Chapter 2 - Sam

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Sam’s POV

“Bonjour, petit papillon!” Jacques greets, messing my hair as soon as I transform back to human in my aunt’s living room. For your information, petit papillon means little butterfly.

I slap his hands away as I scowl at him. I had to look up just to see his face. I hate the fact that I’m short and he’s an abnormally giant. Life is so unfair. Jacques has blond hair and his matching baby blue eyes. He also has pale skin, like every vampires does.

He grins at me, showing his fangs. I roll my eyes at him.

"You should take a bath," he comments, glancing at the clothes I'm wearing since last night. I have been crying myself to sleep last night that I was too lazy to change into my pajamas. The perks of being a vampire: you don't have to strip your clothings when you shift into a bat. No one knows how, but some claims it's magic.

"I don't care," I reply emotionlessly. 

 “Glad you’re back to normal,” Jacques says. You can hear the thick French accent in his voice. With that, I start to get depressed once again. Why does he even need to mention that when I’m feeling a little bit better already?

“Oh no!” he cries, pulling me into a hug. I’m shocked. Jacques is never the hugging type of guy. “I’m sorry,” he whispers.

I sniff before bottling up my emotion.

“Let go of me, you gorilla!” I reply with annoyance.

Jacques pulls away and burst out laughing.

He pinches my cheek. “Petit papillon is back!”

I slap his hands away again. What a jerk.

Behind him is Aunt Zoë. She has a poker face on, not letting any trances of sadness leaking out.  

“I received the will and a letter from your papa’s lawyer earlier this morning,” she says. She turns to face the coven. Let me introduce you to my coven of vampires.

My aunt, Zoë Weinbach was my papa’s younger sister. He used to be the head of the coven until he died, which you already know that. Aunt Zoë is very nice to me and she is not married. Once I asked her why she does not get married, she says that she is waiting for ‘the one’. She is 63 years old, but she looks like a 22-year-old.

Another thing about vampires is that we stop aging at the age of 22. I can’t wait for my 22nd birthday.

Back to the introducing, Jacques Ledoux is just a member in the coven. He is 18 years old and not related to me. Jacques is an annoying pest, but he sometimes act as an older protective brother.

He has a younger sister, Isabeau Ledoux. She is 8 years old and still learning to control her thirst. She looks like Jacques, blond long hair and blue eyes. I like to spend my time with her every time I get home from school. In the evenings, I would go hunting with Jacques and Isabeau. Papa, Aunt Zoë and Jacques’ parents would hunt at night.

Jacques’ parents are Antoine Ledoux and Nora Ledoux.

There are seven members in our coven. I mean, six. We carry on living our lives just like human beings. We have other ally covens in Paris, but we are one of the biggest. Why, you may ask. Most vampires prefer to wander alone or have their own big family. Like I said, once we turn 22, we’re immortal so they can have as many vampire babies as they want.

“Philippe has requested to send Sam to London during her last year of school,” Aunt Zoë reads out.

All pair of eyes land on me. It is silent for a second before everyone starts to object.

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