George x self-harming!reader

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A/N Just some info. So when text is like this, they are thoughts. And George is a little OOC in this one, but?? And this one contains some cursing and cutting. So if you're easily triggered, please don't read this! 

And if you are cutting or considering to, please contact me! I don't want anyone suffer through any of that...

F/C = favourite colour



I'm not good enough... Y/N thought as the blade slit through her wrist. One cut for that. Before she could list out any other reasons for another cut she heard steps coming closer. She quickly put the blade away, wiped up the blood and pulled her sleeve down. She flushed the toilet and walked out. She looked around and went to the girls dorm. 

"Hi, Y/N. Spent a long time in the bathroom, did we?" Hermione greeted her, smiling. Y/N smiled back.

"Yeah... I'm just feeling a bit sick." she lied and sat down on her bed, taking her shoes off. She went under the covers and took her pants off. Y/N had scars on her thighs too, and she couldn't show them to 'Mione. She wouldn't understand. 

"Maybe you should go see Madam Pomfrey tomorrow." Hermione suggested her, laying down on her bed herself. 

"Yeah..." Y/N muttered out, falling slowly to a dreamless sleep.

• Time skippuuuu •

Y/N woke up, her new cuts aching. She sat up clumsily. Everyone else, but Hermione, was still sleeping. Hermione's bed was empty and her bag was gone. Probably in the library already. Y/N thought and swung her legs over the bed, her scars slightly showing. She grabbed some clothes and went to the bathroom to change. 

Y/N put on a F/C sweater and a pair of black leggings. She brushed her hair a little, just to settle it down. There was no classes today, so she didn't necessary have to leave the Gryffindor common room at all. She looked at herself in the mirror. Pathetic... She had black circles under her eyes and she despised her body. She walked out of the bathroom, straight to the common room. Y/N heard some quiet talking and she approached the voices cautiously, not wanting them to know that she was there.

"Guys, I'm seriously worried about her..." Y/N recognized Hermione say. Oh no... she panicked. 

"What do you mean?" She heard Ron say, not so quietly. "I haven't noticed anything weird."

"She has been spending a lot of time in the bathroom and-and I noticed these cuts on her wrists yesterday..." Oh no... oh no, no no! Y/N thought to herself, almost crying. She couldn't let Hermione tell them about her. She put on a happy face and walked out.

"Morning guys. Up so early?" Y/N asked smiling. I bet Hermione woke them up. She added in her head.

"Oh, hey Y/N." Hermione said, taking a quick look at everyone she woke up. Harry, Ron, Fred and George were all sitting around Hermione, now looking quite uncomfortable. They all muttered a 'morning', some of them taking glances at her wrists. Y/N noticed this and folded her arms. 

"What are you talking about? Something juicy?" she asked playfully, wondering what Hermione had told them. No one answered her, just looking everywhere else, but Y/N. Then George , unexpectedly, said:

"Y/N, show me your wrists." reaching his hand in front of her. This took Y/N by surprise and by the look of it, it took everyone else by surprise too.

"W-why would I do that...?" she asked, holding her left arm tight, despite the slashing pain that shot through her body. 

"George!" Hermione whisper-yelled. 

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