period Mr. Reynolds, our grizzled teacher kept casting me curious looks. It was almost as if he could see the hickey on my neck straight through the fabric of my shirt. Already I felt extremely warm and uncomfortable.

Missy cast me a mischievous look when she said goodbye to me in the hall but no nasty surprises awaited me during second period. Jake didn't talk much as was usual but he cast me a warm look.

Eliza on the other hand stirred her minions up into a frenzy, so that they all started taunting me with the too warm shirt. It was annoying more then anything but still I was rather frustrated by the end of the period.

I stalked all the way to third where I planned on giving Nathaniel a piece of my mind. Of course when I got there I realized I couldn't very well do that with the entire class room present...

I sat down in the back next to Missy, glowering at him and glaring every time he turned to smirk at me. The exchange didn't go unnoticed to the rest of the class, especially not to Eliza. It wasn't fair that for a stereotype slutty blonde bitch she was pretty smart.

Nathaniel didn't come near me at all and despite my anger I noted that the physical tension was building again. How unfair! I wanted to be furious with him for forcing me to wear the stupid turtleneck! Yet most of the time all I could think about was kissing him like yesterday... Feeling his body pressed against mine.

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