At The Doctor office; and after

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We arrived at the doctor's office and Matt signed me in, and me Lexie are sitting down looking around at the ladies that are there too. But, majority of the ladies ate staring at me and matt, and i got hot-tempered and i was about to snapped on some of the ladies in the room but then the nurse called " Naomie Smith". So we followed her into the room and handed me a stick  and i go into the bathroom and two minutes later i came out and sat there talking to lexie while Matt was too busy on the phone texting one of his "POPCORN HOES". And Dr.Grey came in with the test results and she told me that im preganant.

I was shocked and happy at the same time. But i got kinda sad that matt wasnt paying me or the doctor.

So the doctor said that she was going to do an ultrasound to check if the baby is healthy and how far along u are and then we get to hear the heartbeat. So i lifted up my shirt and she places a cold blue gel on my stomach and moves it around and she replied saying that it looks like u are Six Weeks pregnant and the baby looks pretty healthy.She then presses a button and all u hear is " THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP ". I was overtooked by joy and that when reality shook matt and he put his phone away and he helps me wipe the get off my stomach and he kisses me and my stomach and says BE GOOD TO MOMMY FOR ME. Lexie was crying, i handed her the tissue abd wipe her tears away from her eyes and i asked her " WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE THE GODMOTHER ?"

Lexie: Yess !!!!!!!!

And she pats my stomach and whispers saying that she loves the baby already.

On the way home it was really the sound of the radio playing and to break the silence

Lexie: so naomie do u any names in mind yet ?

Me: no

Matt: me niether but just make sure that u dont pick any ugly ass names for that damn baby


Lexie: yea wtf do u mean by that damn baby huh Matt ??

Matt: nevermind forget about what i said

Me: no i am not going to tell me wtf u mean DAMMIT

Lexie: Matt you are so stupid and have no respect for the women that is carring your child U  ARE A PIECE OF SHIT.

Me: yea u aint the only one that thinks that he is a piece of shit.

Matt: thanks , and u know what u can do for me , how bout u get the f*** out my car .

Me: okay is this what u want me to do.

So me and lexie got out of the car and we were just two blocks away from my house so we walked. I was so ashamed of who he has become but i hate to say this but I Love Him.

So we arrived at my house, i was feeling so tired so i decided to fall asleep and so did Lexie.

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