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This is my first book like comment please

Jason please stop I'm sorry! " Nah bitch see you don't like to listen when I say come home that mean come home now not when you feel like it". This was my life my name is  Brianna Williams 22 years old. I've been with my boyfriend Jason since I was 20 he was nice and caring in the beginning till about 3 months ago he started to beat me I did everything that I could to try and get away but he always always threaten to kill me And my family. I have one close friend name Niesha she's the only one that knows what's going on and tried to help me get away multiple times and Jason hates her that's why I have to go and sneak to see her.

Hey Niesha. Don't hey me he hit you again haven't he?
Yes. I mumbled.
"That's it look you stay with me tonight and I'm not asking I'm telling you. Is he hole right now?"
Good this will be easier lets go we going to the house so you can get your things. I'll follow behind you.

Back at the house

" come on bri hurry up get all your clothes and shoes I get your hygiene products."

Okay I got everything lets go before he gets back.

Niesha house

Come on love lets go out maybe you can find you a lil boo. " Not really up for it tonight". Come on bri stop being down now go take a shower I'll have your clothes laid out  when you get out go up up. "Okay okay I'm going.

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