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1: A Night With Dru

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C H A P T E R  O N E: A Night With Dru

All too quickly the truth is revealed

Lies disseminate, lives fall apart

Whispers linger in the air, heavy and putrid

And then you….you my love stand among all of it.

I hate you….



Let’s just say for the second time that day I was pissed off. Not only had Byron admitted to having sex with my best friend while we were together but he also admitted to possibly being the father of her unborn child. Under normal circumstances I would have shriveled up into a ball and cried myself to sleep in some dusty corner meant for mothballs and brooms. Under pissed off circumstances I kneed him in the balls and called him every filthy name in the book.

College was rough, it was tough, he said, I didn’t know she would be all up on me, he said.

He said, she said.

What bull.

I figured college would be great, he could handle himself away from home. I even thought, gee, I’m glad my best friend goes to school with him, he’ll have a companion while he’s away at school. I even excepted that the relationship had run its course, as I knew it would, we never really meshed that well together and I always felt that he was on the verge of breaking up with me anyway. But with my best friend?

“That bitch.”

A strong surge of anger filled me up to the brim as I threw the green rubber ball I held in my hand against the beige painted wall. It bounced back with great fervor and missed my head by nearly an inch, crashing against the edge of my wooden bedpost instead.

Calm down Tiger.

How many times in one day had he communicated that? Wasn’t he tired of being the good Samaritan? Didn’t he understand that I wanted to be alone, and by alone I meant have him out of my head.

We agreed Dru, pulling my knees to my chest I sighed and rested my head against the wall behind me. My eyes searched for anything that appealed to the senses to rid me of my anxiety and mixed emotions. The ceiling, wooden and beamed always irked me, more so because it revealed too much what me and my familiar were and what we were capable of doing. It was the one part of our home that had never been renovated, because it never needed to be, so there it resided in all of its antiquities reminding us daily of where we came from. Everything else appeared as modern as renovations would allow, the carpet in my room and the other rooms were replaced with wood, red brown wood, embossed to shine greatly when light reflected off its surface. It wasn’t helping my butt at all, in fact I had a major wedgie that I needed to get out and a.s.a.p.

Momentarily torn from the ceiling I focused on rearranging my jeans and panties without Dru noticing the shift in my emotions, he had always been too keen when it came to me. Gah, he was like a dad, except twenty years younger and two times hotter. Smokin really.

You know I can’t do that babe.

“Shit, damnit Dru.” Camouflaging my indecent behavior with feigned anger I quickly pulled at the back of my blue jeans to release me from the discomfort wedged in my rear end.

Panties in a bunch? Drus laughter vibrated in my mind as I sunk against the wall, cheeks heating up in embarrassment once again.

I understood the concept of him being my protector and everything, but couldn’t I get a moment to myself? What if I wanted to go all out, be wild and do some serious damage…

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