Chapter 1 - Who are you?

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My sleep drifted away as the thing the nurse injected into the tube must have worn off. The room was getting a golden glow - so the sun was probably setting. How long had it been? I was so confused, where was I - I could have been in a nursing home because I may have been old, or I could have been in hospital. I went with in hospital because as far as I could see it smelt of a hospital.

The walls were a slight grey with a white board down the bottom which was filled with scratches and black marks, probably from shoes, well, hopefully. The walls reached up to a low white ceiling dotted with orange rust. How could a ceiling rust? Odd. I must be in an old room. Their was a row of windows showing into a hallway. The blinds were slightly closed so my eyesight was limited, but I could see a reception desk with two ladies sitting at it - one reading something on the computer and the other talking to two people dressed in black at the counter. I turned my gaze back to the room I was in.

I wouldn't have thought it was a hospital if it had no smell. The smell of cleaning products and drugs filled my nostrils causing a flashback.

"Eat up the ice cream sweetie, it won't hurt your throat. I promise." The nurse said holding out the tray filled with ice cream and jelly in those green tupperware things that were way to heavy to lift with one weak hand. Talk about health and safety in the workplace!

The memory slipped out of my head like the jelly slipping down my tonsilitis recovering throat.

 I blinked hard and when I opened them I saw the nurse come in. She was leaning over my head extracting something from a bottle.

 "Please, don't," I said with desperation.

 She looked confused.

 "I don't want to go back into the black."

 Her eyebrows moved into the sympathetic position - slightly raised, but tense. She lowered the needle she was about to jab into the tube.

 "What happened? Why am I here?" I asked softly. Then added: "Am I dead?"

 "You're certainly not dead sweetie." The nurse's cheery voice said with a bit of a giggle.

"Let me see her!" A mid-aged woman screamed at the man in the white coat outside my door. He must have been a doctor.  The woman's cheeks were a bright red and streaked with a constant flow of tears. "I want, need to see her!"

 The nurse turned around and excused herself. I saw her walk quickly to the woman screaming at the doctor. The nurse tried to wrap her arm around the woman, but she brushed it off. The woman dropped to her knees gasping for air through her heavy crying.

'How could someone cry that much? It musn't be that sad?' I thought to myself.

The lady crouched there on the floor - crying. The nurse and doctor started chatting and the lady on the floor took that chance. Before I knew what was happening she was on top of me giving me a huge hug.

 "Holy god!" I screamed as the chunky woman hugged me - almost stangeling me with the tubes and her fat.

 "HELP!" I screamed not knowing what to do.

 "Honey, it's ok. It's me." The lady said in a soothing voice.

 Has she been sniffing something, because I don't know her... this strange woman just rushed in and hugged me. I started to cry. I am so confused. The woman started to stroke my head.

My nurse came rushing in as soon as I started weeping. 

 My eyes were screaming fear. 

"Who... who are you?" I asked the chubby woman.  

 She started to cry, her cheeks returning to their tomato state.

I screamed. "What is going on here!? Somebody explain to me."

 I seemed to be the only one that was clueless.

 "Sweetie." The nurse said. "You have been in a coma - asleep - for the past two weeks."

 "What!?" I screeched. No wonder I was starving! "What else? Who is she?" I said pointing to the woman that had ran in and hugged me.

 The womans sobs gained noise as I asked that. The nurse patted her on the flabby back.

 "Now, now, I think that's enough filling in for today." The nurse replied.

 I screamed at that reply from frustration.

 The nurse injected something into the tubes running into my arm. I felt dizzy. Damn her, I don't want to go to sleep again. My eyelids forcefully closed. I heard the door close before my senses shut down.


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