47. Teenage Desires

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Angelia sighed " I can't go to the prom with you. Our parents could go to war... Just ask someone else to go out with you. I don't even know why I am having this conversation with you.... Maybe because you asked nicely.... Anyways....I am sorry I thought you were mocking me about my knee earlier on and I was rude to you unjustly. I apologise. I was just thinking you were backing up your brother who throws whatever comes to his tongue my way. You are not like him.... I know you were concerned for me now that I hear the honesty in your voice. But, it ends here Viggo. Find yourself another girl ... I am not even going to the prom. All boys are either jerks or Rosarios or they work for the Rosarios or are taken already. So, I wont got to the prom."

Viggo pleaded " So you don't mind going to prom with me if there was no feud...."

Angelia smiled sadly " You are the perfect date. I don't even know why you would doubt that. Who wouldn't want to go with you... But I am sorry... You and I can never go out.... Go with someone else...."

Viggo breathed " I can't. I just can't see myself with anyone else...Why should a feud dictate to us who we can or can not hang out with? How can, us going to a prom together be a threat to anyone?"

Angelia frowned " Well, it was your grandfather who started all this. So go ask him why I am a threat to you."

Viggo shook his head as his tone became hardened " I can't ask him.... Look, I really like you..."

Angelia spoke reluctantly " I want to go with you. Who wouldn't? But I can't. There are rules. We can't break the rules without consequences."

Viggo pushed on " Lets break the rules. I can face the consequences.... You are a girl. You won't be hurt as a civilian..."

Angelia sighed " But still there will be consequences and suffering. I am sure my parents would at least home school me if I step out of line like that and that's the least they would do. You would get a severe punishment for this... The Rosarios made your uncle Antonio pay.... I don't want that to happen to you... I am sorry."

Viggo insisted "Please go to the prom.... If you are there maybe we can work something out. You can go alone and maybe I find a way for us to be together."

Angelia shook her head "It would be one boring night with no date.... I will think about it."

Viggo was given some hope. So he took a breathe of relief " Thank you. Goodbye Angelia. I am going to leave through one of the fire exits. You go through the front exit."

Angelia nodded and walked away. She wished this feud didn't exist but it did. To her it meant nothing but to her family it did.

Viggo made his way to the back exits and walked through a fire exit corridor. As he made his way outside he saw non other than Tristan standing not very far with his cousin Sebastiano talking with Alton McNamara next to the basketball courts with no one else around.

Viggo made his way towards the drama studio building and tried to ignore Tristan's death glare. But of course seconds later, Viggo found himself face to face with the last person he wanted to talk to and he didn't know how to improve the situation. He cleared his throat " Alright Tristan?"

Tristan put his hands on his hips, blocking Viggo's path as he stood towering over Viggo. He was taller thanks to his father's genes. He chuckled darkly. " Am I alright? ... You have a sarcastic tongue of course. Don't you? You accused me of hurting your sister right in front of me and in front of Vienna. You made it sound like I am a threat to Vienna... You ask me if I am alright?"

Viggo sighed " Whats with the over reaction? I asked my sister if you had hurt her. That's all..." He knew Tristan could as well be holding his future in his hands. He had to be more diplomatic with Tristan. He was going to watch him around his sister but had to do it in a less aggressive manner. It was bad enough that Vincenzo hated Angelia. If Tristan found out about Angelia, he was going to throw obstacles his way to ensure he had no prom with her and no future.

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