Running Part 1

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10th September 2016 10:00 pm

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Norleenah's POV...


It was all I could do at the moment leaving behind the family who's only mission in life seems to be that of wanting me dead.

I never thought how serious they were until now. Until tonight when they thought to use me in their sick and disgusting games that they play to amuse themselves.

Hearing the sounds of the guard dogs barking as they chased me only spurred me on to run that little more faster until I could reach the safety of the perimiter's fence that lined the estate I have lived on for the last eighteen years.

Lungs feeling like they were burning with each gasp of air I sucked in, I could begin to feel the muscles that were burning in my legs begin to cramp up, causing me to cry out in pain.

Seeing the sight of the ten foot high fence in front of me, I ignored the pain I was feeling as I ran through the last of the bushes to slam against the fence catching my breath for just one moment before I started to scale up the side on the wire.

Then grabbing the wire frames in my hands and not caring that there were some wires that were ripping into my skin and catching on my clothes, I dragged my sore and tired body up far enough to reach the top just as I felt the fence below being slammed with the two dogs who had just reached me and were now jumping up to try and grab me with their sharp teeth.

Not caring that there was barbed wire rolled across the top of the fence, I continued to drag myself up and over it not caring that the sharp teeth of the wire was digging into and ripping through my clothes and into my skin leaving trickles of blodd and some flesh behind as I let go and dropped to the ground with an agonising thud on the other side just to lay there stunned for a moment or two as the dogs frantically barked and began digging under the fence to get to me.

I could smell the breath on each of the dogs who were just a few inches away from me and seeing that they were now focused on their digging through to get to me, I knew that it would only be a minute or two before the hole they were digging was big enough to have one of them squeeze underneath and continue their hunt for me.

So painfully rolling over onto my side with an awfully painful groan, I managed to get to my feet and start to stagger on my way, trying to get away from these savage creatures that I found my family had used as a part of their 'friendly' games they held on regular occassions.

I thought this only happened in stories where it was all make believe.

I never knew that it was because these things really did happen to escape into the pages of someone's story making you think that it is all a dream. That it was someone's imagination.

But it wasn't. They were real.

And now it was my turn to experience someone's horrible imagination, just for their amusement.

So I ran.

At least they give you a few minutes head start. I think that was the only thing that helped me get as far as I have. That, and the fact that I knew these woods like the back of my hands.

I had to. This place was my home and these lands were my backyard. Mine, not theirs. Never theirs. I spent my whole life roaming every part of what was mine, the house and the woods surrounding it.

There wasn't much else to do since no one wanted to spend any time with me.

And it was this knowledge that was helping me get away at the moment. But I was slowly giving into the pain that the cramps and the cuts and briusing i received running through the estate and over the fence to get away from the dogs who were once again hunting me.

I could even hear over the sound on the dogs the faint sounds of laughter. My so called brothers and his friends.

So gasping in as much air as I could suck into my tired and burning lungs, I continued to run knowing that shortly, I would be facing the fight of my life, first with the dogs and then with Jinx.

That's what I call my brother. He was the jinx of my life always finding some way to hurt me or take away anything I liked which usually ranged from pets to people.

The pets usually ended up dead and the people I liked usually were replaced after being turned out of the estate for some reason or another.

Hearing the sounds of the dogs as they were getting closer, I tried to think about where I was and what i could do and there was nothing that came to mind.

I had just ran into a very small clearing when I tripped on a thin long branch and knowing thta I only had seconds, I scrambled for the branch and ater grabbing it, I scrambled to my feet as the dogs jumped into the clearing to stand in front of me snarling as they got into position to pounce at me.

Clasping the branch in both of my hands and slowly lifting it much like a batter does, I stared down into the eyes of the dogs giving them a direct challenge letting them know that I am not going down without a fight.

A moment later, they moved with me swinging the branch and slamming it into the head of the dog that reached me first only to be caught into the painful grip of the second one as it bit down on the back of my thigh causing me to scream out in agony.

But i was desperate.

So I swung the branch at the second dog breaking his hold on my leg and knocking him away as the first dog staggered to it's feet to shake itself off and get into position to take me down.

The next few seconds were of me swinging the branch at both of the dogs as I backed up against a tree. I got another couple of hits in when one of them grabbed me again and jerked me off my feet where I was also grabbed on the shoulder by the other dog.

I was in a world of pain and knew I was done.

I was beginning to lose sight of everything when I heard some yelps that those savage dogs gave and then their growls and barks stopped leaving only silence behind.

Opening my eyes as I lay down on the dirt, cut and bleeding from the savage bites the dogs gave me, I thought I was imagining it, but there was a bush moving and a moment later, it was moving to me.

Looking up through pain filled eyes, I saw a man's face looking back down at me. One that was painnted black with camouflage.

I was wondering what he was doing there and to be honest, I didn't really care. I didn't recognise him and knew that if my brother found him, he would be just as dead as I think I was about to be.

"Go. They will cath you. Go." I whispered to him through the bloody cracked lips that became that way after the beating my brother gave me just before I ran.

But this man ignored my plea for him to get to safety away from me and this place. Instead, he gently bent and scooped me up into his arms and a moment later as I tried to ignore the agony I was feeling with each hurried step he took.

The man.. this soldier, carried me off into the dark without leaving any trace that we had been there at all except for the two dogs which had been killed by this soldiers hand.

I couldn't help it anymore. I started to loose what strength I had and began to fall into the darkness where I didn't feel any more pain.

That was when I met Knox. The man who would become more than a soldier to me.

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