Chapter 11

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-------------NALA'S P.O.V-----------

It had been 2 days since I last saw Bruno and Drew. I had stayed over at Brooke's house, knowing that if I went back home, Bruno would find me. I knew I couldn't hide here forever but it was all I could do for now. As I went downstairs to eat breakfast with Brooke, I came across the mirror in the hall. I looked at myself and a small smile formed on my face. My eyes were still a little puffy from the past few days but other than that, I was better. My cheek was no longer purple and you could barely see the bruises in my legs. Maybe things were starting to get better. With that said, I went downstairs.

"Morning" Brooke said as she served me eggs. Her blonde hair was in a messy bun like my brown hair and her pijamas were a white tank top with red pants.

"Morning" I said back as I sat down in the table and starded eating.

"How did you sleep?" She said, poking my forhead.

"Good. Thanks for letting me stay." I said as I stuffed my face with eggs.

"You're always welcomed here Nala" she said as she gave me some orange juice.

"Thanks." I said drinking the delicious juice.

"Your face is better." She said, her mouth full.

"Yeah, my cheek is back to its normal color and my body doesn't ache as much as before." I said, taking the last bites.

"That's good. Hey, I was gonna go grocery shopping, want to come?" She said taking mine and her plate and putting it in the dish washer.

"I dont know." I said.

"C'mon, you need the fresh air" She said sitting down next to me.

I wanted to get out but I couldn't. The fear of finding Drew or Bruno was too much. I honestly don't know what I would do if I saw them again. Drew has become a monster, someone I used to know and Bruno... He was something else. He was sweet to me but something in him changed when he saw Drew. Something took over him. The way he punched him. The way his eyes darkened when he smashed Drew against the floor. I had never seen anything like him.

"Please?" Brook spoke, interupting my horrible thoughts.

"Fine." I said.

She smiled and hugged me quickly.

"Let's get ready!" She said with joy in her sweet voice, the joy that used to be in mine.

We went upstairs and she handed me some of her clothes to change into.

"You'll shower in my bathroom and i'll shower in the next room." She said, taking her clothes and leaving me alone in her room.

I walked into the bathroom and turned on the water. Vapor filled the room in an instant and I closed my eyes.

"I so wish I had killed you yesterday! You're lucky she's here or else I would kill you right now with my bare hands!"

I opened my eyes, my heart beating fast as I remembered Bruno's words. I let out a breathe, not knowing I was holding it in. I took off mine or Brooke's clothes I should say and got in the shower. The warm water relaxed my body and for a moment, I felt like everything was back to normal. After about 10 minutes, I finished showering and starded changing. Brook had given me a dress like the ones I used to wear. If Bruno saw me, he would have practicly stripped me down for not wearing normal clothes. I smiled at the memory of his comment until I remembered who he really was. I sighed and starded brushing my teeth with a pink tooth brush Brook gave me. I finished and looked at myself in the mirror again. I finally got out and saw Brooke sitting in her bed, putting on her famous red lipstick.

"Hey, you look good! Fits you better than I thought!" She said referring to the short black dress she let me borrow.

The dress was tight but in rhe good way, until it reached the waist. The bottom of the dress reached just a little bit higher than my knees. Brooke handed me some black flats that I had given to her for her birthday.

"Thanks" I said, putting them on.

"You should put some make up on" she said applaying mascara to her already long eyelashes.

"Make up doesn't like me." I said looking at Brooke.

I had always been jealous of Brooke. She was beautiful with or without make up and she would always get the guys. Sure, I attracted several guys aswell but she attracted way more than me.

"Someone is a negative nancy. C'mon." She said pulling me closer to her. "I'll put it on" she said getting her red lipstick again.

She starded applaying the same make up for me. She seemed so amused.

"Done!" She said after 5 minutes. "Damn you look hot!" She said fanning herself.

I gave her a small push and laughed. She handed me a mirror and I nervously got it. When I looked at myself in the mirror, a boost of confidence shot through me. My eyes looked much bigger than before and my lips looked much larger. I had never worn red lipstick so this was a drastic change for me.

"Now, let's go shopping!" She said lifting me up and dragging me downstairs.

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