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mayahart has began chatting with smileyriley

mayahart: yo

smileyriley: hey

smileyriley: i just found out i'm flying to ny next week for a shoot

mayahart: woah thats what state i live in :O

smileyriley: ooh what part?

mayahart: manhattan but my parents are going to fiji for the next three weeks so i can go anywhere reasonable :P

smileyriley: um, if you feel comfortable maybe we can possibly meet?

mayahart: sure. that'll be wonderful

smileyriley: awesome. i fly in from LA at 7, have a shoot from 9-12, and then maybe we can get lunch or something c:

mayahart: cool. i gtg my friend invited me to chipotle and i cant say no 

smileyriley: haha. bye :)

mayahart: see you tomorrow ;)

really short chapter because i'm excited to write the next one! 

-zoe <3

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