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Move right.
Kick low left.
Kick high right.
Then punch right.


Knock out.

"And your undefeated fighter! BONES!" The announcer said while grabbing my right arm and lifting it up over my head.

I nodded and looked at the crowd with a blank face, my lips were in a thin line. I got out of the ring and walked to the bar where the bidders bid off of me.

"Here you go big man. Tell your mom I said hi." Steve said.

He's been working here ever since I started to fight. That was when I was 12. I'm 22. He knew about my mother's condition, he knows that's the reason I fight and why I'm part of a gang and sell drugs. I do it all for my ma. She needs a heart transplant, but we don't have enough money for it. I've been working my way up to help her get it done. She's in the hospital and they take care of her. I go there every night and deliver whatever I have from the gang or my fight.

I gave Steve a quick nod and hurried out. I grabbed my black hoodie from my duffle bag and quickly put it on, but when I was putting my head through the hole I bumped into something. I thought it was a wall, but I heard it speak?

I quickly put my head through the hole and saw I knocked some girl on the ground. I just looked at her not offering a hand.

"Fuck. Watch where you're going!" She said while getting up. I couldn't see that well because of the night, but she was short compared to me. Like a good 6 in. I was 6'3 1/2" and she was like 5'9".

"Me? I was putting on a sweater, if you didn't see that. So you should watch where you're going."

"Who puts a sweater while walking?" She said while fixing her bag on her shoulder.

"Obviously me."

"Well... Don't."

"Who are you bossing people around miss shorty?"

"I'm not short. You're just a fucking giant! And I wasn't bossing you around I was just giving you an opinion."

"Well don't. And what are you doing walking around this late at night next to alleys?" I said while putting the cash in my duffle bag.

"Well I heard people yelling and cheering and I knew it was a fight and I've always wanted to see a street fight."

I looked up and saw she was staring right up to me. Then I shook my head.

"No you don't."

"What? Of course I do."

"No. No you don't. There's all kinds of trouble there and you can get into deep shit so stay out of it."

"How do you know. Huh? You fight or what."

"Yes." She looked surprised, then changed it to a smirk.

"Then I will support you." She said while standing on her toes and putting her hands to her hips.

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