Chapter One

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Chapter 1

"Hey, Brooke! Do you mind closing up tonight?" My boss yelled at me, not really asking, more like telling me I was closing up.

"No problem boss." He tossed the keys at me, which I caught, just as he made his way outside to his car.

It was now 8:15, only 45 minutes until I had to close up... However, my boss already left. No one comes into a music store at 8 o'clock at night anyways. He won't know if I close up just a little early.

I bent down to grab my old, worn out, leather book bag and slung it over my shoulder making my way to walk down the cold, dark streets of New York.

My old Doc Martens scuffed across the sidewalk as I rounded the next corner. I decided I'd cut through the park considering my home's backyard backed against the park. The lack of sun made the winds harsh, causing me to shiver and hug my thin coat closer to my body.

I crunched through the fall leaves, stopping to get out my phone, however the crunching and snapping of twigs and leaves didn't stop.


In this area of New York, men like to claim girls.  You might think, 'what do you mean claim girls, they're human beings too?'

Well, these aren't normal guys.

They're criminals.

I' had only ever heard stories about girls being claimed. My easily frightened attitude made it very easy for me to dodge sketchy situations. I typically would get a ride home for work, or drive myself, but tonight's shift was extremely last minute and I wasn't able to plan ahead. The dark trees surrounded me, feeling like a cave with no exit.  My heart beat was able to be heard in my ears as my knees shook due to utter fear.

I shoved my phone back into my bag and made a run for it, not even towards my house anymore, I just ran.

A loud laugh echoed from around my body, and I took a glance back, not seeing anyone. I slowed to a light jog, before stopping, trying to catch my breath.

Well, now I'm lost.  The forest had only one main path, considering there were only a few houses that backed onto it. I had ran in a disoriented fashion, completely leaving the path laid out for me.

I pulled my iPhone back out of it's pocket, quickly typing in the address of my house in the GPS, and attempting to find my way home.

"And what may you be doing out here at this time of night?" A low voice sounded from beside me, causing me to shriek and drop my phone.

Without another thought, I started to run in the opposite direction, but large, hard arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me back into him.  My legs trembled and I found it hard to remain standing, but the man's grip on me was so tight it held me up straight.

"I asked you a question darling." He growled darkly in my ear, his teeth ghosting over the earlobe.

"I-I was coming h-home from work." I answered, shaking furiously as the male tightened his grip.

"Mmmm, I think you'd be better off at my place." He whispered planting a kiss on my neck. This was it, I was about to be claimed.

"N-no." I whimpered struggling to break free, "Leave me alone!" This could not be happening to me. I went nineteen years without being claimed, I wasn't going to let all of that go to waste.

"Don't talk to me that way." He warned, staring to bite and suck.  He was marking me.

"Stop!" I screamed, "Somebody help!"

"Shut up!" The male boomed turning me around to face him. "Don't even think about yelling again or you'll be so fucking sorry."

I slowly nodded my head, and he smiled. "What's your name beautiful?" His voice turned oddly gentle and loving, I knew I was in a terrible situation.

"B-Brooke." I muttered, trying to create space between us.

"Brooke...." He raised his eyebrows hinting for me to continue.

"Brooke Santilli. J-just leave me alone please."

"Now why would I do that," he paused, leaning in so his breath fanned over my lips, "when you're mine?"

My breathing hitched as I struggled in his arms, "I'll call the cops I swear I will!" My parents would not rest until I was found.

"What will they do baby?" He smirked trailing his hands to the hem of my jeans and hooking his fingers in the belt loops.  He tugged me back into his chest before grabbing my arm tightly in his large hand, dragging me out of the park.

How could I be so careless? Allowing myself to walk through an abandoned, dark park so late?  The nineteen years I spent walking on eggshells in this city went to waste for a stupid decision of taking a faster route home. Hot, wet tears streamed down my cheek as my life flashed before my eyes as the man continued to drag me roughly. Every time I tried to rip from his grasp he growled and held on tighter, I could already feel my skin bruising from the pressure.

As he glanced to look back at me I finally got a good look at his face. He had short, light brown hair put up in a quiff with matching brown eyes. He had tattoos everywhere and a few piercings.

After about two minutes we finally reached his car, and he pushed me against the side.

"You're so precious." He whispered, licking his lips excruciatingly slow. "Good thing you're mine now. How did I let you live without me for so long?" This claim was inevitable, he was relentless and I could tell by his aura he was not the type to give up.

I closed my eyes as he pushed his body against mine, wrapping his arms around me.

"Who do you belong to Brooke?" He asked, grinding his hips against mine.

"I don't belong to anyone." I spat, pushing his chest.  I knew I shouldn't have done that, but my ignorant attitude stopped me from giving in to anyone. His eyes went dark with anger, causing my stomach to churn with fear.

"Don't make me angry, darling." He whispered shaking his head at me, "Now, I'm going to ask you one last time, who do you belong to?"

"I don't even know your name." I remarked, inwardly punching myself in the face for being so rude, again. I was just asking to get killed.

"Justin, Justin Bieber."

I gasped, this guy has been all over the news for murders, setting buildings on fire, gang fights and more. He was dangerous, and I was merely a weak teenager.

I gulped, "Yours Justin, I-I'm yours." I realized it was better to obey him and not fuel his anger anymore. My wrist was aching with pain and my chest burned from the tears. I just wanted the pain to go away.

"Fuck, yes you are." He agreed before shoving me in his car.

The drive to his house was silent, eerily silent. We suddenly made a sharp left turn onto a bumpy dirt path.  I had never even noticed a path here, and I could tell it led to an extremely secluded area.

"Wh-where are we going?" I asked quietly, causing him to look over at me.

"My house, babe." I opened my mouth to speak but he interrupted me, "Or shall I say our house now. Because you, my darling," he paused, looking at me with a smirk, "are never, ever leaving me."


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