chapter three

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Yes new chapter! I’ve finally been able to work on my stories. This week school was extra hard because of science -_- It’s possibly my second most hated subject, next to history, thankfully I don’t have history this semester :D Please enjoy this chapter and I’m going to try to post on the others too!


Third person’s pov

The room was still and quiet. The 3 jonin calmly looking back at the somewhat shocked Hokage. Kakashi didn’t need to look back to see Kiyoko’s face staring at the back of his head. Kiyoko was more than stunned of the request. She couldn't believe Kakashi trusted her that much and it looks as if Kurinei and Asuma were in on it.

Those 2 she had only met a week ago, Kakashi bringing them to a restaurant. He thought I would get along with more adults since I was mature for my age. She didn’t really say anything that was friendly or insulting to them. It was more of a neutral relationship. She was so used to hiding her emotioms around others it just came to her on instinct and the fact her loved ones passed away just made it worse.

Yet here she sees them standing up for her and encouraging Kakashi. Another warm feeling spread through Kiyoko. Her hand reached up to her shirt gripping it tightly. ‘Is this how you’re suppose to feel when a friend trust you?’ Her thoughts repeating themselves in her head.

“Are you sure about this Kakashi? It has only been a month since she has entered and you have that much faith in her?”

“Yes I do, Asuma and Kurinei agree with me. Kiyoko has the skill to stop them if she needs to and she will interfere when it is necessary. I assure you Lord Hokage she can do it, that is only if you pass her.”

“Asuma, Kurinei, do you concur with Kakashi about this notion?”

“Yes sir” they both stated.

“Hold on!”

Iruka’s voice made them all turn to him, including Kiyoko. He couldn’t allow this to a child, even if she is different from the others. He had heard there was a rogue ninja in the village and that she was carrying one of the legendary 7 mists swords.

 At first, it frightened him. He was afraid this person would end up killing someone, terrified it could be a student of his. But when he actually saw her for the first time today, he had no idea it was a kid. She had a coldness to her. An impassive appearance that made her look heartless. If he hadn’t have looked closer he would have thought just that, but the look in her eyes made him think otherwise.  

She tried to hide it with a murdurous stare but there were some people who could see past it. It was a scared, hopeless expression in them. She was indeed fragile but didn’t show it. That look was what made Kurinei and Asuma befriend her so quickly.

“You can’t possibly think of letting Kiyoko do this. It’s worse then suggesting the rookie genin for the chunin exams! This will definitely end up with her getting killed.”

“She was assassinating people before any of the rookie genin could pick up a kunai. I’m sure she can handle this simple test. It’ll be child’s play. Besides, she wasn’t even your student so you can’t talk about her ability.” Kakashi said casually.

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