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Hey, guys, I would like to just say thanks for everything and also to give all the rights of the characters in this fanfiction to their rightful owners, so once again I OWN NOTHING IT ALL BELONGS TO RICK RIORDAN AND J.K. ROWLING! (::) (::) BLUE COOKIES! (Also I'll put Greek then the translation for non-demigods and then underline for demigods)


I woke to the sound of screaming and groaned into my pillow knowing someone was having a nightmare from the war. What I didn't expect was to see everyone standing awkwardly in the lounge while Leo hugged a thrashing Calypso as she screamed, 

"Guys a little help would be appreciated!" He said to a gawking Piper and Jason. 

" Ω συγνώμη! (Oh sorry!)" They gently grabbed her arms and stopped her from slapping Leo while whispering in that language again. I gave a confused glance to Ron and Hermione who sent me the 'we'll talk about this later' look as Calypsos yelling diminished into quiet sobs and the rest of the Royals quietly joined the hug whispering,

"It's alright, it's over," (Thalia)

"Hey, don't cry Sunshine you're not there anymore," (Leo)

"We're together now, one big family," (Percy and Will)

"Well good morning..." George said awkwardly looking around at the twelve teens huddled onto a couch. 

"Good *sniffle* morning," Calypso said in between everyone. 

"Hey how about we make breakfast?" Leo spoke quietly which I can tell is uncharacteristic for him to do.

"Yeah-" Mrs Weasley cut them off, 

"I'm making breakfast you kids need rest, have you seen the bags under your eyes? You could carry your luggage in them," Annabeth's face filled with a flicker of pain and a fake smile, 

"Alright but we're helping after we get changed and clean your lounge," She commented, Mrs Weasleys face filled with confusion.

"You want to clean and make breakfast... what kind of parents do you have! I can't even get Ron to wake up, let alone help!" Now it was time The Royalty to become confused,

"What's parents..." Calypso whispered into Franks' ear while Hazel asked, 

"Isn't it normal to help?" I felt my eyebrows knit together with confusion, Calypso doesn't know what parents are?

"Parents is another term for your...mother and well..." He trailed off quietly in the now silent room, 

"What?" Will asked dumbly looking at all of our shocked faces, why did Frank trail off at the mention of the word Father?

"Well, are we going to clean up or what?" Thalia asked getting off the couch and grabbing a blanket off the floor, with that the Royals set to work cleaning while the rest of us went into the dining room and sat down at the table

"What language do you think they were speaking In?" I asked leaning over the table to whisper towards Ron and Hermione. 

"I don't know but did you hear Calypso, she didn't know what the word parents meant," Hermione muttered still thinking about everything, one minute you think you have the answers then another question comes up, what are these kids hiding. 

"Here I'll take over," Nico said gently taking the pan from Mrs Weasley while Reyna set the table. 

"Are you okay Calypso?" Mr Weasley asked she nodded silence stealing the once happy room. 

"Ahhh!" Annabeth let out an icy scream, everyone apart from Nico ran out of the room and into the lounge. There stood Luna with tears in her eyes while Annabeth stood frozen on the stairs, 

"Luna...." Calypso whispered her voice cracking as tears spilt down her face,
"Guys!" Luna screamed running into Annabeth's now open arms along with Reyna and Calypso, she had an odd look on her face, almost like she wasn't in control.

"What is every-Luna!" Pipers voice echoed through the house, the girls stayed like that for a while Hazel and Thalia joined in the group hug tears threatening to spill down their surprisingly scarred cheeks. 

"Um, what's happening?" Ginny asked still holding the door open,

"Guys these people are my family, Annabeth and I have the same mum but I didn't know she was still alive until four months ago. This is the first time I've seen all of them since I was a little kid," Luna sniffled her usual dreamy voice was harsh and strained like she had trouble believing the words coming out of her mouth.  Luna is Annabeths sister. Once again more questions.

Blue cookies! (::), butter beer and lots of gratitude.