The sly hacker [fanfic]

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"I'll leave the rest to you, Daisy." The raven head man said handing over his cat to the woman's care. "I don't normally trust just anyone to care for Elizabeth 3rd, but this is an exception since my assistant can't take care of her for a moment. So she better be safe when I'm back, alright?"

"Of course, Mr.Han." the redhaired woman smiled innocently to Jumin. "I'll take good care of her."

Jumin han nodded in approval and left before taking one last glance at his cat. "Then, I'll be going."

The redhaired woman waved as Mr.han closes the door. Once the door was closed, her golden eyes lighten up and turned towards the cat.

"Hey, my dear Elly~" She said slowly, approaching the cat who's cowering in fear. "Remember me? It's me Seven." He smiled, picking up the cat and setting her on his lap.

"Oh man, it's been a while since I saw you in person." The woman who was revealed as Luciel in disguised laughed. "Jumin won't allow me to play with you no matter what. He even called me a cat abuser."

"We were just playing right, Elly?" Luciel asked, pulling the cat's paw till she's in a standing manner. "Right? Meow?"

"Meow..."the cat answered, looking uncomfortable.

"I knew you love me." Luciel chuckled as he set the trembling cat down. "Man who would've thought that the trust fund kid was that easily to fool."

"Oh right!" Luciel cried excitedly. "I brought some catnip for you!"


Jumin doesn't feel good about the catsitter that Luciel suggested. Daisy gave off a dangerous vibe. The type that would harm such precious cat, just like Luciel.

Normally he wouldn't listen to any suggestion that came from Luciel, but he doesn't have any more choice for Jaehee was sick at the moment. Since he doesn't want to leave his precious cat alone for 24 hours, he decided to hire a cat sitter like Luciel suggested.

"Will Elizabeth be okay...?" He muttered to himself.

Furthermore, the sitter looked sort of familiar to Jumin, but he can't just put a finger on it.

'I should trust people more.' Jumin sighed as he pushed the thoughts away. Just like what most RFA's members have said he lack.


"Elly go! Elly go!" Luciel cheered at the 'drunk' cat running through an obstacle he made. It was quite a funny sight to see. Of course, he made sure that Elizabeth 3rd won't get hurt, that was by tying the poor cat with pillows on her to 'protect' her, but all it seems was weighing her down. Elizabeth slipped down the sofa. With the pillows on her, she could not land on her feet, instead she rolled down the floor, unable to get up.

Luciel found this cute and chuckled. "Aw, look at you. So cute~" he cooed. "I the great Seven zero Seven will give you a reward for the cuteness you have provided."

Luciel gave Elizabeth more catnip to which she gladly accepted. "Meow~" The cat purred as she rolled on the catnip that Luciel has scattered on the ground.

At this point, Elizabeth was stumbling, not knowing where to go, even with the pillow removed from her. That was probably the effect of the catnip Luciel gave her. Elizabeth accidentally hit her head on the bookshelf causing her to passed out. Most probably due to the activities Luciel made her do.

Luciel was shocked at a moment then chuckled and picked up the cat to his arms. He yawned as he sat on the couch with Elizabeth on his lap, who was sleeping peacefully. Luciel looked at the cat and chuckled once more before drifting to sleep as well.

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