TBNGBWALSP...Chapter Thirty-Eight

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That Butt Naked Godly Being With A Lovely Six Pack.

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"Really! Couldnt he tell her that first! Seriously if I was Correy I would run back to the house that very second, then run right back but with a gallon of  hot peppermint tea and dump it on him. So it wouldn't go to waste and then I would be able to sleep. Who's the big bad wolf now huh Wolfey  : )" -Lillian104

"BROTHER!? YOU MEAN THERE’S ANOTHER!?!? First Hunter. Then SETH (yay!). Now he’s got a brother! And then there’s Nicole’s baby WITH the brother. I hope it’s a boy oh LORDY please let it be a boy! We can add him to our collection of hot, mysterious, and totally sweet werewolves. though from the looks of it, his brother's dead which is slightly depressing with all the hotness and other NONdepressing stuff going on... Hmmm... But we can make up for his absence as long as Seth wouldn't mind sharing himself with all of us for a little reproduction then we can stack the world full of seths and hunters and dead brothers :D I think this might just work." -homi3girl3ll3n

"ok now Seth isnt so much in trouble but I hope that he doesnt say something stupid like he has to take care of the baby and that we find out that her friends bestie is really seths brother" -meanie

"I call dibs. See you coulda told me had a brother.*drops pen* Now I can stop writing death notes to Corey. But Nicole bette watch her back. *looks through binoculars and loads tranquilizing gun* Say  HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND. *__* upload or you'll be next" -dixiepixie

"Hot damn....I thought I was going to have to kick Seth's a**. At least he's not a baby daddy." -lickilexi77

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Previously in Chapter Thirty-Seven:

My heart pounded at his words, my mind instantly connecting him to the baby, even though I had no proof. "Is it..." I began, pausing as I took a deep breath, fighting the tears that wanted to pour from my eyes, "Is it yours?" I whispered softly, my voice so soft,  I was unsure if he actually heard me, my gaze set on the ground, not able to meet his eyes.

Without my knowledge, Seth managed to close the distance between us, and his hand came down softly on my cheek, "Corinne..." He mumbled softly, letting out a soft breath.

"It is, isn't it?" I exclaimed, pulling away from him, a few tears breaking free, and sliding down my cheeks.

Seth managed to grab hold of me once more, and pulled my body close to his, "No Corinne, Nicole is my best friend, I've known her since we were four," He explained quickly, "The baby is my brother's," He told me, softly turning my chin towards him so I would look at him.

Meeting his eyes, I was taken aback by the sadness I saw in the depths of his blue orbs at the mention of the brother I didn't know he had.

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