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So this was it. I was leaving Perth for a small town in Minnesota, America. And boy, I did not like it. My brother Tyde however, loved the idea of moving, no matter the fact he would leave all things familiar.

An announcement was made, asking kindly if everyone on flight 129 would please board so it could leave. So we did. My sister, Sage, couldn't stop texting while boarding. She was probably telling her friend group how much she was going to miss them but how awesome it would be to go somewhere new and make new friends. Where Sage had like, at least fifteen friends, I had about two; Kayla and Kerri. And I had already said my goodbyes to them, promising them that I would Skype them as soon as possible.

After a long day travelling; flying, waiting, flying again, and driving, we finally arrived at our new house. Tyde practically skipped inside from excitement, while Sage seemed to be falling asleep any moment now, and my parents and Steele just slowly walked in, already helping the movers with some boxes. I however, just wanted to go back home. I did not want to leave home. I did not want to stop being homeschooled and start attending high school. All I wanted to do was focus on my music. I had big dreams, big plans and one of them might even become real soon. I had already written two songs for the EP I was planning to bring out, all I had to do was write some more and record. I did not want to have to go to high school. Being homeschooled was fine by me, since we scheduled school and singing and making youtube video's around each other.

But that wouldn't be the case anymore, I thought to myself, about an hour or so later, drifting of to sleep. It would be different now and, being the new kid, the previously homeschooled kid and the pale tall bean I am, I dreaded my high school junior year- which I would start in the middle of the year. Yay.

Okay so that is a thing I just did. It's like 00.34 here and I couldn't sleep so I thought, why not start a Tronnor fanfic. Also, I hope you enjoyed this (crappy) first chapter. Tips are welcome, as are comments. Thanks for reading!

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