Two: Birth

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Sunrise had barely hit and you were knocked out cold. You never made it out of the Parts and Services room after that night; something had struck you, something less like inspiration and more like an absolute need to do something. You spent the next couple of hours hovering over the computer.

You never actually made it home, having fallen asleep in the same chair. The programming completed, you wanted to lie your head down for a few moments before heading home.

And you promptly passed out.

Even more surprising, Fritz had kept good on his word and showed up a little bit after eight that morning. Doughnut in his mouth, he couldn't stop the grin crossing his face, seeing you asleep. He knew he should be waking you up, but really, when would he have a moment like this?

Sighing softly, Fritz removed his coat and draped it over your shoulders, taking care not to let you wake. But he'd come to assemble the final animatronic, and the creator was currently dozing at the table.

He decided to move the others to their proper places, assuring they were ready to go, checking for any last minute issues, that sort of thing. But he worked rapidly, and had pretty much set the pizzeria up, save for it's bunny guitarist.

As badly as he wanted to scare you awake, something told Fritz that he'd be as good as dead if he did. But he opted for another, riskier method: planting a kiss to your temple, he shook you by the shoulders gently. "Hey, come on, princess, wake up."

At first you didn't budge. As drowsy as you were, your mind wasn't entirely certain what you were hearing, doing, or even where you were. Someone was trying to wake you up, that was for sure, but why? You were fucking exhausted!

Fritz, surprisingly, didn't lose patience as he was so known to do. Actually, he was rather enjoying the change. You weren't honed in on your work, and he wasn't mercilessly teasing you.

So he stole another kiss, this one to your cheek. You were pleasantly warm, and he didn't want to pull away. "Come on, princess. You fell asleep. Time to get up."

There was a murmured, low grunting sound from your throat as you swiped your hand in his general direction. Sleep was all you wanted.

But there was another kiss, insistent on bringing you back to full consciousness. He was getting ballsy, that was for sure. But he would only admit to himself how much he enjoyed kissing you. It was something he couldn't just take any time he pleased.

Eventually you'd have to be brought back to wakefulness, of course, so the redhead fought the need to kiss again before shaking your shoulders a little more urgently. "Princess. Get your lazy ass up."

There was the trademark Fritz Smith etiquette. Or lack thereof.

Frowning, you finally sat up, not comprehending that he was actually there until his stupid grin got into your face. "What the fuck are you doing here? What time is it?" you mumbled again, trying to shove the fog from your thoughts.

"I dunno. Little before nine, I think."

You blinked. "And you're here? Are you sleepwalking?"

His grin widened. "I told you I would be."

"You don't do anything if it involves the word 'morning'. Or even 'before lunch'."

But Fritz shrugged. "Why didn't you go home?"

Good question. You stared for a few seconds at the computer screen, having shut it off after the frenzy you'd been through only a few hours ago. "I had a moment."

Nodding, he took his coat back from you and tossed it into the corner. He knew your "moments" well, very well indeed. "Is Bonnica all ready to go?"

"Go fuck yourself," you spat back. You hated that nickname for poor Toy Bonnie. Fritz only used it to irritate you... and of course it worked like a charm. "I'm awake, okay? Get the pieces set up, jackass."

Assembling your bunny took some time, especially putting in the hard drive and machinery. Heart pounding, you realized how shaky your hands had gotten. Sure, seeing the other animatronics come to life was an incredible feeling, but Toy Bonnie was much more personal. You almost wanted to boot your friend from the room altogether at first, but he was the one in charge of making sure all the puzzle pieces fit together.

For a fleeting instant you couldn't remember what you did to the rabbit. What you'd done to make it special, rather. Just because you were being paid to create them didn't mean you'd never see them again, after all. Not only would they need capable hands to maintain them, but the owner expressed interest in hiring the two of you in other positions. It was a good deal all around: you both had steady, assured employment.

And you'd be able to take care of your pride and joy.

The familiar anticipation built quick as Fritz finally powered the bunny up. Then there was the wait. The awful, agonizing pause as the mascot was booted up for the first time. It would take awhile, they always did, but it meant that if they had to be shut off for whatever reason, it wouldn't take so long for the systems to work.

It was the first pause where everything would prove if the puzzle fit together or not.

You pressed your lips together, standing in front of Toy Bonnie and hoping, hoping that he would turn out all right.

Slowly, the purple eyelids shifted and finally rose completely. Toy Bonnie's bold, luminous green eyes were brilliant, but they seemed to be staring right into your soul.

Fucking weird, the facial scanners.

The others had almost immediately spoken once the scanners had done their first, well, scan. Your face was the test, after all; connected to the databases of not only criminals, but even the most basic information. Employees were certainly high on the list of people the robots needed to know. You'd even suggested the scanner as a way for the pizzeria employees to start and end their shifts, as opposed to using a time clock or other such clunky devices. Even Fritz agreed that it would have been a cool addition, something to interest the workers that didn't see the mascots as part of their jobs.

But then why wasn't Toy Bonnie speaking? Anything would do, just some sort of sign that the scanner was functional. That he could read your damn face. It was like he'd just woken up and was... staring at you.

The whirring and minute computer sounds inside were going just fine. Those sounds would be drowned out and overlooked easily in a noisy restaurant. But here, in the Parts and Services room with no one but you and Fritz, they seemed loud.

You almost felt like you were being judged.

"Hey sugar," the voice box finally purred. It was the only way to describe how smooth and brand new the boxes really were. The older models would often give its owner a mechanical stutter of sorts, needing regular tune ups and maintenance. But the sounds from new ones were as good as music to people like you and Fritz.

You clapped your hands over your mouth, stifling the giggle and thoroughly ignoring the quizzical, mildly annoyed expression on your friend's face. It worked! It really seemed to work! Not just the scanners, and not even just the animatronic as a whole. Seeing Toy Bonnie come to life was reward enough.

But he said "sugar". You'd snuck in the personalization and it had worked perfectly.

No... he hadn't just said it. He called you it. It was meant for you. Just as you'd hoped.

"What the fuck was that?" Fritz's irritated voice interrupted your revelry. "Did this stupid thing call you sugar?" He sounded accusatory.

"Now, now, that's no way to speak to a lady," Toy Bonnie chimed in. Good, so his detectors were functional, as well. It was a kid's place, it had to be kid-friendly. No swearing. The bunny even turned to the redhead with a look that was fully disapproving.

Or as much as his plastic features would allow.

Fritz was beside himself, but kept most of his anger down. "This thing, I swear to fucking god. You did something, didn't you?" he asked, shooting a glare in your direction. But his face broke into a grin, no matter how he tried to hide it. "You had to do something, didn't you? Had to make it personal. I'm guessing your face is gonna be the only one tied to the nickname? No one else will have it?"

He was damned right no one else would get that. Toy Bonnie would be sure of it.

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