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Everyone that Naruto knew from the academy was there. They all talked about the past telling Naruto everything. Why do they only say good things? he tried to smile "What about the bad moments?" He asked. Everyone was silent, they all have each other glares as if to say 'Don' t you dare'

He sighed and smiled "Never mind no one wants to talk about sad things, right? Let's just eat the meat before it gets burned" Naruto said as the smell of burnt meat got his nose. "Although it really is great to see you Naruto.... your death it took a toll on all of us" Kiba said looking down. Liar.

"Yeah" Naruto said awkwardly as a rush of anger flowed through him and disappeared in an instant. They had their laughs and joked around like nothing had changed, Naruto was board out of his mind. The only highlight of being there was having Hinata next to him and catching her looking at him.


"So this is where I live? Looks like someone cleaned up" he said looking around. The air cold and lonely, it was only one there. This time there was no fox with sarcastic comments, there was just silence. He walked around opening each door and finally finding his bed room.

He closed the door and changed into the clothes in his closet. As he stepped back he heard something clatter. He turned to see a forehead protector sticking out of the pocket of the jumpsuit.

Naruto thought that was strange since he was wearing his protector. He bent down and took  it out of the pocket. The cloth was black and there was four squiggly lines. Naruto looked at it hard trying to remember why he had it. 'Keep it your always welcome here' said a women with brown hair her eyes full of pity.

Naruto's eyes snapped open and he looked around. "Why dose that keep happening? Why am I seeing these things?" Naruto sighed his head felt like it had been repeatedly banged with a mallet. He flopped down immediately falling asleep.

As Naruto laid asleep in bed someone watched him form the corner of the bed. It was too dark to see the face of the person. The man reached towards Naruto, immediately he jumped back as a black light enveloped the sleeping Naruto.

"Damn" the man said. "You have to remember" he said picking up the protector and placing it by Naruto's side. "You have too, remember" he whispered. When he stepped forward the moonlight hit him for a second, blonde hair and blue eyes were all that could be seen.


Naruto was tired of this, everyone was talking about the past and expecting him to remember everything in a few seconds. "Hey Sasuke? Chomei said that Kurama told me to sing. Back then did I used to sing?" he asked as he stoped hitting the tree trunk.

Sasuke looked at him "Yeah you did, I won't lie you were good. You even knew how to play instruments" Sasuke said through pants. Naruto started the training again 'It' s not like I don't want to remember, I really do. But I feel that if I remember something bad will happen' Naruto shuddered away his thought.

Sasuke was trying to focus on training but something kept distracting him. He felt watched but didn't sense anything. He looked over at Naruto who was just throwing random combos not really paying attention.

"Naruto-kun! Sasuke-kun!" they both turned to see Hinata running towards them. "Lady Tsunade wants to see you"  she said with a smile. Naruto's face lit up a bit but it still looked lost in thought. They all headed towards the Homage tower. "Oi Hinata?" Sasuke asked pulling her towards him a bit.

"Eh? What is it?" she asked. "I've been feeling off lately. It feels like there's something watching me, but I can't sense anything. Can you use your Byakugan to see if you can pick up anything?" Sasuke asked a bit embarrassed. Hinata nodded a bit and stepped away from him not ready enjoying being that close to him. She activated her Byakugan and almost jumped towards Sasuke.

"What is it?" Naruto turned to Hinata. "Nothing!" She smiled Naruto shrugged and kept going. "Did you see something?" Sasuke asked moving her away from him not liking being too close to her either. "You were right, there's something there. It's following Naruto it looks like it's being repelled" Hinata winced at the pain in her eyes. She hadn't used them in so long she forgot the basics of using her visual prowess.

"Even with my Sharingan I can't see but I can sense it. I don't think it wants to harm Naruto but we still have to keep an eye out. If I'm wrong and that thing dose want to hurt him, Naruto will- be gone again" Sasuke looked away to see the happy faces of the villagers. As they walked some greeted Naruto others just welcomed the warm air that Naruto have out.

'I won't loose him again' Sasuke said to himself staring at the Orange jumpsuit. Naruto paid no attention to them he was busy thinking about last night. He had definitely heard a voice but he couldn't make anything out. 'Am I going crazy? What about that protector? Am I a ninja from the Hidden Mist? Are they lying to me?' Naruto stopped and turned his head a bit to see Sasuke had activated his Sharingan and Hinata used her Byakugan.

He gritted his teeth together 'They've been lying this whole time haven't they!' something twitched inside Naruto. 'What is this?! I don't like this feeling' Naruto growled.

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