Playing The Player (13)

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Hello my lovely book nuggets! Things are just getting interesting, so please continue to read. I apologize for the super slow updates, things have been hectic.

Thank you all for being so patient. Now, enough chit chat. Let's move on with the story. Also, please excuse any mistakes. This chapter is unedited.


I dread going to the party. Actually no, I downright hate the whole idea of going to the party. Especially after what happened last time.

You're doing this for a reason, Val.

I curse my thoughts, because they're right. They're always right.

This party could be just the thing to get Jaxton right where I want him. Drunk and more susceptible to my borderline hostile charm.

I dress to kill tonight, with a tight black dress that reaches just past my backside and a matching pair of black heels. I've never worn something this daring, this revealing, and I admit I feel a bit uncomfortable. But, it grips to my form perfectly and right now, that is all that matters.

I keep my make-up to a minimum, only applying the basics that include eyeliner and mascara. My lips, being lush, require no further help. When I'm sure that I look so hot that I consider saying screw it and just date myself, I prepare to go pick up Alaina.

I swipe the keys to my lotus off my dresser and make my way down the stairs as quickly as I can in these T&F heels. What might T&F mean exactly? Trip and fall. Because in these heels, I will most likely... Well trip and fall. Clever, I know.

As soon as I open my front door, I'm faced with two arguing boys and one hot booty god.

"I can drive you know!" Grin cries, while Jaxton looks at him incredulously.

"The huge scratch on the side of my car say otherwise, you dipshit," Jaxton shoots back.

"It's not my fault! I didn't see that stupid pole!"

"You mean the bright neon yellow one? Cuz I swear people from outer space probably could."

My eyes connect with Maddox's who is already staring at me, something unreadable in his eyes. For the first time in a long while, I feel the heat of a blush creep up my cheeks. And why? Because I feel hella uncomfortable in this dress that suddenly feels too tight and too short.

I'm cursing myself so profusely in my mind that I don't even notice that Grin and Jaxton have stopped arguing and now stare at me with their jaws dropped.

Grin nudges Jaxton, "Dude, I think we have the wrong house, cuz that definitely doesn't look like Val."

Jaxton ignores him to continue his gawking and I clear my throat.

"Boys, something I can help you with?" I say.

Maddox continues staring at me in that intense way that makes my skin tingle and my stomach quiver.

I guess maddox and I hold eye contact for a long while because Jaxton clears his throat and shoves the keys into Maddox's chest a little rougher than what was necessary.

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