Chapter 52: Sunshine

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Ethan snarled viciously. His blood was humming louder now, it was like a fire that was beginning to burn. It reached out to me and it didn't pain my beast, it licked itself over us and soothed our aching skin.

"Ethan," I whimpered out.

He let out a sharp breath and looked around. "I will find them, I promise I will find them and tear them up, well up enough for you to finish them." I tried to smile but it made me wince. His chest rumbled as he pulled me into him. "Just hold on, the pack doctor is coming. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I wasn't here."

I whimpered into his chest when feet marched in through the door. Ethan snarled and cradled me into him more while I hissed out at the intruder. "Brother it's me, it's just me," Evan said as calmly as he could. "Shit, what the hell?"

I heard steps walk around before his eyes met mine then Ethan's. He bit back a snarl then looked over at me. "Are you alright little sister."

I nodded. "Ya, I just hurt like hell right now," I replied shakily.

"Evan I want Ryder here now," Ethan ordered. He was trying to stay calm but it was hard for him to hold back the snarl in his voice or the way his blood would spike with fire every now and then. Evan's eyes widened a bit before he flickered his eyes back to me then to Ethan. "I want him and Jake in here. There's no way there isn't a shred of them in here. We find them today."

Evan nodded. "Already linked them they are on their way."

Ethan sighed and turned my face towards him. His wolf was still pacing and snarling in the back of his mind. I knew he wanted out, he wanted blood, but he needed to wait. We would have to wait.

"Tell me what happened, can you tell me?"

"I had just got out of the shower when they jumped on me. There were four. I tried to fight them off but there were too many." I let out a long breath. "They weren't as sick Ethan, these were stronger."

I was stopped when Ethan's chest harshly vibrated. It made me shiver and curl into his arms some more. He let out a labored breath and kissed my hair. "What else?"

"I got my fangs into one of their throats and tore some up pretty good, there has to be blood here. It had to have spilled on the ground. They left but they knew me, they knew who I was," I murmured out.

"What?" Ethan whispered sharply.

"They said 'It's been nice playing with you Thorne.'" A violent growl shook through the room. Evan's eyes widened and filled with fury as he bit back his own violent growl.

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